New Madras-Based Publisher is a Laugh a Minute

Dumb publisher

Taken from the Lands’ End  catalog?

International Science & Research Journals (also called ISR Journals & Publications) is a new publisher from India that is so fake and amateurish that its website is actually hilarious.

The first thing you notice is the image on the main page is obviously lifted out of a clothing catalog, but changed to black and white. Much of the site’s text reads as if it were copied from a successful company’s webpage. It’s rich with corporate jargon and designed to impress, but it fails miserably.

The publisher launched recently with 18 journals. One of its innovations is a quick turnaround time for peer review. Here’s what the publisher promises:

Dumb publisher

How innovative!

The page reads:

Many journals take many months, even years to publish research. By the time papers are published, often they become outdated. ISR publishes papers in the shortest possible time, without compromising on quality. This will ensure that the latest research is published, allowing readers to gain maximum benefit. We provide feedback instantaneously and furnish details of the outcome within about 5-6 working days of submission of your research paper. This enables research scholars to use their time effectively on the actual research rather than on the follow ups.

Okay, so we have a new publisher that completes a peer review within five or six days. Amazing.

Now the Funny Part

The website’s most hilarious section is the “Management Team” page; it reads like a self-parody. The page gives the biographies of its Founder and Chairman, Dr. John Paul, its Co-Founder and Chief Editorial Officer, Dr. Adams (no first name given), its Director Publications and Subscriptions, Dr. James Watson, and finally, its Director Research, Nikola Tesla. Here are the full bios, taken from the website:

Dr.John Paul, M.E,Ph.d(Information Technology) 

Founder and Chairman

Dr.John Paul who has been the motivator and inspiration behind the formation of ISR Journals.  He served in the research field for about 18 years in view of providing educational services to the poor and downtrodden. Though he is an educationally unqualified philanthrope, with the experience he had gained in his research career, he later on stamped his foot print in various business domains like Software Development, Business Research etc., with management assistance and leadership directives from Dr.Adams M.E,Ph.d(Computer Science and Engineering).

Dr.Adams ,M.E,Ph.d(Computer Science and Engineering)    

Co-Founder and Chief Editorial Officer

Dr.Adams has a successful track record in various leadership capacities in the Engineering operations, Quality & Process Management,Manufacturing and software Engineering disciplines in the leading conglomerates  etc., He has hands on experience and expertise in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle like Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Architecture Design, Development, Implementation and Training of distributed systems with excellent system design experience using UML,  Rational Rose and System Architect 2001. Has about 16+ years of techno-functional experience and an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their commercial applications.

[One paragraph not copied]

Dr.Adams is an innate entrepreneur and is instrumental in establishing various retail centres across disparate disciplines like Software Development, Business Research etc.,, in his early years itself,  sustaining them with high process orientation and running them profitably successfully for many years.

He has obtained the following prestigious technical certifications given by International bodies like

1.Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Database Administrator on SQL Server 2005 (MCITP)-2008, Australia,

2.Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist on SQL Server 2005 (MCTS)-2007, Australia.

Dr.James Watson, M.E,Ph.d(Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Director Publications and Subscriptions

Mr Dr.James Watson is an educationally unqualified, but a proven writer & journalist under the able encouragement of Dr.Adams.  She has been writing articles pertaining to South Indian ethos, culture, religion, dynasties, family relationship, lineage etc., for more than 20 years as a columnist for variety of magazines, local dailies and weeklies. Traveled throughout India, from East to West and North to South by virtue of her husband’s transferable IAF job, she has been exposed to multi cultural, multi lingual, multi communal and multi racial aspects of India, which was an instigating factor in imbibing and absorbing the intricacies of human ethos in this part of the world.  She has about 20 years of experience in the publication and printing industry.

Nikola Tesla  

Director Research

Nikola Tesla obtained her graduation in Computer Science and Engg from one of the reputed colleges in USA and has got about 15 years of experience in software consulting, general management and research consulting. As an avid reader and an aggressive thinker, she has always been successfully leading technical teams and has got good exposure to research consulting.  She is the sitting chairman of ISR’s Research Board, which comprises eminent professors who are specializing in disparate disciplines. Has worked in reputed software vendors in and around USA prior to joining ISR.

Obviously, these names are completely fake, the bios are contrived. The last name is that of an American inventor.

25 Responses to New Madras-Based Publisher is a Laugh a Minute

  1. Thompson, Robert M says:

    Your blog needs a “Laugh-Track App” for this one!
    Very amusing. Unfortunately many non-Western victims will not see the humor.


    • Ahmad Hassanat says:

      we see the humor clearly
      such scandal is every where, and mostly in the west, actually we learnt some of these stuff from the west

  2. Gagan says:

    Its been a decade since Madras has become Chennai!!!!

  3. Nils says:

    Dr Adams should have called himself Prof Moriarty.

    The part of Adam’s bio Jeffrey did not copy includes
    “Following are some of the important papers presented by our beloved MD and CEO in different International journals / conferences”
    followed by a list of papers in “International Journal of something or other”, which can probably be found on Beall’s list.

  4. Although it is tempting to think that the image is lifted from a clothing catalog. But thanks to Google Image Search, I am pretty sure it is in fact lifted from this free web template:

    You can even spot the sad remains of the word “technology” in the modified version of the image from ISR Journals & Publications :-D

  5. Yurii says:

    Dr James Watson? The one who together with certain Drs. Crick, Wilkins and Franklin described the structure of DNA, I presume…

  6. turquoise_avatar says:

    So funny! At least parts of it are true: these people are indeed “educationally unqualified” as is repeatedly stated in the biographies.

    Some gender confusion: Mr Dr.James Watson is a woman and so is Nikola Tesla. :-) Balance in the upper echelons?

  7. Chris Cole says:

    Describing the editor as “educationally unqualified” lessens any chance of a successful suit for misrepresentation.

    Reminds of the tv ad for fake diamonds that described “the undetectable beauty” of the ring.

  8. Dr. Patil Shrish says:

    one can sadly see the proliferation of such dubious websites with their equally dubious organizations/individuals in India. this is a fallout of the requirement by the controlling body of medical education in India, that teachers in medical colleges should get more involved in research activities and also publish their research activities in indexed journals. a few persons looking for a bargain have gotten involved in making money, by charging a fee for publication of articles, not considering the quality of research.

  9. Ahmad Hassanat says:

    no guys , those are real persons:
    1- John Paul is John Paul the Great….
    2- Dr. Adams is Dr. John Bodkin Adams (21 January 1899 – 4 July 1983) was an Irish general practitioner, convicted fraudster and suspected serial killer. Between 1946 and 1956 (Wikipedia)
    3- Dr.James Watson is Dr. James Dewey Watson, KBE, ForMemRS, is an American molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist, best known as a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953 with Francis Crick. (Wikipedia)
    4- Nikola Tesla: Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Wikipedia
    well they might live in India, i can take that, but what I cannot take is that those guys are all dead long time ago, did they come from dead..?

    • Nils says:

      Apparently a case of multiple reincarnation: If you look up the “important papers” written by the “CEO” Adams, you will find they have been written by several authors with different names (in ISR journals).

    • dzetland says:

      Tesla’s WAY more Serbian than American (migrant)

    • Leslie says:

      Just by point of fact, Dr. James Watson is still alive. A friend of mine recently met him and his wife at a birthday party in New York City.

  10. Ahmad Hassanat says:

    i forgot the guy in the picture
    isn’t he Stephen Glenn the American actor?

  11. Bill White says:

    It is funny indeed. I think that those bogus publishers choose Western Fake Name intentionally to “accredit” their journals, as may think!

  12. Ali Mobasheri says:

    This is brilliant. Thanks Jeffrey. They forgot to list Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and Marie Curie as executive members of the distinguished editorial board!

    • Dave Langers says:

      Also funny that 3 editors have “M.E. Ph.D.” titles, it says, but they are nevertheless claimed to be “educationally unqualified”. What titles does one need to be qualified in order to submit a paper there? The “sample word template” for submissions leads tot a 404-error “page not found”, I noticed, so they probably only serve the highest scientific elite. I suppose Einstein, Newton and Curie serve as reviewers then; we haven’t heard much of them because they are too busy ensuring the 5-working-day turn-around time?

  13. I sometimes wonder if these journal sites have been created expressly to take control of research efforts in the main target country (in this case, it is likely to be India).

    In this newly hatched conspiracy theory, I propose that such sites do not emanate from India, but from the moon, where a lost colony of Indian researchers (whose arrival predates the Sputnik) is attempting to gain control of the Indian scientific community in order to engineer a rescue mission.

    [no applause expected for this attempt at humour, but really, how do we know where these sites come from?]

  14. Ryan Pavlik says:

    Found some of these bios taken from here: – at least the bottom two.

  15. DEUS says:

    Dear Jeff, please verify this publisher:
    Those guys published articles like this:

    This is really dangerous. There is a religious bias within the content of the article. This information could be used to argue on the use of Halal meet with a “scientific” background. But this is not the point, the most terryfing is the use of poor, greatly flawed research to support such argument. I would like to share this sort of material to the scientific community. Thank you.

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