Jordanian Publisher Cleverly Lifts Title from Respected Journal

IBIMA Publishing

This is advanced?

IBIMA Publishing has been on my list since August, 2012. The publisher has recently launched a new chemistry journal with a title that is angering some chemists.

IBIMA Publishing’s new chemistry title is JChem Research. This matches the Journal of Chemical Research, published for many years and now on volume 38. The IBIMA impostor is brand new and its cover says “ISSN pending.”

Journal of Chemical Research

Unoriginal  title (left), original (right).

I think IBIMA Publishing is basically a one-man operation. The owner is Khalid S. Soliman. The publisher does not provide a telephone number, and  it uses a “virtual office” at 630 Freedom Business Center Drive, 3rd Floor, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, 19406. This is the address of a Regus Business Center, a company that supplies “virtual offices.”  I suspect that Soliman really runs the business from his native Jordan and uses the “virtual office” address to make it appear the publisher is U.S.-based.

Khalid S. Soliman

Remote control.

Did Soliman intentionally select the title of his new journal in an attempt to steal the brand value of the established journal? Or did he just not do his homework and choose the abbreviation of an existing journal as the title? In any case, why title a journal with an abbreviation? Does this make it look more established, since major journals often use abbreviated titles?

Soliman is a businessman, and many of his journals are business journals. Are these the kinds of business practices his journals promote, using virtual offices and unoriginal titles?


Hat tip: Alwyn Davies

7 Responses to Jordanian Publisher Cleverly Lifts Title from Respected Journal

  1. tekija says:

    In 2012 you reviewed Lifescience Global, noting it to be rather advanced compared with the typical predatory journal. It remains on your list. I noticed that now one of its journals states:

    “Journal of Analytical Oncology also has the honor of being affiliated with the Austrian Society of Applied Pharmacokinetics and currently indexed in Chemical Abstracts, CrossRef, WorldCat and HINARI databases.”

    It seems to have published regularly for almost three years. Does it seem to look like a developing bona fide publisher or has the Austrian Society of Applied Pharmacokinetics been fooled into a honey trap?

    • I don’t think your either/or question is a fair one.
      I do see this journal indexed in WorldCat.
      However, they say they are “indexed” in Hinari databases. I don’t think Hinari is an indexing and abstracting service, so this is misleading. Same with CrossRef.
      When one looks at this publisher’s website, one sees that they go overboard trying to show that they are 100% Canadian. This tells me that they probably have little to do with Canada and are likely really based in Asia.

  2. ALOUS says:

    based in canada or asia what is the difference….

  3. adeel says:

    I would like to ask .. has there been any publisher who proved that they are non-predatory and you have removed them from your list. If yes, what is the one good reason to remove them.. i believe top publishers ask for payment for open access so if a smaller publisher is doing a good job in publishing they deserve to earn and should be removed from your list.

    your comments Geoffry ??

  4. adeel says:

    sorry spelt your name wrong .. Jeffrey

  5. barefoot running says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Jordanian Publisher Cleverly Lifts Title from Respected Journal
    | Scholarly Open Access <Liked it!

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