Have I Discovered the Source of the Hijacked Journals?

Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg

The hijacked version of the journal.

I received another report of a hijacked journal. Similar to many earlier cases, this established Austrian enology journal had only a minor web presence until some impostors came along and created a new website for the journal, stealing its identity and inviting article submissions. And now I think I may have found the single source of all the hijacked journals I’ve reported here, and it was right under my nose all along.

First, the latest hijacking. The legitimate website for the journal Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg is here. Unlike other hijacked journals, this one is open-access, at least for recent issues; the journal was founded in 1951.

Now the hijacked version of Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg can be found here. Also, the table below details hijacked journals (and their legitimate counterparts) that I documented previously:

Hijacked Journal

Authentic Journal

Archives des Sciences Archives des Sciences
Bothalia Journal Bothalia
Bradleya [Link dead] Bradleya
Jokull Journal Jökull
Nationalpark-Forschung in der Schweiz Nationalpark-Forschung in der Schweiz
Pensee Pensée
Wulfenia, Wulfenia Wulfenia

Recently, in response to an inquiry, I looked at the homepage of a publisher that has been on my list for some time, Tomas Publishing. Based in Victoria, Seychelles, Tomas Publishing boasts four journals in its portfolio. The journals all have broad scopes and all falsely claim to have impact factors.

Tomas Publishing

Over a million researchical science articles.

According to the website, the publisher’s journals include Systems Science, Education Journal, Politica Economica, and Chemical Modelling.

Politica Economica

The website for Politica Economica.

All four journals falsely claim to have an impact factor, yet none really does. The journals’ home pages use pirated images. What convinces me that this publisher must be the source of the hijacked journals is that the “look and feel” of their journal home pages matches the look and feel of the hijacked journals’ home pages. Also, they all claim to have 2013 impact factors. The current ISI  impact factors are from 2012; the 2013 data won’t be released until June.

How could so much malevolence originate from a small, remote, and seemingly idyllic Indian Ocean island? I’ve received at least a dozen emails from people that have been tricked by the hijacked version of the journal Pensée alone, each having lost several hundred dollars. It’s likely that hundreds of honest researchers have been scammed by this outfit.

Hat tip: Dr. Amin Daneshmand Malayeri

70 Responses to Have I Discovered the Source of the Hijacked Journals?

  1. Margaret YS says:

    Dear Jeffrey!

    There is a small typo in the link to the fake Jökull: it should read “jokulljournal” instead of “jokuljournall”.

    A bit off-topic: the fake “Wulfenia” operates with a faked editor-in-chief: Prof. Dr. Vienna S. Franz… yeah, right… but:

    I fail, however, to see that this journal is somehow connected to Tomas Publishing. I did some quick look-ups on builtwith.com, and it does not seem evident to me that Tomas Publishing hijacked Wulfenia or the journals you mention. While some of those journals share some similarities, they use different architectures, different name servers (okay, understandable). I would have expected some more hard- and software conformities for all of them. Allright, most of them run on Apache web servers, but I do not consider that unusual. Most of the hijacked journals are registered in the US, according to “Whois” searches.

    Can you elaborate on the reasons why you think these are similar, apart from the pirated images and cheap looks?


    • Hi, Margaret,

      Thanks for the link correction. You may be right. I was convinced by the look and feel, the consistent and prominent display of bogus impact factors, pirated images, poor grammar, and the modus operandi, i.e., the hijacking. Also, I have seen many of the spam emails (thank you to those who forwarded me them), and they also bear a strong resemblance to each other.

      I am not 100% sure that Tomas Publishing is the hijacker, but I merely wanted to report that much of the evidence points to them, and that’s one of the reasons I wrote the title as a question. If you have additional thoughts, please share them.



  2. Ricardo Jiménez says:

    Reblogged this on comunicarbien and commented:

  3. RMS says:

    I received the email claiming to be from Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg and inviting submissions. It looked fishy, now I see why the website was so strange and the editor names didn’t make sense. Thank you for the clarification. Hopefully this can be stopped.

  4. hangeurdes says:

    Dear mr Beal,

    Pensee seems to be a hijacked journal but its webpage contains the é. Is there still the original journal or is somebody using the name of Paul Langevin to make 450 USD per paper?

    Han Geurdes

  5. Muhammad Imran says:

    Jeffrey Beall, Thanks to inform us the truth. I am just near to pay this journal.
    For pensee journal every thing is on their website, then why not the original one report this website. Even the name PENSEE is their copyright and on their original website they mentioned that no body can use this name, then why not they sue to the fake one.

    • Manikandan Harikrishnan says:

      Ya sir, i have paid for this journal. But we need to take some severe actions against them. through the original one.

  6. Kamran Mobini says:

    Nationalpark-Forschung in der Schweiz
    This journal is definitely hijacked and the site is faked, but the only place in which it is mentioned on the WEB is here. It is publishing more than 50 papers per month and God knows how much money they have received from poor authors. Why there is nothing about this fraud on the WEB and even the real publisher is silent.

  7. Acovec M. says:

    The the mentioned journal ( http://naukpublication.org/index.php/NATIONALPARK-FORSCHUNG-SCHWEIZ ) isn’t fake. I checked it by some trusted resources.

  8. Raghvendra Kumar says:

    Respected all,

    any one have the mail id of the editor Prof.Dr. M. J. Daffé of pensee journal , because i already did my payment for publication and all the information but till now i am not any confirmation from them so please give me the mail id of the editor in chief so i will directly contact to them.

  9. Stephan says:

    naukpublication.org’s Nationalparkforschung is indeed a fake. The original is published by haupt.ch, latest edition is no. 99, can be found at http://www.haupt.ch/Verlag/Buecher/Natur/Umwelt-OEkologie/Atlas-des-Schweizerischen-Nationalparks.html

  10. Ali Coruh says:

    Due to my research, like most of the others, pensee is not a hijecked journal but cheater. They publish the journals from Europa (because they afraid of being sued) but not out of Europe. You cannot even access the erticles they published in Thomson Routers. They Just cheat the money and write on blogs that pensee is hijecked. Actoally Dafee is seems to be sitting on the cheated money.

  11. Manikandan Harikrishnan says:

    1. La pensee ( http://www.penseejournal.com )
    2. Mitteilungen Klosterneuberg (http://mitt-klosterneuburg.com)
    are original or fake. kindly confirm this. if they are fake kindly provide me the original web id of them so.
    And why the originals not identifying the doublicates and they are not taking any actions against them and to stop them, despite they have the same issn number. it is affecting all the researchscholars. Kindly we people take some necessary actions on this. it will help the others.

  12. Shibliii says:

    Dear Friends ,

    Kindly let me know whether http://mitt-klosterneuburg.com/ is a fake or original website

  13. titi says:

    i want to publish paper in penseejournal.com
    really this journal is fake???/

  14. Alina says:

    Hello, could tell me, please, if Australasian Journal of Educational Technology is fake or original. Thank you.

    • The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology is a very fine journal. It is not on my list.

      • bill says:

        I was pleased to see your description of The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology as a very fine journal. Given that most of our discussion here is focussed (understandably) on the ugly end of the OA spectrum, it is important to remind ourselves that there are also examples at the other end of the scale (I’ve found the DOAJ list of journals useful myself in locating legitimate OA publication outlets although I wouldn’t say it’s 100% reliable in that respect).

        I wasn’t familiar with AJET but having been active in this field in the past, I note that the current issue has papers by some scholars I know and respect; likewise the editorial board.

        The editorial in the current issue (V. 30, 3) may be of interest to readers here as it describes and compares metrics from Thomson Routers Journal Citation Reports, Google Scholar Metrics and Scopus Journal Analyser:

  15. Alina says:

    I’m so sorry but what can you say about Ciência e Técnica Vitivinícola Journal. Thank you.

  16. Alina says:

    I’m sorry the address isn’t sent. office@ciencia-e-tecnica.org is authentic?

  17. Aneesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been submitted my research paper on this Journal and they replied me after a week, as a formal acceptance of manuscript and demanded 450USD for publication fee.

    Please inform me sir, its fake journal?
    If yes.! can they misuse my manuscript?


  18. Aitken says:

    Dear Sir, may I send my manuscript which I sent to http://multidisciplinarywulfenia.org/ previously, to other journal.

  19. Aitken says:

    I have already sent to this journal! But may I submit the same article to other journal?

  20. […] It is claimed that it is the journal of the Carinthian museum, but in fact, it is what is called a hijacked journal. The real journal is legit, the email and Mr. Vienna S. Franz is […]

  21. Yousef says:

    your warnings are useful and valuable, but how can i withdraw my submission from hijacked journal. I paid them $540 and after getting money they ignored my emails asked them to stop publish my paper . can i publish the same article in another legal journal.

    • Journal hijackers generally do not follow established withdrawal guidelines.
      If you submit your paper to a second journal, I recommend that you be completely open, honest, and transparent about the situation with the new journal to prevent being accused of duplicate publication.
      I am sorry this has happened to you.

  22. Manuel Bagues says:

    Dear Jeffrey

    I just wanted to point out that one of the journals “published” by Tomas Publishing, Politica Economica, is apparently a hijacked version of an already existing journal (here you can find the webpage of the original journal: https://www.mulino.it/riviste/issn/1120-9496)
    As you can see, Tomas Publishing is even using the same ISSN in order to to mislead researchers.

    Thank you for your fantastic work!

    • Manuel, Thank you for sharing this observation. I think I will keep Tomas Publishing on my list of questionable publishers and not add this individual journal to my hijacked journals page.

  23. Ziad says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall and All, I published my paper on (pensee journal) at Jul/2014, the website (www.penseejournal.com) is not working , and I read that is fake!!!! really it is fake and not related to the original one?
    What to do in this case? I paid money and I have acceptance letter from them…

  24. Dr. Sikander Ghayas Khan says:

    What about this journal


  25. M A Khan says:

    What about the Bioinformation? It seems fake.

  26. Alina says:

    Dear Jeffrey
    Please, what can you say about this address http://www.kasmerajournal.com/submit.html, KASMERA
    Is it hijacked or not? Thank you.

  27. Dear Jeffrey
    Please, what can i do I have already sent to Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg Journal,! but i didnt send mony
    But may I submit the same article to another journal?

    • I recommend you e-mail this journal and say, “I want to withdraw my article entitled (title) effective immediately. Please send me a confirmation that the article is withdrawn.” Save a copy of the e-mail you send and save copies of any emails you receive. Good luck.

      Jeffrey Beall

      • Halide Nihal AÇIKGÖZ. says:

        Thank you. I am the last victim. I didnt pay money, because they can not send me URL for payment. I wrote a letter for withdraw .
        Now I am waiting their response.

  28. Halide Nihal AÇIKGÖZ. says:

    Dear Jeffrey, what do you think about Sylwan. http://sylwan.ibles.waw.pl/pls/apex/f?p=105:1:0

  29. dr valsa says:

    kindly let me this journal is fake or not .They asked me 537 dollars for a case report
    dr valsa cmc india

  30. Sevgi says:

    İ paid 450 USD mitteilungen Klosterneuburg Journal. But İ known this fake!! is it really true???what can İ do? Can you guidance pleasee

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