Think Congress is bad? — Try Congress Press

Congress Press

We can all agree on this congress.

Congress Press is a brand-new scholarly open-access publisher that has launched with thirty journals. Its logo is a stylized rendering of the United States Capitol dome.

The journal titles each reflect a broad coverage and all begin with the phrase “American Journal of …”. We know that when a new publisher goes out of its way to appear to be based in particular country, it is usually not based in that country.

I found this information in the domain name registration:

Eduventure International Limited
WJ Shen
Pen Street 2020 -39132
Phone: +1.239183183
Email Address:

I think that “Pen Street 2020” is really 2020 Pennsylvania Avenue — the address of a UPS store, a mail-forwarding service. The phone number is too long to be a North American one.

Each of the journals lists a Mr. Bill Barton as the contact person, but I think the name is fake. The journals have published articles but no editorial boards. If you do peer review, how can you publish articles with no editorial boards?

Actually, the articles all appear to be lifted from other publishers. Here’s an example:

Congress Press

Not original.

This was apparently lifted from here:

Congress Press

Where the article first appeared.

Notice how the author’s name was cleverly changed. Congress Press is using articles from other publishers to make itself look more established; it’s really a brand-new publisher. This is a common predatory publisher scheme. Nice try, Congress Press.

Verdict: I recommend against submitting papers to Congress Press and against serving on its editorial boards.

Appendix: Congress Press journals as of October 1, 2013:

  1. American Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  2. American Journal of Animal Research
  3. American Journal of Applied Systems
  4. American Journal of Behavioural Science and Psychology
  5. American Journal of Biomedical Technology
  6. American Journal of Business and Finance
  7. American Journal of Chemical Sciences
  8. American Journal of Civil Engineering and Environment
  9. American Journal of Computing and Computation
  10. American Journal of Culture and Philosophy
  11. American Journal of Economics and Development
  12. American Journal of Education Sciences
  13. American Journal of Electrical Systems
  14. American Journal of Energy and Policy
  15. American Journal of Geology and Ecology
  16. American Journal of Governance and Politics
  17. American Journal of Greenhouse Gas
  18. American Journal of Health and Diseases
  19. American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  20. American Journal of Information Sciences
  21. American Journal of Langauge [sic] and Lingustics [sic]
  22. American Journal of Law and Public Policy
  23. American Journal of Marine and Ocean
  24. American Journal of Materials
  25. American Journal of Mathematical Modeling
  26. American Journal of Mechanical Systems
  27. American Journal of Medicine and Health
  28. American Journal of Natural Sciences
  29. American Journal of Resources Engineering
  30. American Journal of Soil and Water

10 Responses to Think Congress is bad? — Try Congress Press

  1. Ehsan.A says:

    Thank you for your good analysis.

  2. rhitsvu says:

    another predatory journal you will want to include in this list:

    From the publisher’s website:”Presently we publish all research articles free of cost i.e. free paper publication. If anyone wants to give us financial aid, please contact us at

    Very suspicious. Probably trying to fill up its first issue before chrging money for the subsequent ones. There is no existence of an editorial board

  3. Roh says:

    Also Criterion: and GalaxyIMRJ. Seems to be run by the same person. The sheer volume of essays and its poor quality makes me think this is nothing more than a vanity journal. Could not find any mention of money being charged though sources tell me he does. Might be good one to have a look at?

  4. John says:

    Hi, please also check IJORD International Journal of Research Development.

    Remarkably, journal claims that notification of acceptance is within 7-working days and accepted papers are accepted within 5-working days. Generally, I believe at least one month for peer review is required to ensure the quality. And, No information about editorial board members.

    The journal is now recruiting members into their facebook group under the name “IJORD International Journal of Research Development”.

    If you think Congress Press is bad, try IJORD!

  5. Steve Quarrie says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    The way these suspicious open access publishers and journals are snowballing is all getting rather overwhelming! To make our lives easier, as honest researchers wanting to submit our manuscripts to honest journals, is it possible to provide a list of the open access publishers and journals that we CAN trust amongst the tens of thousands to choose from?

    At least we shall then know that we have a sporting chance of our article going through a genuine peer review process. …. no doubt also a delicate subject for those open access publishers/journals that don’t get on the “safe” list, but then perhaps that would stimulate them to demonstrate their safe credentials to you!

    Cheers, Steve

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  7. […] a warning on my listserv that Scholarly Open-Access advises avoiding a new scholarly open-access publisher (Congress Press) of 30 journals with names such as American […]

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