38 Responses to WSEAS and NAUN: Two Publishers (and Conference Organizers) to Avoid

  1. Deadline extensions are the norm for conferences. I haven’t heard of a single conference that didn’t have extensions, even extremely high profile conferences like IEEE S&P have it (see e.g. this year’s).

  2. bencomp says:

    I count seven different conferences in your list – assuming that two conferences with the exact same name are the same conference, even if they’re organised (jointly?) by WSEAS and NAUN.
    It would be interesting to hear about previous conferences and how the “scientific sponsors” are involved. Kingston University London doesn’t list either conference they are said to be ‘scientifically sponsoring’: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/aboutkingstonuniversity/events/all-events/lectures/
    I took the liberty of asking via Twitter: https://twitter.com/bencomp/status/408700666052218881

  3. Joro Paveto says:

    The conferences are realy of a very low quality and they publish everything as it is submitted in their conference proceedings. The owner is a greek that is currently a professor in the technical university of Sofia, Bulgaria (therefore the conference tax for bulgarians, greeks, romanians sometimes is much lower). The conferences are bad, but for us it is sometimes a chance to meet colegues.
    As for the journals- they do not require aditional fee to publish the extended paper in their journal. They do not require a processing charges even if You submit a paper to some of their journals without any participation at one of the conferences. And yes the journals are weak, but indexed by Scopus:

    and some of their journals (a significant part) are with impact factor as well. As you can imagine during promotion procedures these are classified as a totaly legitimate publications in impact factor journal …
    I cannot recommend to anyone to publish there, but I can understand the people that are doing it. After all if both Scopus and WOK think that these are legitimate journals I am afraid, that no one will hear the recommedations …
    And the conferences of WSEAS are predatory, however the journals do not require payments and there is a real peer review process (as You can imagine not so strict but still real).

    • Liam Mac Liam says:

      Joro Paveto sums them up very well. WSEAS started out as a fairly dodgy and widely spamming company over 10 years ago and has been slowly edging towards respectability since.

    • Tomas Brunclik says:

      I second Joro Paveto’s opinion, as I had personal experience both with WSEAS conference and journal. I emphasize the fact, that while the conferences are costly, the journals are open-access and free-to-publish at the same time, which is quite unique combination, and that would partly justify the high conference fees. The scientific quality is generally not exceptional, but especially the journals indexed by Scopus and WOK may still have some value for young scientists.

  4. Prof. Ann Lee (CORE Team) says:

    Please list your research publication history as we have no idea with respect to your academic and research background.

  5. Liam Mac Liam says:

    As far as I know, Jeffrey Beall has always put his name to his comments here, made available his research publication history and along the way incidentally laid himself open to legal attack, anonymous abuse and orchestrated online campaigns against him.

  6. Dart says:

    Dear Mr. Jeffrey Beall,
    Please confirm, are they (WSEAS & NAUN) :
    3.Low quality?
    Thank you very much for your confirmation….

  7. Joro Paveto says:

    I was invited to visit a conference organised by “European Society for Applied Sciences and Development” (www.europment.org).
    A closer look reveals that it is closely related to wseas
    just like NAUN

  8. Jon Burley says:

    I must say that Jeffrey Beall makes some forthright comments and exposes issues related to conferences and journals. Many publishers are in it for the money and many organizations have very poor quality documents. I have participated in 5 WSEAS conferences and I find the exchange between scholars attending the conferences stimulating but certainly not at the potential it could be. I do not publish my best research in WSEAS, but it is a place to start for some of my younger colleagues and students, working towards better periodicals. I have certainly attended in my career much worse than WSEAS and I have attended much superior academic conferences too. Jeffrey is correct in urging scholars to strive to find better and best venues. At the same time I am sympathetic to my colleagues in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, … I have met many of them and give them my support to improve the quality of their efforts, it is not always an easy journey. Lets hope that we can all start raising the bar and improve the quality of scholarship.

    I hope that some WSEAS and NAUN officials engage in the discussion and I urge Jeffrey Beall to keep informing us with his insightful opinions and ideas. Thanks Jeffrey.

    Best to all,
    Dr. Burley

  9. sumarni abu bakar says:

    For me, it is no harm for you to attend the conference. You may not get suggestion from the audience for normally less than 10 seats are occupied but then for a junior researcher it gives you the idea of how to present your paper internationally with international standard of content.

  10. Fabiola says:

    Are the proceedings of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 WSEAS conferences actually indexed by ISI and SCOPUS as they have advertised on their website? Could you please check that for me. Thank you.

    • My library does not subscribe to SCOPUS, so I cannot.

    • Tomas Brunclik says:

      You can check that yourself. Quick Scopus search for word “WSEAS” in jornal/conference title shows 17 WSEAS journals in database, with 2 of them discontinued. Numbers of conference proceedings articles [ year(articles)]: 2011(1457), 2012(93), 2013(89). No results for 2014 yet. The drop between 2011 and 2012 is probably saying something, but maybe I just have to try to search some other way, like search for specific articles or titles.

  11. Fabiola says:

    Thank you for your response. What about ISI?

  12. yes Sir, the pressing question is that if u disapprove of these conferences, then please verify if in fact they are not ISI indexed and impact factor publications as they claim?

  13. I had been working for WSEAS for almost a year and they are laughing stock. All Operations can be summer with the folliowing:

    Meat-Scientists + AnyPaper = Profit + ChangeForVisibilityORVacations.

    Mastorakis himself is a happy plumpy man, who keeps within the business just for Profit. Please mind that he is working for Hellenic Navy and it is FORBIDDEN to run a personal business. Thus he names it non-profit and haves his wife or relatives as doormen..

    CONMEN, the very lot of them, and SO happy I am out. BEWARE!

  14. Robert S. says:

    I have been recently spammed with email from inase.org. The site is almost the same as europment.org, which is considered WSEAS brand. I post this comment, as I have not found this name in this topic.

    • I have had a look at this website, and because they don’t publish any journals, they are not eligible for my list. It appears that they just organize (low quality) conferences and they tell attendees to submit their presentations to good journals. I agree with your observation and would advise all researchers to avoid these conferences.

  15. rafique says:

    conferences are meant to exchange the views and meet the colleagues of your domains. sometimes idea is unique and is not bound to come from Newton like minds.Today, the world is dynamic but requires incremental steps and these steps are icons and requires only one thing and that is integration. good or bad, it depends upon user. Regarding earning by them, they put on efforts and they make money which is their right. How many students getting free facilities of education in universities direct their efforts in a productive way? what is their real contribution to body of knowledge with free facilities ? of course! negligible as compared to students who pay heavy amounts. Look! teachers and atmosphere is same but what matters is what you want and how you behave! you may disagree my view point but WSEAS is doing good job. At least it is providing a respectable forum for discussion to intellectuals instead of making money through fraud or fake /mushroom institutions. instead of negative views i think we all should give them suggestions for improvements so that they should be more motivated and serve research society in a better way.
    i would love to suggest them to start inviting the people who have reservations about their integrity and clear their minds openly.
    well done WSEAS and keep it up.

  16. John says:

    I’m pretty much impressed to see how some allegedly high profile bloggers, if you will, apparently writing in the best interest of the scientific communities, present their very own personal views, kind of biased; and I don’t mean to offend anyone.
    Yep, I guess, in general, we pass up this kind of tricky rhetoric based mainly on ‘I think …’ and ‘I suggest that …’ arguments whenever the supporting data/information seem to have been retrieved mostly from the Internet; and lacking of a logical proof and rationale in the very sense of ‘scientific methodology’ to boot.
    I wouldn’t bother if it were a mere criticism-like scribble published in tabloids that do it just for the fun of it. In this case, it can be a double-edged sword, though.
    The fact is, criticism alone won’t nourish scientific advancement in the same way as a constructive criticism would.
    I guess people would tip their hats to the bloggers if they were willing to ship in and chip in (whether they are journals or conferences or anything else), rather than staying in front of their PCs just blogging. Otherwise, these posts sound like the bloggers have something else up their sleeve, or they are not writing in the best interest of science but something else.

  17. Li says:

    If I submitted a paper to wseas, have i just wasted a paper? Coz i cant submit it anywhere else, right?

  18. Li says:

    I haven’t registered or paid anything for the conference yet. Does that matter? Will they still hang on to my paper?

      • billwilliams says:

        From my experience with them (some years ago) I do not think WSEAS would hold on to your paper the way some of the really dubious operators do, so you may well be able to withdraw it. Certainly worth trying.
        Maybe you could share how it goes here too.

  19. adriana says:


    I share Mr. Beall’s opinion,
    The WSEAS conferences are to avoid,
    The WSEAS conferences proceedings are not indexed in Scopus as they say in their website,
    You waste your paper and your money if you participate,

  20. Jim says:

    Publishing to WSEAS is not free since May 15, 2015. You can check the following link from their blog:


    They ask 600 euros up to 10 pages plus 50 euros for each extra page and it is not mentioned in their website.

  21. Dan says:

    And now WSEAS journals ask for 600 euros per accepted paper. And yes, it is not mentioned on their site. I’ve informed Elsevier

  22. Panduranga Rao says:

    A recent mail from WEAS

    Dear Professor Rao,

    You can upload your invited paper for the WSEAS Conferences in Ischia, Italy, June 17-19, 2016
    until May 24. www. wseas. org
    The conference proceedings will be distibuted to various relevant Journals
    (like, for example, Nova Publishers) while the extended versions of the papers will be published in some journals of excellent publishers (Springer, Hindawi, MDPI, etc..) as well as in some journals that belong to various European Universities.

    These journals (Springer, Hindawi, MDPI, etc.., Journals of various European Universities) are indexed in ISI, ESCI, DBLP, ACM, ASM, ProQuest, Zentrablatt, Ulrich, ScholarGoogle, EI, SCOPUS etc….

    Invited Authors will have double time for the presentation of their papers and will receive a certificate from the secretariat. Invited Authors represent the 5% of the total authors and can give an interview (if they want) in our Youtube Channel. See some recent interviews in www. wseas. org

    Best Regards

    Maria Delgao

  23. Daniel Franklin says:

    Some years ago, when I was a young, naive PhD student, I foolishly submitted a paper to a WSEAS conference. My supervisor wasn’t familiar with them, but let me submit anyway. Of course it was accepted with basically no proper peer review.

    The conference was expensive and of appallingly low quality. The peer review process was clearly a joke, and the standard of the papers presented was abysmal. The only nice thing I can say was that the location was nice and the food was good – after attending a few sessions and presenting my paper to a near-empty room I headed for the beach and spent most of the rest of the conference there. The consensus amongst the attendees was that we had been fleeced.

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