Presenting “Leena and Luna,” a Questionable Publisher from Japan

Leena and Luna

Used cars, too.

Leena & Luna International is an auto import-export company based in Oyama, Japan that has a couple of side-businesses: travel agent and scholarly publisher.

The company’s website says,

Leena & Luna International, Japan was established as Private Limited Company in April 2011 to contribute in research culture. It is also providing services to facilitate travel & tours, and to import and export to meet strong demand from many people living around the globe. It is a rich organization having global support of intellectuals, experts, scientists, researchers, and professors of social sciences, humanities, management sciences, natural and applied sciences.

This is the first time I have observed an auto import-export company venture into the scholarly publishing industry, but it’s not too surprising given how easy it is to become a scholarly publisher and to make a profit at it these days.

The company publishes these three journals:

  1. Asian Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
  2. Asian Journal of Management Sciences and Education
  3. Asian Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences

They charge $100 per accepted manuscript, but if your paper is longer than 4000 words, then there are additional per-word charges.  The first journal claims to have an impact factor, but on closer inspection the measure is not genuine; it was granted by a company called Global Impact Factor that makes it easy for journals like this one to get a rating.

Leena and Luna

Anybody can be a scholarly publisher these days.

The individual articles all bear copyright statements. The editorial boards are large, suggesting that it’s easy to become a member. I see a worrisome amount of plagiarism among the articles.

It appears the company is owned by Muhammad Akbar. In a statement on the publisher’s website he says,

We can select your desired vehicle out of over 75,000 vehicles at the many auction company of Japan. Just tell us the kind of vehicle or machinery that you are looking for. We will give you the best choice of vehicles and machinery in Japan.

So you can get a new used car and publish a paper at the same time, using the same company. This publisher is basically a vanity press. Its articles are unimpressive and mediocre. I recommend finding a better publisher.

Hat tip: Hamid Abdollahyan

4 Responses to Presenting “Leena and Luna,” a Questionable Publisher from Japan

  1. David says:

    Cool. I can describe a cure for cancer, describe the mating rituals of the Emperor penguin, and then take a break in my new rental car. Plus, they have great rates on hotels in many major cities.

  2. luispedro says:

    The impact factor company calls itself Gloabal Impact Factor for that extra credibility.

  3. Bort says:

    Global Impact Factor? Their shtick is even worse than some predatory journals (should they get points for being enemy of my enemy??)! Seems a farce considering they seem to calculate their ‘scores’ entirely subjectively. Here’s just the first criterion that they claim to use. Bonus points for reading the second sentence out-loud without going blue in the face:

    “Originality in research

    This aspect carries the highest score of 50 points. An original research article is the one based on original research, and here it is needed to define what original research is all about which means that if the knowledge is used properly, it leads to innovation of new ideas or further enhancements, while on the other side when such knowledge is used repetitively in a reformulated fashion it would result in plagiarism of research articles pulling out the quality of research. In a few words, the research produces new knowledge instead of summarizing what is already known in a new form. There are many ways to produce new knowledge: observations, experiments, new approaches to solving existing problems, etc.”

    Ignoring the incomprehensible and plain incorrect drivel there (apparantly all review papers by their criteria are plagiarism)
    it is odd that there seems to be a fair spread of scores across the listed journals (eg BIOINFO Mechanical Engineering has a score of 0.003!! Did they not pay for the “priority” service??)

    Infact, Jeff, I’d be very interested in an article on GIF itself (I know it’s outside your remit, but still). Assuming no one really takes GIF seriosuly (although by my count they list over 600 ‘scored’ journals!), there are questions like:
    – are any of the journals they claim to have scored ‘legit’ (and if so, are they aware they were scored)
    – are any of the journals listed fake (to boost numbers)?


  4. A stupid plagiarism in the article « Ethnopharmacology and phytochemical screening of bioactive extracts of Limoniastrum feei ( plombagenaceae) » Asian Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences, Vol. 2(1), 5-9, 2013.

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