University of Pristina Rector under Fire for Publishing in Predatory Journals

Ibrahim Gashi

Dr. Ibrahim Gashi

In Kosovo, University of Pristina Rector Ibrahim Gashi is being pressured to resign after it was revealed he published articles in predatory journals to meet the requirements for promotion to full professor.

A published report states that promotion to full professor at the university requires at least five publications in international, peer-reviewed journals. According to the report, Gashi has three articles published in the International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences, a journal published by the Lucknow, India-based publisher Society for Science and Nature.

This publisher is included on my list of predatory publishers here.

Dr. Gashi has co-authored three articles in volume 4, issue 3 (2013) of the International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences. All three articles have multiple authors, and he is not the first author on any of them:

To demonstrate that the International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences is bogus, someone from Albania using the name “Filan Fisteku” (the Albanian equivalent of John Doe) submitted a bogus paper to the journal, where it was accepted and published. The paper is a satire of The Communist Manifesto with subtle references to Dr. Gashi. It is entitled The Principles of Manifesting Management at a Public University in a Developing Country: Case of Kosova [PDF].

Gashi also appears as a co-author on an article in Scientific Research Publishing’s journal Energy and Power Engineering. This publisher is also included in my list.

I also found an EBSCO HOST metadata record for an article co-authored by a “Gashi, Ibrahim” and published in the scandal-plagued journal Metalurgia International. The target of a sting operation last year, Metalurgia International had its impact factor removed, and then it disappeared from the internet.

International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences

Junk journal.

Another published report said students were planning a protest to demand the rector’s resignation. The protest was scheduled for 1:30 PM Friday, January 24th. This report did not directly link the demands for resignation to publications in predatory journals, however, citing only “recent scandals,” according to a translation from Google Translate.

Gashi deflected the criticism by explaining that he is not the first author of any of the questionable articles and the first author has the responsibility of selecting which journal to submit to.

What does all this say about predatory publishers? Is Dr. Gashi a victim of predatory publishers or is he complicit? Both scenarios are possible. What I know for sure is that predatory publishers are poisoning research and scholarly communication in many countries.

International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences 2

Bogus satire article accepted by a predatory journal.

27 Responses to University of Pristina Rector under Fire for Publishing in Predatory Journals

  1. RMS says:

    Well, at the other end of the spectrum there will be cases where unless you have a Nature, Science or Cell paper you won’t get tenure. So where/how to draw the line? Should it be case-by-case, university policy, government policy, third-party controlled (e.g. ISI)?

    • Jill M says:

      I do not know what field RMS is in. However, in most areas of biology in the US of which I am aware, you won’t even get considered for an interview for a tenure-track assistant professor job at a RO1 research university if you don’t have a first author publication in Nature, Science or Cell. This has gone beyond publish-or-perish, for reasons that Pesante notes below.
      Unfortunately, if an Academic career is what you want out of life, these are the ground rules.

  2. Pesante says:

    As long as there will be bibliometric rules for academic requirements, those journals will exist (and increase). Don’t focus on the supply, rather than on the demand. The only way to assess a paper is to read it !!!

  3. Samir Hachani says:

    Well that’s a clear case of publish AND perish !!!!!

  4. markkur says:

    If you just look at those bogus five-page articles, it seems evident that the authors aren’t victims of any sort.

  5. GekkeHugo says:

    Ooh, I’ve got 60 publications in good journals and no promotion in sight… Kosovo here I come!

    • fitoredasein says:

      I’m sorry but … you’re over-qualified!! There’s no place for you in our University. But, there’s hope … if you join current prime minister’s party (which means Mafia) then , of course ;)

  6. fitoredasein says: He’s not a victim but a result of political abuse of University of Prishtina.

  7. Ken Lanfear says:

    Curiously, the three articles in Volume 4, Issue 3, 2013 seem to be missing today.
    The bogus article by Filan Fisteku remains, though.

  8. Liam Mac Liam says:

    I am compelled to say that Filan Fisteku writes manifestly well!

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  11. Vjollca says:

    Rector of University of Prishtina is an embarrassment! He is in a Rector position because of his political connections. The entire university is politicized and ruled by those in power. If you belong to Prime-minister’s Thaqi party (PDK), or any of his allies you are easily given an advanced degree and are hired by the University. Sadly, mafia runs the University of Prishtina at the moment. Just to be admitted in the Medical School some students had to pay 5,000-10,000 euros (of course bribe money for the University officials)! Thaqi’s government has effectively destroyed whatever was left of the one public university in Kosova! And guess what? He is nominated for a Nobel Peace price!

  12. John Kualim says:

    Ok Vjollca, I agree with you. But Mr Beall gave the reason :
    “University of Pristina Rector under Fire for Publishing in Predatory Journals” which is objectionable.
    No one has given the right to Mr. Beall to damage the position of any research Journal and personal attack to individuals. Who will tolerate this type of thing doing by Mr. Beall ? This is a matter of legal action on Mr. Beall..

  13. John Kualim says:

    Mr Beall, The United States Constitution never permits any person to misuse his freedom of free speech.. Regarding Lawyers, we already have all over the world. And if you will not stop playing your dirty game, we will do all to stop such type of dirty game, we can.. We cannot tolerate such low status attitude of you.

    • Who are you? What’s your real name? Why do you threaten me? I have not misused my freedom of speech, and you seem to have a very shallow understanding of things other than threats. How childish.

  14. Vjollca says:

    The rector of the University of Prishtina resigned. That is just a small step in the right direction…

  15. Rinchi says:

    Big step in the wrong direction

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  17. Muhammad says:

    @ Jeffrey Beall says:
    February 8, 2014 at 7:49 AM

    Mr Beall,
    I think your attitude is also like childish. My professor e-mail me your website link to see this website. I obsver that your attitude is not in the direction to improve the research. But it is in the direction to support the particular group of publishers. You only terrorize the publisher from developing countries.

    • Ilir says:

      Dude, this article is spot on. Did you read it? Did you even read those articles published in that journals? Filan Fisteku is translated as John Doe in Albanian, with a difference that Filan Fisteku does not really exist as name. The article of Filan Fisteku and the former rector were jokes. If you can publish jokes in a journal, what does it say about the journal? Developing countries can publish in high ranked journals. Moreover, in high ranked real journals you don’t have to pay for publishing (not in my field of study at least). These crappy journals that are used by “professors” of developing countries require payment!

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