Icelandic Journal Latest Victim of Journal Hijacking


The most-recent issue of the authentic journal, volume 62, 2012.

The old print journal Jökull, published in Iceland since 1951, has been hijacked. The hijackers set up two bogus web sites for the journal and are accepting article submissions.

In earlier blog posts, I reported the identity thefts of two print journals, namely, Archives des Sciences and Wulfenia. In a journal hijacking, the culprits target a respected print journal that does not have a prominent website. Then they create a new website, stealing the identity of the legitimate journal.

Their goal is to steal the reputation and brand value of the journal and then invite submissions to the counterfeit online journal, charging authors fees to publish their articles there.

There are two impostor websites for this journal:

Jökull means glacier. Some issues of the original journal have the subtitle “Iceland journal of earth sciences.” The journal is published by the Icelandic Glaciology Society (Jöklarannsóknafélag Íslands) and has a minimal web presence here. The society has been trying to get the offending websites closed down, but without success. It is not able to afford an attorney to assist with this. On Friday, August 9, I learned that the legitimate journal has this brand-new website.

The scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated. For instance, the “whois” or domain name registration data for the bogus Jökull website looks legitimate, with a registration address in Reykjavik.

I was told about this hijacking by Mihai Musteata, who left a comment here on this blog. I confirmed that the impostor websites are indeed bogus by contacting the National and University Library of Iceland.


Part of the impostor website.

 The impostor website shows a mountain that may not even be in Iceland and prominently displays the impact factor, an enticement to get article submissions and their accompanying fees.

Traditional print journals that lack websites should consider creating journal websites to help prevent future journal hijackings such as this one.

Hat tip: Mihai Musteata.
Thank you to: National and University Library of Iceland.

60 Responses to Icelandic Journal Latest Victim of Journal Hijacking

  1. Nils says:

    The picture on the impostor wesite shows trees in the foreground, so it is definitely not in Iceland!

    • JATdS says:

      If the journal carries an ISSN number, and there is clear proof that this is a fraudulent hijacking, then why isn’t the ISSN responsible for removing or withdrawing the ISSN number? Clearly the ISSN is being used as a form of validation. Secondly, the original jorunal title is Jokull. The “impostor” is “Jokull Journal”. Similar is not the same as identical.

      • Good questions. First, enforcing the use of ISSN numbers is not within the scope or responsibility of ISSN agencies. Second, while your observation that the two titles are not identical is true, I think that there is malicious intent on the part of those stealing the authentic journal’s identity. They must answer to this intent.

      • they (scammer) can still put valid ISSN in the fake website.

  2. Craig Boman says:

    A quick search over at Google image search, shows that the picture to be Mt. Rainier. And the image was most likely stolen from this website.

  3. Solomon says:

    Now your working direction is right. I appreciate your work.

  4. The first imposter site says “the journal now expands the coverage area to all aspects of the life sciences including human sciences and technologies” and says the subtitle is “The Iceland Journal of Life Sciences”. It even has a cover image with that subtitle.

    The second imposter site appears to have an online archive (whereas the first one’s just leads to a login page). The archive lists titles and abstracts – all on life science topics – and has PDF links, but those links all go to the same missing web page. The titles and abstracts are from genuine articles, present in PubMed Central, from where they were lifted presumably. The few that I looked at were Elsevier journals, but presumably they’ve harvested titles and abstracts from multiple publishers.

    They certainly know which field is most inclined to go the Gold OA route.

  5. This is where DMCA comes in. File a DMCA claim on the bogus websites, both with Google and the hosting companies of both sites.

    That is a sure way to take them down without too much cost.

  6. […] Beall recently posted on Scholarly Open Access an item about a very disturbing case. Namely, that the Icelandic journal Jökull, which is […]

  7. veli says:

    Dear Beall,

    Recently, I got an email from Bothalia (a bothanic journal), I think this journal has also been hijacked (website: Could you comment about the website (!) of the journal?

  8. Eu says:

    What do you think about ?
    Could this be another scam?

  9. Adi says:

    Hi all,

    Lots of discussions focus on predatory journals but none on the authors who were duped by the bogus sites and actually published high quality work.

    my questions to Jeff & all:
    1) what should be the steps once one learns about the scam and has its work published. Withdraw it? Submit to a legit journal and explain the situation, backed by a letter of confirmation from the true editors of the journal?

    2) can a class action be done in such cases? The US legal system is the best suited for this, and such a lawsuit can benefit from the help of a young ambitious law student. The fact that no one has been able to stop the criminals and recover the money will add to the aura of the “problem solver”.

    3) can any other actions be useful to prevent such crimes or mitigate their effects other than a blog and drawing up of lists?

  10. Manimegalai says:

    I have submitted my article and paid money to this bogus journal, without knowing that it is bogus. What shall I do now, Shall I send my work to some other journal, is it possible to get the money paid?

    • This is a difficult situation. If you re-submit to another journal, I recommend being open and honest with them about the situation.

      • adi says:

        Getting an email confirmation from the genuine Jokull journal helps.I found that editors have no objection to this as long as things are clear from the pow of the legitimate journal.

  11. AFTAB KHAN says:

    I received invitation from Wulfenia journal
    would you like to share with its details?

  12. Silv says:

    I have submited one article to few weeks ago and I have discovered that this online journal is a fake. What can I do to get my money back?
    Also, do you know if Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg Journal (ISSN: 0007-5922) at is a fake journal or not?
    I would really appreciate an answer….
    Thank you,

    • I’m very sorry — both of these are “hijacked” versions of authentic print journals. Because they (the hijacked journals) are operated by criminals, it is very unlikely that you will get your money returned. I am trying to tell as many people as possible about these hijacked journals. Please help me spread the word. Thanks.

  13. Silv says:

    OK Jeffrey, thank you for your post, all my colleagues will find out about this problem. Good luck!

  14. Sajjad Ali says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beal if the pensee journal is fake then what is the original website?
    Please help me in this regard…..

  15. Haji says:

    Dear sir how are you.
    My manuscript has been accepted in this journal will you know me about this journal and its impact factor
    {International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research (IASIR)}

    • Dear Dr. Haji:

      The publisher International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research is included on my list of questionable publishers. I recommend that you find a better publisher for your research and avoid this one. Good luck.

      Jeffrey Beall

  16. Haji says:

    So nice of you Dr. Jeffrey beall.

  17. Silv says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    What can you tell me about this journal: SYLWAN JOURNAL
    ISSN: 0039-7660
    Impact Factor: 0.263
    Is it a fake journal or it is ok?
    Looking forward for your message.

  18. Saleh says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    What can you tell me about this journal: Collegium Antropologicum
    ISSN: 0350-6134
    Impact Factor: 0.414
    Is it a fake journal or it is ok?
    Looking forward for your message.
    Best Regards,

    • This journal is not on my list.
      The impact factor information is correct.
      I have never heard anything negative about this journal.

      • Zoran Simonovic says:

        Dear Jeffrey,
        Could you tell me more about this journal. I got a call a month ago from them for writing the paper.
        Ciência e Técnica
        Vitivinícola . ISSN: 0254-0223
        5-Year Impact Factor: 0.479.
        In that same period, I received an invitation from the false Icelandic Jokull and Austrian Mitteilungen Klosterneuborg
        ISSN: 0007-5922.
        My question is whether it is real or fake magazine?
        Best Regards,
        Zoran Simonovic

      • Those are all hijacked versions of legitimate journals. In other words, they are fake. Please do not submit any papers to the fake versions of these journals.

  19. Zoran Simonovic says:

    OK! Thank you for your prompt reply.

  20. victor says:

    The Jokull scam is still alive [03 August 2014]. We have just received an email accepting our paper and urged to pay $515 in four days -which we didn’t since I smelled a scam…

  21. Dear
    I get 3 acceptance from Jokull . and when i sent the money with my visa it get back . Please give me any method to transfer the money
    Dr zeinab

  22. anbu says:

    I have submitted one article to few months ago and I have accepted letter. is a fake journal? or tie up with others.

    How is i believed it?
    Thank you,

  23. Romanian doctor says:

    Dear Jeffrey, I have just submitted an article to and I have received the reviewers comments and acceptance of publication . Unfortunately I have transferred the requested 515USD as publication fee on 13th January 2015,but I have not downloaded the article and the signed final version and consent.I have immediately asked them to stop publication, to return the money and I have announced the bank. What can I do further, do I have any chance to recuperate the money and how ?

  24. Doctor says:

    Please tell me your opinion about Paripex Indian Journal of Research. Thanks

  25. Med says:

    hello dear Jeffrey Beall,
    I have already sent three articles, the false Jokull newspaper.
    they have been accepted and published (??). My question is this: Is it-I have the right to published these papers in other newspaper? and in this case is this-that I not be in the black list if I try them published in other journals

  26. Mohamed says:

    please Sir, if some one published article in hijacked journal. Can he/she re-submit for publication in the authenticate journal for proper publication. Thanks

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