KY Publications — A Slimy New OA Publisher from India

KY Publications

The KY Publications CEO, Medikondu Kishore, sitting back and waiting for the easy money to roll in.

We recently discovered KY Publications, a new open-access publisher based in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. We’re not sure what “KY” in the name stands for, but we know it’s not Kentucky or any drugstore product.

The publisher has six new journals, but not all of them have content. The operation seems to be the work of a sole proprietor, a Dr. Medikondu Kishore, who refers to himself as the firm’s CEO.

He uses false and boastful language to describe his publishing operation:

As of today, we are one of the leading national and international journal publishers and distributors of our research journals and serve million [sic] of scientists, research scholars, educational institutions, governmental bodies, corporate, scientific and engineering libraries and private research firms across the globe.

Visitors to the site will experience popup advertisements that appear and move about, for the publisher uses the free version of a website hosting service, a version supported by this annoying advertising.

Poetry as a research article

A screenshot from the table of contents page — three poems are published as a “research article”

One thing that struck me as I investigated this publisher was a “research article” appearing in the Research Journal of English Language and Literature that consists entirely of three very pitiful poems. The publisher in this case is actually publishing a two-page “research” article that is just some really bad poetry. The author is Hilal Ahmad Wani. This article proves, I think, that this is a true vanity press.

I recommend against submitting papers to this publisher’s journals, against serving on its editorial boards, and against reading the poetry it publishes as research articles.

Hat tip: Welko Tomic

Appendix: List of KY Publications journals as of July 3, 2013:

  • Bulletin of Mathematics and Statistics Research (BOMSR)
  • Bulletin of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences (BOPAMS)
  • International Journal of Applied Physics and Nanosciences (IJANS)
  • International Journal of Engineering Research-Online (IJOER)
  • International Journal of Environmental and Pollution Research (IJEPR)
  • Research Journal of English Language and Literature (RJELAL)

7 Responses to KY Publications — A Slimy New OA Publisher from India

  1. I would be interested to know what kind of review was applied to the poems article.

  2. Yehuda L Klein says:

    At least they are cheap. $50 for a research article; $100 for “Super Express letter”, whatever that is. I guess you get what you pay for …

  3. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    Shame! Shame!

  4. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    I found 5 ‘research’ articles there by a single author, SHEME MARY P U, in a single issue (Vol.1 No2).

  5. […] The people who submit to these journals generally know what they’re getting. Or at least they should know. [1] An author who submits some mediocre poems as a research article cannot be deluded (ht Jeffrey Beall). […]

  6. Barry Lee Reynolds says:

    Now the spam letters are being sent out (including to me) with all the e-mail addresses of everyone in the “To” field. I’ve received three in the last week urging me to submit before it is too late to get published in the last issue. I noticed that the latest issue will be published on September 30 and the last day to submit an article to be considered for that issue is also September 30! Talk about quick turnaround times!

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