All About Scigmoid Publications

Scigmoid Publications

SCIGMOID ?   Really ?

We recently welcomed Scigmoid to our list of questionable publishers. Scigmoid? Yes, Scigmoid. I do not know the meaning or origin of this term.

It sounds like sigmoid, which means “Curved in two directions, like the letter “S” or the Greek ς (sigma),” according to Wictionary. Could “Scigmoid” be an accidental misspelling of “Sigmoid”? Or, is an intentionally-created brand name designed to draw attention? The name makes me think of a sigmoidoscopy.

The publisher has four journals so far, all in the area of health sciences. None has any content yet, but they are accepting submissions. The APC (article processing charge) will be $200 per article.

Several of its web pages purport that Scigmoid is a non-profit organization, but it offers no proof of this, and I strongly doubt it. The site provides no location information. I think the company is based in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Make up your mind!

Make up your mind!

The site offers conflicting information about copyright. In the above composite screenshot selections, the top one warns authors that they must sign and deliver a copyright form to the publisher, but the bottom one says “there are no copyrights involved.”

After I listed this publisher, I received an email from them, but it was signed by “Gena Marie,” likely a fake name. If I were behind Scigmoid, I too would be hesitant to use my real name.

I think this publisher meant to call itself Sigmoid but didn’t bother to check the correct spelling. I recommend against submitting papers to this publisher and against serving on its editorial boards.

Appendix: Scigmoid journals as of July 19, 2013:

  1. AIDS & Recent Advancements
  2. Clinical Immunology & Research
  3. Mutations & Cancer Studies (note: the website also calls this journal Oncology & Mutation Studies)
  4. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Practices

9 Responses to All About Scigmoid Publications

  1. ED says:

    Maybe they meant “sci”ence of the sigmoid? I’m wondering if I can submit any “recent advancements” to AIDS and Recent Advancements, or only HIV studies. In any case, it will be interesting to learn how well the contents of Scigmoid and the sigmoid correlate!

  2. The site offers conflicting information about copyright. In the above composite screenshot selections, the top one warns authors that they must sign and deliver a copyright form to the publisher, but the bottom one says “there are no copyrights involved.”

    Actually, this phrashing makes sense — the bottom one refers to copyright for readers, the top one to the transfer by authors; the result is that Scigmoid owns the copyright and republishes the articles under a CC license. The advantage of this construct is that the publisher can (also) create other versions of the articles; for example, non-CC licensed books, compilations or print versions.

    Of course, none of that excuses the inclusion of this publisher on your list, but I felt it might be worth remarking.

    • Ah, good point. Thank you for this explanation.

    • Thomas E. says:

      Jeffrey, I think you could be hasty sometimes to making inclusions in your list. I advise that you contact potential candidates of your list with query for clarity on aspects of their operations that may be questionable with regards to your proposed standard.

      • Well, they sent me an email that was signed by a false name (Gena Marie). That indicated to me that they are dishonest and not afraid to use deception in their professional operations. There are additional reasons I added them as well, and I stand by the decision. If you want to submit your work to them, go ahead.

      • Robert says:

        I agree with Thomas E. I would say the journal is suspicious but would hesitate to classify them as predatory. In their favor they aren’t publishing hundreds of titles, their website is reasonably well written. I also don’t know why someone would think Gena Marie is not a real name.

  3. L. S. says:

    I would not call this well written:

    “Striving to revolutionize the publishing sector, Scigmoid Company is established to achieve a status of a trusted organization in publishing scientific, technical and medical information. Sharing of ideas and technical information is of utmost importance to any scientific community for the betterment and for the development through quality related research.”

    • Robert says:

      Ha. You got me there. “Reasonably” might have been too generous. Been reading too much total garbage lately.

  4. Samuel Marks says:

    Gena Marie
    Why do you feel this is not a real name. I support your blog for the information on fraudulent OA publishers but I don’t get it why you have targeted this publisher. I find any bad activity from this publisher.

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