Questions Surround the American Academic & Scholarly Research Center — Part 1

American Academic & Scholarly Research Center (AASRC)

Who is behind this organization?

The American Academic & Scholarly Research Center (AASRC) is a mysterious entity that publishes one journal, organizes conferences, and seeks other ways to provide services to scholars and organizations.

The center recently filed an appeal with me, asking that they be removed from my list. By coincidence, Bruce White, a librarian at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, simultaneously wrote an amazing blog post criticizing Scopus for indexing AASRC’s lone journal, the American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal. The journal was open access, but the publisher appears to have “turned off” access to the journal’s articles, meaning those who paid the article processing charges ($300) are not getting what they paid for.

The company also sent a strongly-worded cease and desist letter to the New Zealand blogger.

The blog post criticized the journal for several reasons. One was that the journal and company purport to be American, but there is very little that is authentically American about the company, except the name.

In their appeal, the “Managing Partner” who emailed me, Sam Moses, boasted “Now we are incorporated in the USA and have a physical street address …” Earlier, I had complained that the firm appeared to exist only virtually, and no one would tell me where they were located.

The physical street address AASRC provides is “3422 Old Capitol Trail, #2028, Wilmington, DE  19808.” “DE” is the abbreviation for Delaware. However, that address is really the address of Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc. They claim “Your Delaware LLC or Corporation Order Processed in Less Than 1 Hour or It’s FREE.” So this is not really the publisher’s address; it’s just a mail-forwarding/incorporation service they use. Their actual location is mysterious, and I don’t understand why they hide it in this way.

The AASRC also has a scheme to provide an “International Author Identification Number,” based on QR codes. Unfortunately this idea appears to duplicate the idea behind ORCID, an international collaborative that provides unique numbers to researchers and that makes the AASRC number essentially useless. [I recommend that all scholars sign up for a free ORCID number].

The organization also boasts something it calls the “Strategic Research Initiative.” According to the website, “The initiative’s primary objective is the generation and dissemination of strategic knowledge that promotes and achieves global and regional development and stability.” It’s unclear whether this initiative really does anything other than lead readers to websites for AASRC’s lucrative conferences.

In my next post, I will describe these questionable conferences, which are generally not held in the Americas, despite the company’s claim that it is U.S-based, and I will describe a questionable certification company associated with AASRC.

14 Responses to Questions Surround the American Academic & Scholarly Research Center — Part 1

  1. Zainul says:

    Thank you Beall for the great investigation.
    Looking forward to reading more on such mysterious entities.

  2. Rob Rittenhouse says:

    Something funny with your link it gives a forbidden message and a 500 (internal server error). works though — it seems to really need the http: for some reason.

  3. Shirley Ainsworth says:

    This url gets to the journal, though there seems to be no content available. There is a note on the page:

    AASRJ Website is Under Maintenance!
    Some content may not be available during this period.

    We will be back soon!
    If you need any assistance please email us at

    • Rob Rittenhouse says:

      It appears they’re checking referrers and delivering a 403 (forbidden) for this site. That’s why the links here don’t work.

  4. Shawn says:

    This journal is also:, which has the address:

    Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty
    Sohag University, Egypt & University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain
    P.O. Box: 32038, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Tel: (+973) 17438825 – (+973) 39839285
    Fax: (+973) 17449187

  5. David Sullivan says:

    The domain name was registered by Tony Montana, who has a LinkedIn page:
    and also appears on Natural Science Publishing’s editorial board page:

  6. Chris Cole says:

    Tony Montana’s linked entry has vanished. As to the organization listed on Natural Science Publishing’s editorial board (International Certification Council), Google links that to an address that is non-functioning. I surmise that it is either maintenenace/server issues or a semi-fictional entry. Take your pick, either way there is no verifiable information.

  7. Shariful Islam says:

    I have published my paper. But I can’t register and that’s why, I cant see my full published paper. What can I do now? Please help me out.

  8. Onah says:

    Please, I would like to know why Sciencedomain international was included in this list. we sent a work to one of their journals (British journal of medicine and medical research) and it took about 5 months of rigorous review before the acceptance. I am confused here.

    • That is very strange, because on their main website it says, “2. Fast dissemination of scientific findings by reducing lag time between ‘submission to final publication’ to maximum six (6) weeks.” I see you have published many articles with this publisher.

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