22 Responses to Shedding Some Light on the Photon Foundation

  1. Ken Witwer says:

    Photon Foundation…the same name applied to two journals at once…sounds like these elusive publishers are over-interpreting Young’s interference experiment!

  2. Hasseena says:

    Do not worry dear scholars.
    With this condition, an ISSN can never be assigned to a journal. If a journal has no ISSN, no scholarly or academic organization would consider that journal. So be cool.

    • Ken Lanfear says:

      Is this true? ISSN has a checklist of qualifications, but do they actually verify the information provided? For example, would they Google selected names on the editorial board and contact them to verify their affiliation? That would be very important.
      (I note this particular journal provided an “ISJN,” whatever that is.)

      • Hasseena says:

        Yea, ISSN is a government entity and works on certain rules and regulation. They verify publisher and content specific information. According to Library of Congress ISSN can be verified by recalculating it and if the answer is the last digit of ISSN than its valid. For example XXXX-XXX5, apply formula, if the answer is 5 than its valid ISSN. If a journal has valid ISSN, it cannot be challenged by any law. ISSN entities also check the journal samples (online or printed), editorial boards and they never allow a free platform (like Google sites etc) to publish a journal. One think more, many people say that bad journals have no value….. But these are the opinions of novice people. If you ask it to a well knowledgeable practical scholar than he will say……A PUBLISHED CONTENT HAS A VALUE (whether journal is good or bad), THE CONTENT CANNOT BE CHALLENGED (but criticized only). Ok i will exemplify it. You can never find an article mentioning “previous literature shows that the research of ABC author is wrong” but you will find “previous research may have limitations which can be covered by future research”. Hope answer the questions.

      • Guido B says:

        @tekija: thanks for the link! The comment by Mehrab D shows that they asked for $200 after a paper was submitted (it’s not clear whether the paper was already accepted).

  3. The picture in the background of the page is from a now-defunct page coffee42.posterous.com, the Internet Archives have a name for the person with that blog, but it looks more like Photon “borrowed” the picture.

    ISSN numbers are issued, but offer no guarantees that there is a serious operation behind the publication. The same thing is true for ISBNs – you can purchase one for your book for as little as $50 as a self-publisher.

    @Hasseena, of course the content can be challenged. It can have been plagiarized, or the data faked, and the publication must be withdrawn. Check out Retraction Watch to see far too many papers that need to be withdrawn.

    • Hasseena says:

      You are absolutely right, but i wrote in the context if an original content is published in a bad journal. ISSN does not guaranty other than first issue of a journal. They usually check first issue and other contents to assign an ISSN. I believe the ultimate thing is the quality of publication. So journals should publish high quality stuff sincerely. Not only journals, every scholarly business like education, scholarly events org etc should apply some form of statistical control mechanisms to ensure the best quality for scholars.

  4. tafandrew says:


  5. vandana . says:

    what to do if your work is already published in this Fake journal PHOTON and you want to withdraw your paper?????????????????????

    • You can try to withdraw it, but this may be difficult. Send an email to Photon and tell the you want to withdraw the paper.
      If you are successful in withdrawing the article, and you wish to re-submit it to another journal, I recommend that you be completely open and honest with the new journal’s editor — tell him or her the complete story.

      • vandana . says:

        i tried to withdraw but the attempt was unsuccessful. my paper is available on Photon’s website and on google and they did not agree to remove it from there. so please tell me that can i add this publication to my CV???

      • It’s a judgment call for you whether to add it to your CV or not.

  6. vandana . says:


  7. Sam says:

    Is Hygeia Journal for Drugs and Medicine genuine?

  8. Yurii says:

    It is an old post, but I just noticed another legitimate journal whose title Photon “borrowed” – International Journal of Proteomics – is published by Hindawi Press

  9. Quentin says:

    One more “journal” to add to your list:
    Photon Journal of Neurology

    Thanks for making us aware of their activities!

  10. Ejiofor Emmanuel says:

    Thanks so much for the information. Since last year March I sent my article to photon journal of biochemistry, paid a 100 dollars and up till now no word from them or no link that it has been published.

    After reading this I believe I can resend to another journal. Please what journals are good for publishing biochemical articles and how do I go about it since photon has not published and I want to resend.

    Hope it doesn’t affect me


  11. Ranee Prakash says:

    I had send an article and I decline to publish anything as they ask for huge fees £500 pounds for publishing, plus nowhere on the website do they mention their terms and conditions and that it is a paid journal. It fails to provide any steps so that authors can make informed decisions before submitting articles. So, if you have 2 authors or more, the fees go higher and higher, I wish somebody complains about this body and stop this malpractice, it is absolute rubbish. They even give out awards by charging money, looks like a con!

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