Weekend Update: Predatory Publishing News

This blog post reports on four brief items related to predatory publishers.

1. Journal Influence Factor

We all know about the journal impact factor, but now there is a brand-new measure called the Journal Influence Factor. This factor is published by a mysterious company called “Journals Metrics.” It purports to be based in Okemos, Michigan, specifically at this address:

Journals Metrics, PMB 149, 3520 Okemos Rd. Ste 6, Okemos MI 48864, USA


Predatory Publisher Headquarters

That address is in a small shopping center, at a business called PostNet, which is a shipping company that also rents mailboxes. “PMB” means private mail box. There are many predatory publishers (and predatory metrics, like this one) that use rented mailboxes as their headquarters addresses. They can then be based anywhere, including overseas. For a fee, the mailbox companies will forward any mail received.

Journals Metrics also publishes a “Publisher Influence Factor” and offers manuscript editing services. We recommend that its products be ignored.

2. OMICS Publishing Group Attacks PubMed Central

OMICS Publishing Group recently released a comical press release entitled Open Access Journals and Healthcare Information: Indexing and Archiving that attacks PubMed Central (PMC). Over the summer, PMC announced that it would no longer include articles from any of OMICS over 300 questionable journals. The press release, published on PR Newswire, is incoherent, poorly written, and signed with a contrived name (John Benson).

The release says, “However, PMC has never been out of controversy regarding the discrimination and its co-operation with eLife.” The press release tries to make the case that PMC is no good and that Google Scholar is “the finest and foremost trusted indexing platform.” This is clearly a case of sour grapes on OMICS’ part, and we applaud PMC’s decision to de-list OMICS’ pretend journals.

3. Predatory Journal Publishes Solution to Global Warming

Bulgaria-based publisher Hikari has published a five-paragraph article that offers a solution to global warming.



Published in the Hikari Journal Environmental Sciences, the article is titled “Combating Climate Change with Neutrinos.” [PDF] [Update, 2013-09-17: the article has disappeared from the internet. I saved it and am making a copy available here: Combating Climate Change with Neutrinos ].

The publication of this article exemplifies what I have been saying for several years now, that predatory publishers don’t carry out an honest peer review and are mere vanity presses. They want the author fees and don’t care about the content they publish.  

4. More Journal Hijackings

I regret I have another journal hijacking to report. You’ll recall that journal hijackings occur when a respected print journal is “hijacked” by someone creating an online presence for it and accepting articles for the bogus online version. They essentially steal the journal’s identity.


Don’t go here

Many have been spammed with offers to publish here. As far as I know, the authentic journal does not have an online presence. I recommend deleting the spam and NOT submitting papers to this counterfeit journal.

I also recently received a spam email inviting me to publish in a counterfeit version of the journal Pensée, but the bogus journal’s site was quickly shut down.

That’s all the predatory publishing news; thanks for reading.

17 Responses to Weekend Update: Predatory Publishing News

  1. Guria says:

    “a five-paragraph article”…That’s amazing!

  2. Yurii says:

    I think it is about time Google Scholar introduces some sort of screening mechanism, or risk to become irrelevant

  3. aditya Singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    Would you please enlighten me about the metrics provided by http://www.scimagojr.com? Is their evaluation trustworthy? Regards

  4. Puja says:

    Hello Sir,
    Really appreciate your work. You are doing a great service to maintain the sanctity in the academic world. I am from India and it is really disheartening to see so many predatory journals from my country.
    Could you please check http://www.researchersworld.com/about_journal.html
    Many Thanks.

  5. TTK says:

    The climate change paper almost beats this recent one, which introduces human photosynthesis – melanin is the chlorophyll – the numerous illustrations are breathtaking.


  6. brembs says:

    Ha ha ha! Awesome! “Combating Climate Change with Neutrinos” is almost as good as “arsenic in DNA” or “table-top fusion”! :-)
    The only thing that beats these papers is the journal “Homeopathy” lol :-)

  7. […] /ht Jeffrey Beall […]

  8. Jill M says:

    Thank you, TTK, for the link to the melanin is the human chlorophyll paper. Extremely strange group of citations in the reference section. But the figures really are amazing.

  9. Dear TIK,
    It is an interesting article,and may lead to a new theory. Here is a link to another article that supports Herrera’s findings: http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0000457
    Plos one is a reputable journal, isn’t it?.

  10. Matthew P. says:

    I forget whether or not I have already posted here, so let me first thank you Jeffrey Beall, for the useful cautionary information on your blog. Not to mention the entertainment value!
    It appears the J.A. de Wet article has been… retracted! I can’t find it on the publisher’s site any more! He has, however, many other papers there, certainly all bogus. One article’s paragraphs are “Introduction”-“Conclusion”-“Appendix”, no less! Another claims to be “an alternative to the Higgs boson”, that “would still be valid if the Higgs were found”. Get ’em while they’re still online!

  11. Saif-ul-Malook says:

    Dear sir,
    Please tell me about International journal of Biosciences. It is in Master list of Thomas router but Publishing press is also included in predatory journals list link is here. http://www.innspub.net/international-journal-of-biosciences-ijb/

    • I have this journal’s publisher, the International Network for Natural Sciences, included on my list here. I recommend that you not submit any papers to this journal or the other ones from this publisher. I think Thomson Reuters is making a mistake.

  12. Saif-ul-Malook says:

    Ok Thanks sir.

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