Publisher’s Journals Boast Amazingly High Impact Factors


Their logo

The International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA) is a publisher and conference organizer whose scholarly journals claim some of the highest impact factors in the industry.

As seen in the screenshot below from their website, the claimed impact factors range from 14.2 to 26.2 — amazingly high.

IARIA Journals

Amazing impact factors!!

Each of the journals is really a joint conference proceeding. Around a dozen different conferences the publisher organizes each year “feed” articles into each journal. Thus there are no article processing charges; publication fees are included in the (pricey) conference registration fees.

The conferences are really joint conferences, with a dozen or so different ones occurring at the same time in the same hotel.

The company is owned and operated by Petre Dini from his mansion at 412 Derby Way in Wilmington, Delaware. A web bio of Mr. Dini claims he is a full professor at Concordia University in Montreal, but the Concordia website refers to him as an “affiliate professor.” Mr. Dini is originally from Romania.

IARIA house

IARIA Headquarters

I recommend against attending any of these conferences and against publishing in any of these journals, their impact factors notwithstanding. This entire operation seems extremely questionable to me.


List of IARIA journals as of 2013-06-16

  • International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems
  • International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology
  • International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences
  • International Journal on Advances in Networks and Services
  • International Journal on Advances in Security
  • International Journal on Advances in Software
  • International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements
  • International Journal on Advances in Telecommunications

16 Responses to Publisher’s Journals Boast Amazingly High Impact Factors

  1. Yurii Chinenov says:

    Ok, I am too lazy to check this list but International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences is not listed by Web of Knowledge and therefore does not have an impact factor….

  2. Dan says:

    I cannot find these “International Journal on Advances …” in Web of Science.

  3. None of these journals are included in the JCR (search based on ISSN and journal titles). However, IARIA doesn’t report “Thomson Reuters” IF’s, but rather in-house impact factors, computed using a non-specified formula. In the best case, these figures are just useless numbers.
    The IARIS web page also mention that “Impact factor is used as an indication of how relevant a publication (journal, conference) is; it is based on the references to the articles of that particular publication/event. A standard formula for computation exists; variations of this formula also exist, which lead to a large spectrum of values, for the same event.”
    Such a blabla obviously doesn’t fool anyone.

  4. Rev says:

    I have attended IARIA conference once. The level of presentations was very low. And Petre Dini gave a few speeches e.g. about why are there no discounts for students or about the impact factor issue. He argued that: 1) people cheat to get undue discounts, therefore he does not provide any and 2) he pays a lot of money to a lot of scientific journal indexes to get “the real” citation counts. He has put it bluntly that his boasted high impact factor is theoretically how it should be calculated, just that he uses more sources than just Thomson Reuters… When he said that he redefined impact factor for his own needs is when I fully realised what a scam this is (the high attendance price was a warning sign for me, but apparently insufficient). To sum up, I also recommend against attending any IARIA events.

  5. gran badshah says:

    Hi sir/ Madam!

    I read yours announcements, please can you check this one. Can we submit our paper to this one? I am asking about that because I am new and want to publish on digital image security.


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  8. om says:

    Your are true..But on your BLOG in the list of JoURNALS…you have given names of such journals which are having fake Impact factors what abot them?

  9. Does this analysis extend to their conferences as well? Having looked at the previous years of VEHICULAR and people I know on the programme chairs there, I’ve just decided to accept being on the programme chair for that conference, so I’m curious to see what their internal processes look like…

    Also, I just noticed that the factors are no longer there. Perhaps the publisher learned from being on your list. One can hope…

    • The evaluation was of the journals. But why would you want to associate yourself with a company that intentionally gave false information about its journals’ impact factors? They may be lying about the program chairs as well.

      • Well, I accepted because a colleague recommended me directly. Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to look them up in your list — I read some of the previous papers, and they were nowhere near as bad as those I’ve seen in journals on your list, so I assumed they weren’t even going to be there. I’m sure about several of the names there actually being on the chair. Knowing other publishers like IEEE, the conferences and journals are quite separate. I’m hoping this is the case here too — or at least, that the publisher has improved since your previous analysis. Of course, I’ll let you know if I learn of anything fishy in their review process.

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