New OA Publisher Launches with Three Really Bad Journals


Technoledge ?

A very low quality and even ridiculous publisher – Globeedu Group – launched recently with three new journals. The publisher does not have its own website. Instead, each journal has an independent page. The journals are:

The word “technoledge” does not exist in English, so I don’t know if this word in the third title is a stupid mistake on the publisher’s part or an attempt to be clever.

Together, the three journals rank among the dumbest I’ve seen. Here’s an example:


Make up your mind.

All three of the journals have this contradictory statement. It is a juxtaposition of the CC BY license logo, which gives permission to copy, and the Copyscape warning against copying. Predatory publishers often garnish their websites with logos lifted off other publishers’ sites without understanding what the logos mean.


Aiming to deceive.

Next, all three journals claim to have impact factors. However, the metric in this case is not the legitimate ISI Journal Citation Reports impact factor, it is a bogus one provided by IIFS, which I’ll describe in my next blog post. This is an attempt to deceive authors into believing the journals have authentic impact factors. The publisher hopes to increase article submissions by displaying this bogus metric, and therefore increase revenue.


Submission to publication: Five days.

Finally, the three journals promise a five-day peer review process, as the above screenshot confirms. You can submit your paper on February 20th and see it published on the 25th. No authentic peer review can take this little time. This publisher is a sham.


Learn how to spell.

This publisher does not give a physical location on its web pages, and the domain registration data is blocked, except for the name server information:

Name Server: WIN19.INDIA-TO.NET
Name Server: WIN20.INDIA-TO.NET

So it is likely the publisher is from India. This publisher is a total joke, and I recommend against submitting papers to the three journals. Let’s hope it dries up and goes away.

29 Responses to New OA Publisher Launches with Three Really Bad Journals

  1. Technoledge—let’s see: “an advanced shelf, sill or overhang”?

  2. alicekaren says: Biotech journal targets my facebook group for a marine genomics course, and also has a website,

    It looks questionable, would it be predatory?

  3. alicekaren says:

    I foud a weird journal because it also has a facebook profile that was requesting a membership into my facebook group for a marine genomics course. Looks questionable. Is it predatory?

  4. tekija says:

    I think, a chimaera of technology and knowledge. That said, the next will be knowlogy.

  5. Diana Winters says:

    Editor in chief of the “Technoledge” journal is a homeopath.

  6. Liam Mac Liam says:

    So he should at least be ok in small doses.

  7. Mulugeta Kibret says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Thank you very much for the frequent update on predatory journals.

    Today I have one query i.e. about the European Scientific Journal . I could not find it in the list of predatory journals. They say the journal is affiliated with the *University of the Azores, Portugal. *

    *Someone from our university published two articles (one in August 2013 Volume 9 number 23 and another in November 2013, Volume 9 number 31) and requested for promotion. *

    *Would you please share the status of this journal? *

    *With regards*

    *Mulugeta *

    • That journal is not on my list. I have analyzed it, but I didn’t find that it met the predatory criteria.

      • Matham Mahorn says:

        Mr. Jeff, how sure are you on your claim about European Scientific Journal ? Hmmm. !

      • I agree that it’s borderline. I try not to add borderline publishers to my list, trying to err on the side of caution. I’m happy to hear reasons why you think it should be on the list. Thanks.

      • Liam Mac Liam says:

        They seem to be very productive and crank out more than 1 issue per month (4 in December and 3 in January) which cover an enormous breath of disciplinary content while maintaining “the review procedure usually takes 7-10 days”

        At 97 € per article its APC is not excessive.

        The Azores University (a Portuguese state university) connection would seem to be genuine although the company itself looks like it is based in Macedonia (according to on their payment procedure).

  8. Dear Jeffrey,

    As usual, you bring us news of the awful, and I just had to see how bad the noledge can be.

    I couldn’t get past the first page of tripe, but did find an interesting detail that might be worth further examination: the journal claims to be protected by something alled:

    Cheers, Peter

    Dr Peter J. Matthews

    Co-organiser, 2013 Conference of the International Aroid Society Hanoi 11-13th December 2013 Conference website:

    Field Sciences Laboratory & Department of Social Research National Museum of Ethnology, Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka 565-8511, Japan.

    Tel. +81-6-6878-8344 (office). Tel. +81-6-6876-2151 (exchange, J. only) Fax. +81-6-6878-7503 (office)

    Administrator: The Research Cooperative – for researchers, editors, translators, illustrators and publishers Please visit and join!

  9. Robert Lopresti says:

    At this moment, at least, the webpage for IJST has a banner proclaiming “Imperial Research.” Searching for that on Google brings up Star Wars, but I think IJST thought they were saying “empirical research.”

  10. Kohen says:

    I believe that publisher is not fool, but you guys are fool. The “TECHNOLEDGE” is mix of “TECHNOlogy” and “knowLEDGE”, Knowledge of technology.

  11. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Could you check this?? I found a questionable conference organizer from Asia. You can check at No information is provided about themselves and without full address.

    They claim their proceedings are published in ISI journals. A closer look will show these journals are predatory journals e.g.Australian Journal Of Basic And Applied Sciences, Journal of Applied Science and Agriculture … … I wonder if this is new way for predatory journals to solicit more submission???

  12. Ike says:

    I want out the status of The International Journal of Business and Management (theijbm).

  13. subhalaxmi mohanty says:

    I have already submitted an article now I have to make the payment, do I need to proceed or not, please suggest!

  14. Mari joli says:

    Thanks for the review…nearly made a suspicious when I was asked to make payment to a person in Dhaka, Bangladesh..using us dollars and converting it to task..

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