123 Responses to Questionable OA Publisher Launches with a Clever Website and 52 New Journals

  1. You might recognize the website layout from the IEEE. I thought for a moment this was a post about them, when I saw the image. I took a look at the CSS (cascading stylesheet — the file that defines how the website looks) and tried to put it through a plagiarism scanner, but I didn’t find anything. Maybe they just re-produced the website layout, though.

    • Liam Mac Liam says:

      The website is impressive, as you say Jeffrey. The Ongoing Research on the Global Crisis does indeed plagiarise the earlier article from the Canadian Center of Science and Education journal but this article in turn could well have been plagiarized from somewhere else if the track record of the Canadian Centre of Science and Education is anything to go by.
      Could be interesting to track how many times certain articles have been plagiarised and replagiarised. In fact, I think its time an annual award for the most plagiarised article was instituted. But what to call the award?

      • Nils says:

        The sustainable development award for recyling academic ideas?

      • Liam Mac Liam says:

        Quite right, Nils, the contribution towards recycling and sustainability certainly deserves recognition.

      • Liam Mac Liam says:

        or what about GASP – global award for sustainable plagiarism?

      • I have actually been a victim of this organization. I did not do my homework on them and agreed to work with them and now cannot seem to disassociate myself from them. They will not remove my name or affiliation from any of their information or their websites. They will not respond to me. I do inform any author who contacts me about them and let them know exactly what is going on, but unfortunately, too many people today just need to publish and don’t really care where as long as it builds their vita.

      • evrentok says:

        They keep postponing the publication date for my article – this is really terrible…anybody able to reach them?

        I get response from the Editor email, just keeps saying that the next issue next month….which is not happening…I asked my money back…really terrible!

    • Ann says:

      Do they ever publish your article? If not, can it be submitted to a different journal of a reputable publisher?

    • L Kirk Hagen says:

      The domain name of the
      American Research Institute for Policy Development (http://aripd.org) is registered to Md. Mamin Ullah of “Western Education” in Dhaka, Balgladesh.

  2. Catalin I. Nicolae says:

    The website layout is taken from somewhere for sure. It seems familiar to me too. I thought it was American Journal of Archaeology, but I was wrong – they have a new layout now. But it must be something in the range of social sciences.

  3. Barnaby Hughes says:

    Jeffrey, in my experience, UK addresses do not include a comma after the house number.

    • Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva says:

      This is simply a suggestion, but maybe one that could lead to some clues. Punch in the key words coat of arms and then add USA or another country, then check out the image results in Yahoo or Google. Then, you may start to get closer to image comparisons for the background coat of arms. If you then look at the banner style, well, some interesting resemblance (text style) to The US Government’s Justice Department: http://www.justice.gov/. This doesn’t mean that the site header + background logo of this new initiative are not valid, or original. They probably are. They may simply be mimicking official institutional web-sites’ styles. But this alone does not make them predatory or fake in any way. The predatory nature should be demonstrated through other means that are related to academic and publishing aspects. Except for the Donate button, which needs to be questioned, not condemned, I agree that the names of the two entities seem to lack legitimacy. And indeed, William is a man, not Mrs. As for the legitimacy of the 52 journals, they should not be judged before they have been given a fair chance to start publishing.

  4. APS says:

    I also wouldn’t trust an institution which professes to have one office at 42 Monticello Street and another at 42 Minticello Street.

  5. William Yerger says:

    Does a predator journal always have some fee associated with it either upfront or after accepted?
    Bill Yerger

  6. Ian Darby says:

    I just got an email from Georgia Fryar asking me to submit to the journals – they will decide where my paper fits (handy). The journal titles sound in some cases rather weird and I note that some of them have only two issues per year and currently only 2 papers published. The editorial boards are aso less than impressive. I do note that an apartment in a not very attractive building is currently for rent at 42 Monticello Street, NY – so maybe they have moved!

  7. Tunji says:

    I have submitted a researched paper since 31st May 2014 and they promised to publish the paper by June 30th 2014. Even though i got an email that my article was accepted, several emails to them on what is delaying the publication have not been responded to. I need advice on what to do.

    • jowens102 says:

      Tunji, for your future reference, if you submit a manuscript to a journal and they say they will publish it less than a month later, you should consider withdrawing your submission as soon as possible. A month is not nearly enough time for all the necessary reviews, not to mention the logistics of actually getting it published. Unless you are very familiar with the journal, before submitting you should always research them, not only to see how well your manuscript fits with their other publications, but (unfortunately) also to see how legitimate they are. If you haven’t resolved this yet, I would very carefully read through the author submission guidelines and any legal documentation they may have (which I suspect might be very very limited) to see what kind of recourse you might have. I hope this has worked out for you.

  8. bill says:

    Their Journal of Education and Human Development now appears to have acquired a genuine Editor in Chief:

    • George says:

      I had a paper accepted for publication at this “journal”. I smelled a rat when the feedback was generic, perfunctory, and entirely positive. Unconditional acceptance without any changes. So I contacted the editor, who had this to say:

      “I have been diligently trying to have my name removed from it. Basically, I never see any of the articles. They will pretty much publish anything that is sent to them, as long as you pay the fee. I would highly recommend that you keep your money and send your article to a more reputable journal.”

      I was initially fooled by the professional look of the call for papers, as well as the names associated with the journal. It turns out that nobody of note “associated” with the journal is ACTUALLY associated with it, and they lied about being listed in Cabell’s.

    • keverling says:

      I have actually been trying to have my name and affiliation removed from the journal since the middle of last year. They do not respond to my correspondences. They have taken me off their mailing lists. I have filed a complaint with the FBI. I have hired a private attorney. If anyone contacts me about the journal, inform them about the journal so that they are not taken advantage of, but too many people are desperate to publish. I was foolish and did not do my homework before agreeing to work with them.

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  10. Peter Buzzacott says:

    I just received an invitation to submit to the Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management. The invitation was signed by Dr. Lisa Toscano, Dept. of Kinesiology, Manhattan College, USA and so I googled her and the college does appear to exist, with her listed as staff.
    I followed the link to the American Research Institute for Policy Development and I see the founding director is listed as Md. Mamin Ullah (the address is now 40 Monticello St., Monticello, NY 12701, USA). A google search for him finds that name in association with the Bangladesh University of Business and Technology, a private University founded in 2003 (according to their website – no photo is available for Mr Ullah), and with the Centre for Promoting Ideas (CPI). I looked at the CPI website and note with interest that Md Mamin Ullah is listed as a director, and also that some of their journals appear on your list of predatory publications.

  11. Resa says:

    I’ve gotten a few emails announcing their journals. It seemed like a scam from the beginning because journals titles are pretty absurd (e.g. International Journal of Multilingual Contemporary Research) and they will publish in ANY language. I googled them because some of my colleagues started to forward these very emails. I wonder if the papers are real–an author with several papers in this journal is a graduate student, but in the paper she is listed as a professor. It’s scary to think they could just slap your name on a fake paper, especially if they have 50 journals!

  12. yansa1984 says:

    I just got a paper accepted for publication but after doing some research, it just seems really sketchy. The editorial board for Journal of Foreign Languages, Cultures and Civilizations is not known at all. The review process was within 2 weeks and both reviewers accepted my manuscript with no revisions at all (while no journal does that in real life).

    • Correct, this journal is published by the so-called “American Research Institute for Policy Development.” I have this firm included on my list and recommend against submitting papers to it.

  13. DavidG says:

    They seem to have changed their address to 40 Monticello St., Monticello, NY 12701 – a street so small that even the Google Maps car has not driven along it, but from the satellite view appears to be a barn. Impressive!

  14. analee says:

    I also have received their emails but considering the last one was signed by someone who teaches at University of Phoenix and isn’t embarrassed by that fact, I assumed it was a sham. My email was from this guy: Dr. N. Kirk Guthlac Anyalezu, Professor of Economics, University of Phoenix, USA.

    It’s good to know people are writing about this. I get a lot of these emails, most of which are actually legitimate, so if I hadn’t seen “University of Phoenix” I probably wouldn’t have looked into this. Thanks!

  15. Dr Levinstein says:

    Yes- they almost scammed me too- I got very worried a postal order when it is supposed to be a US journal and they ask you to send $200 to Bangladesh..sketchy.. where can we report these thieves??

  16. Peter Greenberg says:

    This blog is extremely helpful. I had submitted an article to one of these journals and received “peer review” feedback that was curiously positive and generic – but on an academic timeframe that seemed real (several months later). In the review report, they asked for a cash money order to be sent to an individual in Bangladesh which made me concerned. I even had an email correspondence with the Executive Editor who wrote back to me “Publication fee is charged to defray the operating costs.” It seemed like a fraud, but isn’t it possible to launch a new series of journals from overseas? How would one otherwise begin such a venture? And the website is impressive (on which they seem to have corrected some of the errors that have been highlighted here). It looked almost good enough. I sought the assistance of one of our professional librarians to assess the legitimacy of the journal and she was able to identify this discussion blog. The history of their errors seems to answer a lot of questions. Thanks for making this discussion available.

  17. Peter Morton says:

    I’m being spammed with these ‘invitations’ here in Australia, even though they’re nothing to do with my own academic field. Most of the ‘invitations’ seem to originate in India or Bangladesh. However, one includes the name of a ‘real’ US academic at the University of Texas. I can’t believe she understands the nature of these institutes and journals. At my university the promotions process well understands them. The academic community is indebted to you.

  18. Luis Cabo says:

    I just searched for them in EBSCO, and their journals do not seem to be indexed in EBSCO’s databases, as the publisher claims. Just sent an inquiry about it to EBSCO.

    And thank you so much for these reviews. This is a fantastic resource.

    • Kate McCain says:

      Coming late to the party, but the ISSN are fiction as well (the first thing I check in UlrichsWeb) –and I’ve been in the journal’s field for ~35 years and never heard of anyone on the (very small) board. Thirdly, the offer to publish in one’s native language makes the journal at best a way for someone to put an item on their CV IFF they want to pay for the privilege.

  19. It is a scam. They will ask you to send money via western union. There are many others like that though. Since they know how publication is important for phd students, they are trying to get money from them. Here is another scam:http://ijbssnet.com
    so be prudent.

  20. Just got my own here in Japan…signed the following way;

    Dr. Lucia Galleno, Queens University of Charlotte, USA.


    Journal of Foreign Languages, Cultures & Civilizations

    The doctor is real, as is the school. I wonder if she even knows her name is being used like this?

  21. Luis Cabo says:

    Just an update on my post above: Somebody from EBSCO (fantastic customer service, by the way) has just contacted me to confirm that EBSCOhost do not presently license content for any of the American Research Institute for Policy Development’s titles, and thus, they are not included in their database collections.

    Therefore these guys are also blatantly lying about their indexing. Apart from what it tells us about the ARIPD, I find the information interesting because I suspect that indexing companies sometimes get a bad rattle just because we assume that some predatory journals are really indexed in the services they claim, when they are actually just making it up.

    Also, this appears to be yet another way of detecting predatory journals: check if they really are indexed where they claim to be. At least with the legit, classic indexing services (others, like Google Scholar, seem to be a lost cause).

  22. LisaT says:

    These comments have been extremely helpful. As a novice to journal publication, I ignored the red flags when my research was accepted by the Journal of Education and Human Development. Thank goodness I read your comments and quickly cancelled my money transaction.

  23. Paul Kemp says:

    I picked an article at random. Its title is “Assessment of dynamic vulnerability by TCR method: Application to the aquifer R’Mel (Morocco)”. I searched for “Assessment of dynamic vulnerability by TCR method” in Google and found the identical article here:
    http://www.iosrjournals.org/iosr-jestft/papers/vol8-issue7/Version-2/Q08729097.pdf. IOSR is another predatory publisher. The question in my mind is: Are the same people running two scams, or are the predators also poachers?

  24. Jamie Gaida says:

    One of the ARIPD Journals “International Journal of Health Sciences” is trading on the credibility of “International Journal of Health Sciences, Qassim University”.

    The latter is indexed on Web of Science with current issue 8(3) the former has current issue 2(2).

    Here is the real one

    and the fake one

  25. Old Ollebo, MP says:

    I get these spams frequently. Today, in a new acme of cheek, they signed it “Douglas Coupland”– obviously without the permission of the well-known Canadian writer.

  26. where can we report these thieves??

  27. Jose says:

    i already filed a report to the FBI,The Internet Crime Complaint Center. All of you should do the same.

  28. Dr. Susan Fugate Brangers says:

    I am thankful all the comments here and the suggestion of contacting the FBI. My name is being listed as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Art and Art History without my permission. I have been contacting the “executive editor” since August trying to have my name removed. I have been promised three times that it will be removed but it still remains. I have a lawyer looking into the situation now and, following the suggestions above, will be contacting the FBI.

  29. Steve says:

    Yes, a bit shady, They want you to submit $200 to Bangladesh?? They list a Professor from Lamar University as Editor in Chief. He assures me that the Journal is not a scam.


  30. Nico says:

    Attention!!! I discovered the their website has been suspended!!! Please check: http://www.aripd.org/

    What happens? It was a fraud?

  31. seems a dubious website… I wanna my name removed from the so-called “linguistics forum.”

  32. What?! I received this?

    Dear Professor:


    Your paper is now ready for publication.

    Please go through the attached MS Word file carefully and make
    correction if any. Send the final paper after correction by January
    25, 2015. Do not change the journal’s unique layout and page number.
    Do not break the sentence between two pages.

    The date of online publication is January 31, 2015.

    Make sure that your paper contains the abstract and complete
    affiliation details of the author(s).

    Please send your complete mailing (postal) address to receive the print copy.


    M. Mamin Ullah
    Executive Editor
    International Multilingual Journal of Contemporary Research

  33. Walter Marcantoni says:

    I just had a recent submission accepted with no changes (strange). Then they wanted me to send 200$ to Bangladesh, not to a company, but to an individual. This seems so very wrong to me. Any comments or suggestions.

    Walter Marcantoni

  34. Howard Brown says:

    We just finished recruiting a new faculty member at our school. One of the applicants listed 13 publications, 7 of them in 2014 alone. All of them were in journals associated with this group. He did not get an interview.

  35. Nathan says:

    Did anyone notice that their address changed to just being from New York and not the previous address. This is been very disheartening because it has wasted time.

  36. Bo Ouyang says:

    They are abusing my name too. I was solicited with an editorship by the International Journal of Accounting and Taxation. I have not been involved in any operations of that journal since I accepted the offer. After being the editor for two months, I emailed the journal to resign. It still lists my name as the editor, after I have made multiple request of the removal. They intentionally did that. Be aware that this journal accepts money, but does not publish.

  37. Cheryl Wu says:

    I just got the email from Macris Jaclin I thought this questionable journal looks so nice until I found its name on Jeff’s list. Thank you Jeffery.

  38. Roh says:

    Thank you for your article and all comments from others. I also transfered money(stupid but desperate) on october 2014, and I hope there would be no more victims. I appreciate you.

    • Adele says:


      Was your article published after sending the money on October 2014? I sent mine and still have not had it published. I have been scammed and terribly disappointed.

  39. Akira says:

    Found this blog too late. What should I do if they have already published my article?

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  41. Artie says:

    Dear colleagues,
    A week ago I sent ARPID’s “International Journal for Linguistics and Literature”, my paper which I slaved over for several months. They didn’t acknowledge they have received my paper nor did they respond to my follow-up email. Nothing!! So I started googling them only to find you guys warning against this sham of ARPID. I am very disappointed. If you can help people like me, and advise on what to do, and how to save such waisted time and effort. Many thanks to all of you.

  42. K says:

    Dear advisors and fools like me,

    Thanks for this blog- I would have driven crazy without it.

    I have fallen for their stupid e-mail as well and send in a very bad draft of my first paper (unexperienced, naive and stupid as I have been). But already during the review I withdraw my paper- of course I have never gotten any response.
    Now like many of you I received this acceptance letter and the bill.
    I again withdraw my paper in various mails. No response. Now finally I wrote another mail, intercepting any publication (I do not suppose they will as I have not and will not pay anything).

    As I am from Germany I cannot contact the FBI I think- but maybe we could set up a letter, entailing some legal auhtors rights and so on- which all people affected could send to the editor to prevent any publication and/or demand notes.

    Here is what I have written:
    Dear Mr. Ullah,

    after not having received any response from you yet. I once again want to clearly state that I have already withdrawn my article “Banking transition: An empirical approach on the transformation of a centrally planned banking system” Manuscript ID: EDS-1169 from the reviewing process on February 18th, 2015.

    Not only have I withdrawn this paper from review, the paper also does not exist any longer, due to extensive editing. In line I therefore interdict any publication of this article both, online and in any printed version. Moreover I will not pay any amount of money, as I do not want this paper to be published.

    If I will not receive a confirmation of my withdrawal within the next two days, mutual agreement of my withdraw is assumed. As you do not have any rights on my intellectual property and all correspondence is documented, any kind of publication of the article concerned is legally inadmissible.

    Best wishes,

  43. Ricardo says:

    Thanks for this comments. I just received the publication offer and I was about to pay the fee. So thank you for saving my $200 !

  44. ET says:

    Dear Colleagues, I just saw this web site and I am having a big shock. Everything seemed ok – as a naive person I even sent the $…They originally indicated that the online publication would be on April 30. Since I did not see it on time, I started to get suspicious and here I am! Please tell me what to do – I have the Western Union transfer information – what can I do? I want these people to be punished – I know money is gone – but I want to take legal action!

  45. H.D. Bradell says:

    British people don’t put a comma after street number either.

  46. Dr. Delilah F. O'Haynes, Concord University says:

    D. F. O’H:
    Thank you for this information. I sent an article in reply to the call-for-papers and had it glowingly accepted. However, I got suspicious when they asked for a hefty fee to publish it. I went online to find information about this group, and I’m glad I found your blog. We can’t trust anything these days. Thanks for saving me a chunk of money and a lot of shame! I feel so sorry for ET!

  47. gs says:

    So I googled for Dr. Kyoung-Ho Shin, Northwest Missouri State University, USA, where his name was mentioned as the editor and subsequently I searched for Dr. Shin’s profile in NorthWest Missouri State University… but there was no such information on his profile page…

  48. aripd says:

    I’m another naive person who sent them the publication fee without checking. Sent them numerous emails and made calls and I think they even blacklisted my number.

  49. Paschal Kyoore says:

    I appreciate all the comments, which I chanced upon today and read. You have saved me. I got my article accepted by the Foreign Languages Journal. No editing whatsoever recommended. I was advised to make my payment to Sultana in Bangladesh. I did not like the idea but was told that they did not have any other means of receiving the payment. I sent my money by MoneyGram, and waited forever to hear an acknowledgement of receipt from them. The editor, Ullah, took three weeks to reply to my first e-mail and ignored the more recent ones. I began to believe I was a victim of some scam. I called MoneyGram to get my refund but they said they would not refund me all my money. I kept calling and eventually explained that I suspected scam. That is how I was able to get all my refund, including the fee I paid to send the money to Bangladesh. I will advise members of my department to stay away from this journal. We received a number of e-mails inviting us to submit articles to the journal.

  50. Humanities Editor says:

    It’s always worth checking the e-mail address that a ‘call for papers’ spam e-mail from this type of publisher come from. I received a spam call for ARIPD’s ‘Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology’ overnight. What immediately tipped me off that it was likely bogus (and had me coming here just to confirm that) was that while the e-mail was ostensibly signed by Dr. Jing Lei of SUNY Oswego (a real staff member in that department), and superficially looked more convincing than most variants of this type of spam, it was sent from an unrelated e-mail address in the Philippines.
    I edit a (reputable, I hope) peer-reviewed archaeology journal myself, and when I commission papers, I always send the e-mail directly, not via an e-mail address in the developing world (and my journal is well enough known in our particular corner of the discipline that I never have to spam for new submissions anyway).

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  52. JJH says:

    I received a solicitation just this morning for the Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science. Pretty legitimate looking at first glance, as is the American Research Institute for Policy Development. The first clues were somewhat poor grammar (seemingly missing words here and there in certain sentences) as well as the extremely broad scope and the fact that much of the editorial board is based in Nigeria (odd for a supposedly American journal from an American research institute). Anyway, the abstract/index list looks fairly legitimate as does the affiliation of the editor and the rest of the email – I can see how lots of people could be fooled (including some researchers at major US institutions who apparently were fooled and published articles recently). In fact I wonder if the listed editor (Dr. Eric Klein at Ashford Univ.) even knows he is listed there.

    • I agree. This publisher is known for listing names on editorial boards without permission and not acting on requests to remove names. It’s really based in Bangladesh, I think.

      • JJH says:

        I had to follow up on this post because the scope is quite incredible – sorry to take up so much space but below are the actual topics covered by the journal and listed on their site:

        Comparative Animal Behavior
        Human Performance Enhancement
        Personality and Individual Differences
        Behavior Disorders
        Human Development
        Psychological Research
        Human Sexuality
        Social Psychology
        Racism and Minority Groups
        Psychology of Gender
        Psychosocial Aspects of Nuclear War
        Psychology Transfer Academic Community
        Animal Behavior
        Abnormal Psychology
        Developmental Psychology
        Understanding Statistics in Psychology
        Probability and Statistics for Psychology
        Statistical Inference in Psychological Research
        Drugs and Behavior
        Sensory and Perceptual Processes
        Social Psychology
        Cognitive Psychology
        Psychobiology of Women
        Cross-Cultural Competence
        Foreign Study
        Infant Behavior and Development
        Advanced Personality
        Insect Behavior
        History of Psychology
        Mechanisms of Animal Behavior
        Child and Adolescent Behavior Disorders
        Perceptual Development
        Adolescent Development
        Cognitive Development
        Personality Development of the Child
        Animal Communication
        Human Behavior as a Natural Science
        Primate Social Behavior
        Behavioral Studies of Zoo Animals
        Neural Basis of Behavior
        Sensory Basis of Behavior
        Vision and Its Physiological Basis
        Surgical and Histological Techniques
        Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
        Behavioral Endocrinology
        Human Motor Control and Learning
        Brain Anatomy for the Behavioral Scientist

        Development of Brain Connections
        Visual Neuroscience
        Regulatory Behavior
        Human Color Vision
        Developmental Aspects of Sport Competition
        Motor Development
        Social Psychology of Sport
        Perceptual Processes
        Motivational Theories in Social Psychology
        Theories of Social Psychology
        Personality Assessment
        Psychology of Language
        Health Psychology
        Psychology of the Self-Concept
        Personality and Social Influence
        Social and Moral Development
        Language Development
        Behavioral Genetics
        Evolutionary Psychology
        Cognitive Neuroscience
        Asian American Psychology
        Human Memory
        Implicit and Unconscious Cognition
        Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
        Psychology of Reasoning
        Psychology and Music
        Cognition in the Real World
        Human Factors Psychology
        Psychology of Peace
        Cultural Psychology
        Advanced Human Sexuality
        Ideas of Human Nature
        Research Methods for Behavioral Psychology
        Writing in Psychology
        Primate Conservation Biology and Behavior
        Animal Mind
        Psychobiology of Women
        Stress and Coping
        Clinical Psychology
        Stress Management
        Psychological Assessment of Children
        Community Psychology
        Anxiety Disorders
        Assessment of Intelligence
        Minority Mental Health
        Cross-Cultural Competency
        Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
        Behavioral Methods
        Methods in Suicide and Crisis
        Clinical Personality Assessment
        Clinical Methods: Interviewing

    • keverling says:

      One thing you have to realize is that many people listed as editors with these journals have tried to have their names and affiliations removed (I am one of them) but they are ignored. I do not receive the calls for papers. My correspondences from the journals are ignored. I have filed with the FBI and have a private attorney working on it, but there doesn’t seem to be much that I can do about it.

      • JJH says:

        Hi, I do realize that. I thought some of the editors might be listed against their will or knowledge. I didn’t have contact info for the one I mentioned or I’d have emailed him myself.

  53. Stuart McKelvie says:

    I have had contact with Eric Klein. He wants off.

    • keverling says:

      Tell him good luck. I am listed as an editor for one of the journals and have been trying to have my name and affiliation removed since the middle of last year. They have refused to reply to any of my correspondences. They have taken me off their mailing lists, so the only way I know that they continue to use my name and affiliation is that friends forward the calls for papers to me. I recommend that he file a complaint with the FBI. Maybe is enough of us file with them, something will actually happen.

  54. Azian says:

    my article also accepted with this journal and they ask to send money to Bangladesh .. Thank God I found your blog.. But I’m afraid that my article will be use by them without my permission .. How I’m suppose to do…?

  55. Rick says:

    I got an invitation from them to submit papers. My clue that it might be a predatory publisher: The email was from Marie Curie!

  56. Karim says:

    Guys, the website of the so-called AMERICAN Research Institute for Policy Development is hosted in BANGLADESH! That’s the end of the story for me!!

  57. Kenneth Hall says:

    I just got a call for papers from this lot: the sender under the name “Hitler Adolf.” As my students would say: srsly?

  58. Joseph says:

    They have put my name in the editorial without my consent. I wrote to them three times already to drop my name with no success.
    Perhaps there is any way to complain and maybe to shut it down?

  59. Juan C. Correa says:

    I sent a paper to this journal in july 23rd 2015. I received a paper review on august 15th 2015. The review was completely positive and indicated no need to re-write the paper… They told me I had to send 200 US$ as publication fee so my paper would be published in September 30th 2015.

    Yet, time has passed and my paper was not published. I also have sent couple of emails and I received no response from them. To me, this journal is a sham and I strongly recommend against submitting papers to it… I lost 200US$ but I learned my lesson. Please divulgate as much as you can. Regards

    • Ann says:

      Will you be able to submit your article to a different journal? I am in the same boat as you, and am wondering if all of my research has been wasted.

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  62. Carolyn Carlson says:

    Like others, my name/picture is being used by the journal without my permission. The website lists me as the “Chief Editor” of the International Journal of Languages and Literature. I am not the editor, but cannot get the journal to stop using my name/likeness. I have been trying for a year to have my name/picture removed. I did receive an email from someone saying my name would be removed on June 30, 2015, but as of today (December 21, 2015), my name is still being used on their website and in emails.

  63. NC says:

    Just received a Call For Papers from the ARIPD “Journal of International Business and Economics”, http://jibe-net.com/ .
    The website looks quite good, actually.
    I take note that the editor-in-chief who has “signed” the e-mail, does not appear on their website (google does not find it on the entire domain, actually) – and the journal does not appear on his website either, which she has updated to include editorial duties she will take over from 2017.

    Likely a deliberate move, admittedly a clever one: It is harder to have your name removed from e-mails sent around.

    Sample article: http://jibe-net.com/journals/jibe/Vol_3_No_1_June_2015/10.pdf
    Notice the address in the footnote of page 1. Obviously a hefty proofing process ;-)

  64. CBoyd says:

    I have recently received a cold email from the American International Journal of Social Science (http://www.aijssnet.com/) and, although it is not on your lists, appears to be similar (particularly the odd combination of ‘American’ and ‘International’ in the name, and identikit website format. Have you come across this before, and is it of concern?

    • Actually, I have this journal’s publisher, the so-called Center for Promoting Ideas, on my list. It’s based in Bangladesh and is completely bogus.

      • Arnab Chatterjee says:

        they are a complete fake

        On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 5:52 PM, Scholarly Open Access wrote:

        > Jeffrey Beall commented: “Actually, I have this journal’s publisher, the > so-called Center for Promoting Ideas, on my list. It’s based in Bangladesh > and is completely bogus.” >

  65. I can confirm that the International Journal of Music and Performing Arts is a scam. I sent an absolutely incomprehensible, computer-generated article in two weeks ago and it got accepted with no revisions. The “executive editor” has asked for $200 to be wired to Bangladesh. The address of the institute is now listed on my acceptance letter as “3942 Tulane Avenue, Madison|WI 53714” which is an unassuming one-story house in a residential district: https://www.google.com/maps/@43.0911299,-89.316752,3a,75y,356.98h,86.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1ND54CNBrp7HFFmyTe_rcQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  66. Also, a recent victim. My eagerness to get my work published was the culprit of me not further investigating the website. As stated, looks professional. I received the acceptance email and the scheduled publication date (December 31, 2015) with applicable Vol. number. Well no publication and my emails for status have remained unanswered. Yes, I paid the fees. I was scammed.

    What can be done to stop these people?

  67. Samir Salim says:

    I’m occasionally getting ‘Call for papers’ emails from one of the journals listed above. The last one had “Adolf Hitler” as a sender. So even they don’t consider themselves seriously.

    • David Tapley says:

      The email from them I received this morning was from Sylvester Stallone, who must have decided on a late-life career change.

  68. Raja says:

    Hello sir,
    can I know policies/laws against predatory open acces pubshing?

  69. Koen says:

    Thank you for this website. I began to smell a rat when I checked their odd facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aripd.org. The smell became unbearable when I learned that I had to pay a ‘processing fee’ to a person in Bangladesh via the money transfer service ‘western union’ (often used in scams). But there are, indeed, many other red herrings. The reason why they are often not identified as such is that the very concept of ‘predatory journal’ is unfamiliar to many people. If it hadn’t been for this website, I might, therefore, have payed the fee anyway. But it makes perfect sense: if the need of love, the want of money or even the urge to help people are exploited, why then, would the need to publish not be exploited? It’s just another niche in the scam market. What a shame that legitimate scholars who are listed as ‘editors’ of these journals can, seemingly, not prevent the people behind it from abusing their name and reputation.

  70. Mohamed says:

    I was a victim of this sham fraudulent group!

  71. Rob says:

    Arpid doesnt exist any longer. The website has been closed. Can anyone suggest if I can send my paper for review elsewhere.

    • This publisher’s website has gone dark before, only to return after a week or so. I agree that the website is dead now (2016-08-03), but I suspect it will return, unfortunately.

  72. […] di Trieste. Ne sono stati pubblicati due su riviste, la seconda forse più predona della prima che dopo essere stata pagata non è sparita insieme al pdf. Altre pubblicazioni, raccolte […]

  73. Melanie Grand says:

    I too was a victim of this fraud, the money isn’t the issue, but, the waste of a great paper and a tremendous amount of time spent. I passed up other publishing opportunities. Please shut them down before anyone else gets taken.

  74. J.J. Tin says:

    I was overly excited about graduating from my Master’s and submitted it to the Journal of Law and Criminal Justice. I was travelling for a convention when they told me to submit my payment “immediately” and didn’t think too much about it.

    A few weeks later, things started getting fishy and I contacted them. Never got a reply since I’ve made the payment. Any suggestion on getting my money back/ report them? Can I actually submit my paper somewhere else?

    • Sorry to hear about this bad luck … the cost to recover the money (paying a lawyer) would be more than the money itself.
      It’s possible they will still publish your paper, and if they do publish it, then you should not submit it to another journal. You want to avoid being accused of “duplicate submission.”

    • mscuthbert says:

      About submitting again — I would disagree slightly with Jeffrey Beall and say that if you (or someone else) has submitted to a non-reputable/fake journal and they do happen to publish (online or in print) but you realize after the fact that it will not help your reputation or help get your work out, and you did not sign over your copyright to the fake journal, absolutely submit the work to another journal but be 100% open and direct about what happened. Republishing is only unethical if not disclosed — if done openly it is ethical in most if not all academic disciplines.

  75. andremartins says:

    An article of mine was accepted in the International Journal of Music and Performing Arts. The website seemed ok, the correct information, and they declare: “International Journal of Music and Performing Arts is a fully double blind Referred international journal and is under the monitoring of world’s reputed indexing organizations like ISI, Scopus and PubMed.” However, the acceptance letter caught my attention … My paper was accepted with NO change or editorial suggestion, and there is the issue of the publication fee (US $ 200). The newspaper is published in NY, but the deposit must be made in an account in Bangladesh … After reading all the previous reviews, I’m really determined to not pay this fee and not authorize the publication of the article in any of the newspapers this organization. Someone here was published and was satisfied with the result? Thank you.

    • Keith says:

      The quoted statement contains indications that the journal is less than impeccable in its scholarly credentials, i.e. at least three English errors. It should read:

      “The International Journal of Music and Performing Arts is a fully double blind refereed international journal and is under the monitoring of internationally reputed indexing organizations like ISI, Scopus and PubMed.”

    • Wim Crusio says:

      The incorrect English is a giveaway: “Referred” instead of “refereed” or “reviewed” (better). (Note the capital). It is very easy to check if a journal is indexed by Scopus (http://www.elsevier.com/online-tools/scopus/content-overview – click the link for “Scopus source list”) or ISI (enter the ISSN into the search box here: http://ip-science.thomsonreuters.com/mjl/). As an OA journal it is possible that some articles appear in PubMed (even though this journal seems to fall outside of PubMed’s scope), because of their inclusion into PubMed Central, which is not very selective. To check whether a journal is indexed by the more selective MEDLINE (or the even more selective Index Medicus), search in the NLM catalog (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nlmcatalog/journals). I bet you that this journal will not appear in any of these databases…

    • Don’t do it! I have been meaning to post a blog post about my experience, but haven’t yet: basically I submitted a gibberish paper automatically generated by a computer and it was accepted without any need for revision. If you look up their “NY” address, there’s nothing there and it’s on a residential street. It’s a scam. Here were my “reviewers’ reports” which I’d be curious if they’re the exact same as yours: “The topic of the article is appreciable. There is originality in analysis. The author(s) do an adequate job of demonstrating the basic parts of the paper. The article is written clearly, terms are defined throughout the paper.” and “This manuscript has a strong relevance to the field of contemporary research. The manuscript does explore both a theoretical and a conceptual framework and it is based on specific objective and adequate analysis of existing literatures. Literatures were properly cited. Consistency throughout the paper is notable. Overall, I suggest publish as it is.” As you can see, there’s nothing about the content of the paper in the reports.

  76. I thank you and, after reading the reviews and research more about this “scientific journal”, I decided that I will not pay the fee. One question, though: even not paying the fee, I can submit my article to another journal? I wrote a paper of 22 pages with great care, dedication and not in my native language, and find it very good … Nothing in the article is exclusive of the International Journal of Music and Performing Arts. Thanks again, I think this blog is very important for researchers in various parts of the world. I will promote it among my friends who are also researchers and students.

  77. The “International Journal of Philosophy and Theology” is one of the many journals of ARIPD. The name of this journal is identical to the name of a legitimate journal of Taylor & Francis ( http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjpt20/current ).

    See http://dailynous.com/2016/10/04/publishing-scam-mimics-legitimate-journal/ for some backgrounds.

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