Another Journal Hijacking

The monographic series Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Papers has been hijacked as an open-access journal.

Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Papers

This is what the authentic (print) publication looks like.

The above cover image shows the first number from the authentic series (this may be the only issue every published — I cannot find any others). It was published by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, based in New Caledonia. I cannot find a website for the authentic serial.

Here’s the hijacked version of the publication:

Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Papers

This is completely bogus.

It’s immediately clear upon inspection that there’s something “fishy” about this journal. First, its URL is this: Second, on the website’s main page, it says,

Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Paper (RRAMT) ISSN: 1607-7393, is dedicated to publish research papers, reviews, case studies and short communications from all disciplines of science and technology. By not excluding papers on the basis of subject area, RRAMT facilitates the research and wishes to publish papers as long as they are technically correct and scientifically motivated.

Third, the bogus journal claims metrics and standard numbers that it doesn’t really have:

Reef Resources Assessment and Management Technical Papers

Nothing is true.

The bogus journal claims 37 published volumes, despite having “started” in 2001. I found that much of its content is lifted from other scholarly websites. Here’s an example:


This is the authentic article from an institutional repository.

Reef 5

This is the adulterated version of the article in the hijacked journal

The authentic article is from here; the bogus copy is here.

Conclusion: This is another instance of a journal hijacking. Most definitely, do not submit any papers to this stolen journal.

Hat tip: Reza Tooshmalani

6 Responses to Another Journal Hijacking

  1. Susan Ariew says:

    Given that according to WorldCat only one library in the world has the technical paper (Netherlands), I’m curious about how you discovered this! –SAriew

    • Actually, I see three records in OCLC with a total of eight holdings, OCLC record numbers 57443476, 750646431, and 241475584. I learned about it through a tip. Apparently there is spamming in Iran occurring for this hijacked journal.

      WorldCat is plagued by duplicate records.

  2. Hasseena says:

    Don’t know about other issues your pointed out, this web domain (behaviorsciences [dot] com) is registered for 14 years in the name of Mr. Patrice C. Mahon having address SECRETARIAT PACIFIC COMMUNITY, BP D5, NOUMEA, NEW CALEDONIA, France. The domain has good online credibility as well. If the domain name is registered under the original owner and Thomos Reuters is reporting same ISSN, than how could it be hijacked? I think you are on mistake!

  3. Eleanor says:

    I’m the former Librarian of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (2006-2011). I have checked the SPC Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries Programmes Digital Library (available here:, which provides access to the full text of the original. As there is only one issue of this series listed in both the digital library and the SPC’s Library catalogue (, I would conclude that this series never went anywhere after that. If you wish to confirm the current status of this journal, please contact the SPC Coastal Fisheries Programme (

  4. Yes this is definitely a scam.

    I’m working for the Secretariat of Pacific Community and confirm is a fake and both and have bogus registration that refers wrongly to our organization with a false name and phone number.

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