Gujarat-Based Mehta Press Now Up to 192 OA Journals

Mehta Press Logo

This is no Hathi Trust

Mehta Press has been around since early 2010, but it has recently revamped its website and now boasts an amazing number of journals. I count 192 journals in the Mehta Press portfolio, but most of them are mere templates, lacking content and editorial boards. Because the publisher recently launched a bunch of new journals, it is spamming for manuscripts and editorial board members. Mehta Press is based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Its website is spare and offers the bare minimum amount of information. There are many prominent grammatical errors on the site, including this on the main page:

Mehta Press contacts us

Unconventional term

The journals all promise a fast peer review: “The review process will ordinarily require two weeks.” My guess is that no authentic peer review process is occurring at all. In researching this publisher, I stumbled on the suspect article entitled “Out there: A preliminary discussion of alien civilizations” by Shelley Thompson of New Braunfels, Texas in the Mehta Press Journal of Space Exploration.

I was ready to trash the publisher for accepting what appears to me to be a pseudo-scientific article when, after looking for plagiarism in the article, I was led to a nearly duplicate article by the same author in the Elsevier journal Physics Procedia. The Elsevier article is entitled “On the Frontier of Knowledge: A Discussion of Alien Civilizations.” Both the Elsevier article and the Mehta Press articles contain a lot of the same text — they’re essentially duplicates.


Bottom-tier journals

Elsevier has a 20 Procedia journals; they all contain conference papers and are generally of low quality. I have reported plagiarism in Elsevier’s Procedia journals in the past. I really think they should dump this series because here I am again finding duplication in a Procedia journal.

Elsevier needs to investigate this duplicate publication and make some tough decisions about its Procedia series because in this case, at least, Elsevier is on the same level as Mehta Press.

Appendix: List of Mehta Press journals as of December 4, 2013

Journals by Alphabetically [sic]

  1. Current Chemical Research
  2. Current Computer Science
  3. Chemistry Research Journal A – Analytical Sciences
  4. Chemistry Research Journal B – Biochemistry
  5. Chemistry Research Journal C – Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modelling
  6. Chemistry Research Journal D – Environmental Chemistry
  7. Chemistry Research Journal E – Organic Chemistry
  8. Chemistry Research Journal F – Medicinal Chemistry
  9. Chemistry Research Journal G – Physical Chemistry
  10. Computer Research Journal A – Artificial Intelligence
  11. Computer Research Journal B – Computational Theory and Mathematics
  12. Computer Research Journal C – Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided
  13. Computer Research Journal D – Computer Networks and Communications
  14. Computer Research Journal E – Computer Science Applications
  15. Computer Research Journal F – Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  16. Computer Research Journal G – Hardware and Architecture
  17. Computer Research Journal H – Human-Computer Interaction
  18. Computer Research Journal I – Information Systems
  19. Computer Research Journal J – Signal Processing
  20. Engineering Research Journal A – Aerospace Engineering
  21. Engineering Research Journal B – Automotive Engineering
  22. Engineering Research Journal C – Biomedical Engineering
  23. Engineering Research Journal D – Civil & Structural Engineering
  24. Engineering Research Journal E – Computational Mechanics
  25. Engineering Research Journal F – Control & Systems Engineering
  26. Engineering Research Journal G – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  27. Engineering Research Journal H – Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
  28. Engineering Research Journal I – Mechanical Engineering
  29. Engineering Research Journal J – Ocean Engineering
  30. Engineering Research Journal K – Safety, Risk, Reliability & Quality
  31. Journal of Aesthetics
  32. Journal of Agricultural & Rural Geography
  33. Journal of Analysis
  34. Journal of Analytic Philosophy
  35. Journal of Ancient & Classical History
  36. Journal of Ancient & Classical Literature
  37. Journal of Animals & Their Mangement [sic]
  38. Journal of Anthropology of Art & Media
  39. Journal of Anthropology of Diaspora, Forced Migration & Refugeeism
  40. Journal of Anthropology of Gender & Sexuality
  41. Journal of Anthropology of Globalization
  42. Journal of Anthropology of Race, Ethnicity & Identity
  43. Journal of Anthropology of Religion
  44. Journal of Art History & Criticism
  45. Journal of Art History & Theory
  46. Journal of Astrobiology
  47. Journal of Atmospheric Dynamics
  48. Journal of Atmospheric Phenomena
  49. Journal of Atmospheric Structures
  50. Journal of Behavioral & Social Science Issues
  51. Journal of Bioenergetics
  52. Journal of Bioethics & Medical Ethics
  53. Journal of Biological Anthropology
  54. Journal of Biological Oceanography
  55. Journal of Bone Diseases
  56. Journal of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Diseases
  57. Journal of Celestial Objects
  58. Journal of Cell Membrane
  59. Journal of Cell Motility
  60. Journal of Cell Physiology
  61. Journal of Cellular Structures
  62. Journal of Child & Family Health & Social Care
  63. Journal of Child Abuse
  64. Journal of Circulatory Physiology
  65. Journal of Climatology
  66. Journal of Clinical Diagnostic Tests
  67. Journal of Cloning
  68. Journal of Communication & Public Policy
  69. Journal of Computational Linguistics
  70. Journal of Consumer Culture & Consumption
  71. Journal of Cosmology
  72. Journal of Demographic History
  73. Journal of Dental Fixtures
  74. Journal of Dental Procedures
  75. Journal of Dermatologic Agents
  76. Journal of Dermatologic Surgical Procedures
  77. Journal of Design & Graphic Design
  78. Journal of Development Policy
  79. Journal of Developmental & Educational Psychology
  80. Journal of Diagnostic Radiology
  81. Journal of Digestive Physiology
  82. Journal of Digital Culture & the Information Age
  83. Journal of Diversity, Culture & Ethnicity
  84. Journal of Earth Structure
  85. Journal of Economic & Political Anthropology
  86. Journal of Economic Commodities
  87. Journal of Education & Public Policy
  88. Journal of Engineering
  89. Journal of Environmental Ethics
  90. Journal of Environmental Geology
  91. Journal of Ethnic & Immigration History
  92. Journal of Ethnography
  93. Journal of Evolutionary Mechanisms
  94. Journal of Evolutionary Systematics
  95. Journal of Experimental & Cognitive Psychology
  96. Journal of Feminist Theory
  97. Journal of Fertilization
  98. Journal of Film Theory
  99. Journal of Gender & History
  100. Journal of Gender & Politics
  101. Journal of Gender & Sexuality
  102. Journal of Genetic Mutation
  103. Journal of Genomic Analysis Tools
  104. Journal of Genomic Medicine
  105. Journal of Geochemistry
  106. Journal of Geography of Globalization
  107. Journal of Geologic Time
  108. Journal of Geomorphology
  109. Journal of Geophysics
  110. Journal of Geriatric Health
  111. Journal of GIS, Remote Sensing & Cartography
  112. Journal of Glaciology
  113. Journal of Global Politics
  114. Journal of Globalization & Development
  115. Journal of Hemic & Lymphatic Diseases
  116. Journal of Historical Linguistics
  117. Journal of History of Cinema
  118. Journal of History of Ideas
  119. Journal of History of Religion
  120. Journal of History of Science & Medicine
  121. Journal of Human Geography
  122. Journal of Immune System
  123. Journal of Interventional Radiology
  124. Journal of Lipoproteins
  125. Journal of Marine Geology
  126. Journal of Mass Communication
  127. Journal of Mass Media & Society
  128. Journal of Medical Anthropology
  129. Journal of Medieval Religious History
  130. Journal of Menopause
  131. Journal of Metabolism
  132. Journal of Metaphysics
  133. Journal of Mineralogy
  134. Journal of Muscle
  135. Journal of Muscular Diseases
  136. Journal of Museum & Heritage Studies
  137. Journal of Mycology
  138. Journal of Nervous System Physiology
  139. Journal of Neurodegenerative & Cerebrovascular Diseases
  140. Journal of Neuropsychology & Physiological Psychology
  141. Journal of Nutritional & Metabolic Diseases
  142. Journal of Occupational Injuries & Exposures
  143. Journal of Pediatric & Congenital Heart Diseases
  144. Journal of Pediatric Psychiatry
  145. Journal of Performing Art & Music
  146. Journal of Phenomenology
  147. Journal of Photography History & Theory
  148. Journal of Physics & Astronomy
  149. Journal of Physiological Processes
  150. Journal of Plant Biotechnology
  151. Journal of Plant Cell Biology
  152. Journal of Poisoning
  153. Journal of Political Ethics
  154. Journal of Politics of Development
  155. Journal of Population & Development
  156. Journal of Population Dynamics
  157. Journal of Probability
  158. Journal of Proteins
  159. Journal of Religion & Politics
  160. Journal of Religion & Theology
  161. Journal of Renaissance Art
  162. Journal of Renal Physiology
  163. Journal of Respiratory Physiology
  164. Journal of Respiratory System Agents
  165. Journal of Respiratory Tract Diseases
  166. Journal of Semantics
  167. Journal of Skin Diseases
  168. Journal of Social & Cultural Geography
  169. Journal of Social Change & Development
  170. Journal of Social Issues & Public Policy
  171. Journal of Social Philosophy
  172. Journal of Social Problems, Social Services, Social Work
  173. Journal of Social Psychology
  174. Journal of Sociology of Culture
  175. Journal of Sociology of Globalization
  176. Journal of Sociology of Science & Technology
  177. Journal of Solar System
  178. Journal of Space Exploration
  179. Journal of Speech Science
  180. Journal of Spirituality
  181. Journal of Syntax
  182. Journal of Systems Biology
  183. Journal of Teeth
  184. Journal of Theoretical Linguistics
  185. Journal of Urologic & Male Genital Diseases
  186. Journal of Western Culture
  187. Journal of World History
  188. Journal of Youth Culture
  189. Journal on Diseases of The Oral Cavity
  190. Physics Research Journal A – Condensed Matter Physics
  191. Physics Research Journal B – Nuclear Physics
  192. Physics Research Journal C –

8 Responses to Gujarat-Based Mehta Press Now Up to 192 OA Journals

  1. Andrew Payzant says:

    From :

    “Conference proceedings are accepted for publication in Physics Procedia based on suitability of scope and are required to meet certain criteria, including the assurance that all papers are original, will be subject to peer review and will not be published elsewhere.”

    I know that some conference proceedings encourage the republishing of high-quality papers in peer-reviewed journals, and if this is acknowledged it should not be considered plagiarism. However, in the case of Elsevier’s Physics Procedia this is clearly not the case – the last five words are pretty definitive.

  2. tekija says:

    Procedia was the first one to publish. Can you acuse it for duplication? I think no.

    However, remote viewing? Really? Google it! Your gut feeling should equally apply to Procedia!

    Credentials of the author of the paper:

  3. Having read dozens of papers from Elsevier journals from my sub-field of computer science, I can honestly say that your judgement of Procedia applies to their Journals as well. Apart from Ad Hoc Networks it seems to be the rule that an Elsevier article is poor quality. Of course there are exceptions, but they are rare. As for the Procedia titles; I’m wondering, is there a proper TPC and such for the conference, or is it organized from the Elsevier side? My understanding of the way conference proceedings work is that apart from a “publish/not publish” decision, the publishers don’t really have direct influence on the work. They’re not part of TPC meetings, so it might not be entirely Elsevier’s fault in this case.

    • Good points and good questions. I’ve also noticed a drop in the copy-editing quality in one of their library science journals. I think your final statement is correct — Elsevier is merely serving as the publisher for a bunch of conferences, but as is evident from the “aliens” article I referred to in the blog post, they seem to be publishing anything and everything, including pseudo-science.

  4. Gali Damrock says:

    You can never list Elsevier, As you are scared of them suing you for negative publicity without any proof.

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