Bell Press Now on Beall’s List

Bell Press logo

Not from Europe

Bell Press is a newly-launched scholarly open-access publisher that uses deception to make itself look like a legitimate, European, scholarly publisher. It is none of these things, however. Bell Press uses three strategies of deception to lure authors into thinking it’s an authentic scholarly publisher. First, the publisher claims to be based in Europe, but I cannot find any credible evidence to back this up. It lists offices in the U.K. and Germany, and all its journals titles begin with the phrase “European Journal of … “.  However, the domain name registration data is blocked, suggestion the publisher wants to hide its true, likely non-European location.

Bell Press

Based in European …

Bell press is trying to be more European than most European publishers are, a strong suggestion that it is really from outside Europe. It’s trying to be “more Catholic than the Pope.” Also, typos on the site strongly suggest a non-European origin. The site claims the publisher is “Based in European” [sic], and I think any publisher honestly headquartered in Europe would know the correct way to say that. Other prominent grammatical errors on the website also indicate a non-European location.

Third, the publisher is brand new, but it uses deception to make it look like the publisher has been operating for a while. Statements on the site say, “Copyright ® [sic] 2009 – 2013,” but I think the site began only a few months ago.

Bell Press Volumes

Volume deception

Each of the publisher’s 27 journals is currently up to volume 11, but this is completely bogus. For each journal, the publisher has manufactured earlier volumes by taking titles and abstracts off the open internet and by making them up. Only the recent volumes have full PDFs; the earlier ones only have the titles and abstracts. Also, this publisher’s journals publish several (fake) volumes per year, making the journals look more established than they really are.

The owners of Bell Press must be dumb or naïve to believe that people are actually going to fall for their deceit. I strongly recommend against serving on any editorial boards this publisher establishes and against submitting any papers to its journals. Publishing with Bell Press will hurt your career more than help it.

Appendix: Bell Press Journals as of September 6, 2013

  1. European Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  2. European Journal of Applied Engineering
  3. European Journal of Applied Physics
  4. European Journal of Banking and Finance
  5. European Journal of Biomedical Technology
  6. European Journal of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  7. European Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  8. European Journal of Climate Change
  9. European Journal of Computer Science and Engineering
  10. European Journal of Developing Country Studies
  11. European Journal of Earth and Environment
  12. European Journal of Economics and Development
  13. European Journal of Education and Learning
  14. European Journal of Electrical Technology
  15. European Journal of Engineering and Innovation
  16. European Journal of Geoengineering
  17. European Journal of Industrial and System Engineering
  18. European Journal of Innovation and Business
  19. European Journal of Language and Culture
  20. European Journal of Life Science and Technology
  21. European Journal of Management Sciences
  22. European Journal of Material Engineering
  23. European Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing
  24. European Journal of Natural Sciences
  25. European Journal of Ocean and Marine
  26. European Journal of Science and Public Policy
  27. European Journal of Technology and Development

15 Responses to Bell Press Now on Beall’s List

  1. Yomna says:

    Bell Press wants to prove that there are fools in this world and scientists that would be fooled. Guess what!! This world is full of fools who would fall for anything stupid .

    • AlexH says:

      No. This world is full of scientists or wanabee scientists that think that their future grant/faculty committee will be sloppy evaluators.

  2. Jurgen Ziesmann says:

    Yes, the “owners of Bell Press must be dumb or naïve to believe that people are actually going to fall for their deceit.’ The problem is that there are always some people who are even more dumb or naive … so the schemes work.

  3. Helen says:

    Keep the information coming! Thank you

  4. Samir Hachani says:

    I don’t think people are dumb or stupid.They want to publish ANYTHING and ANYBODY offering any semblance with SOMETHING resembling publication will do !!!!
    Publish and Perish: Three Tales of Tenure and Terror James Hynes !!!!!

  5. Barnaby Hughes says:

    According to the Internet Archive, “ has been crawled 1 times going all the way back to May 16, 2013.”

  6. Gerard Anonmyous says:

    How do we get ’em team? Should we send in a hit squad of European nerds to take them out? Blind them with laser pointers?

  7. Joshua says:

    This publisher (bellpress) got a manuscript which I had withdrawn from the because it was accepted without reviewer’s comments (i dont know how), gave it fake authors without an address and published it I had however been able to publish my true work earlier than this fake/thief publisher.

    Efforts to contact the publisher (bellpress) have received no response. The Journal where the stolen manuscript was published has no editorial board.

    Please advise me on the way forward, preferably on how this particular publication can be removed from their website!

    • Well, I am sorry this has happened to you. If your journal in CCSE is published with a free license (like CC BY), then anyone can take your content and publish it if they follow the terms of the license. In this case, they have not properly attributed the work to the original authors, it seems. You could hire a lawyer, but other than that I think you are in a difficult situation. Predatory publishers are not known for their cooperation.

  8. Ademola D. Adeyeye says:

    My experience with Bell Press is very similar to that of Joshua. Bellpress got (I do not know how they got my paper) my paper which I had withdrawn from iiste after acceptance. Bellpress published it with a fake author (Abdul-Baqi Antar) but retained my affiliation. I have written many mails to bellpress without acknowledgement or response. My withdrawn paper was presented at NIIE conference and had appeared in the proceedings (2012) before its appearance in bellpress journal (2013) ( It seems Bellpress has closed its website since its exposure but googlescholar still keep referring to the articles. It appears there was a kind of collaboration between the staff/editors/ of iiste and bellpress. Now we see that two withdrawn papers from iiste have appeared in bellpress journals. May be more of such cases are still coming. Since bellpress has gone into hiding since its exposure I think googlescholar should remove every reference to bellpress journals from its database

    • Joshua says:

      Dear Ademola,
      Thanks for sharing this. The website for bell press was not available today when I visited it. With no doubt, IISTE is linked with bell press much as IISTE denies. But it is still good that IISTE knows that researchers know it’s misconduct,. Because negative comments will reduce revenues at IISTE, I know this behavior will be stopped.
      Is it possible for google scholar to delete these pages? If yes, what can we do?

      • Ademola D. Adeyeye says:

        Dear Joshua,
        Now that the shady practices of Bell Press have been exposed and it is in the public domain, google scholar will soon be aware of it. Besides, we may inform google scholar.

  9. mohammad shamsul hoq says:

    bell press is very much irresponsive to complince
    I emailed several times but no response. now it changed its official webpage. so it is difficult to find information about journal.

  10. Ghazi says:

    I can not found a website for European Journal of Developing Country Studies

  11. Dear Researchers,
    According to the documentations provided on official scientific sites and academics of sciences, the journals which are mentioned in this letter are invalid. Perhaps, these journals and the publications are only controlled by a person. Any judgment or initial review is not carried out on the submitted articles and they are published shortly after submission. Also to complete numbers of their journals, these fictitious publications attempt to plagiarize from other journals and add the names that do not really exist. Maybe it takes a long time to reveal their fictitious nature. For filling the vacuum of this time-consuming process and prevent from researchers rights violation, please cooperate and collaborate in notifying about these invalid journals.
    Activists Group Against Plagiarism

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