Yet Another OMICS Publishing Group Blunder


OMICS Publishing Group's Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis.

The “editorial”

This 2012 editorial, “On information thermodynamics and scale invariance in fluid dynamics” was published in OMICS Publishing Group’s Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis

Two scientists found the editorial incorrect and misleading and set out to correct the scholarly record. They composed a response and submitted it to the journal, but they found the journal’s editorial process so sloppy that they attempted to withdraw their response, preferring to submit it to a better journal.

However, OMICS published their article anyway, and it appears here.


arXiv article

The official response.

The authors’ official  response recently appeared in arXiv, (arXiv:1404.4087 [physics.flu-dyn]) but with this very telling addendum:

Comment on Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis

     We also must add some commentary on the Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis: we naturally attempted to respond to Di Vita’s criticisms through a discussion paper in that journal. However, after submission we received a poorly typeset proof of the manuscript. We have never seen such poor handling of a manuscript by any journal – indeed one of our names was spelt incorrectly! We did not consider it worthwhile to correct such a proof ourselves, and sought to have it re-typeset – however, we believe this proof went through to publication without our copyright permission or consent. Despite several entreaties from us, the journal does not appear to have attempted to make any correction. Examining their web- site (, the Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis does not appear to have an Editor or any scientific oversight, although at time of writing the website appears to be malfunctioning and does not load any hyperlinks.

     Our response to Di Vita’s article is outlined correctly herein. We hereby disassociate ourselves from any version of this manuscript published by the Journal of Thermodynamics & Catalysis.

And, indeed, one of the author’s names is still rendered incorrectly in the article they requested be removed from the OMICS journal, an article that OMICS has not removed.

One Response to Yet Another OMICS Publishing Group Blunder

  1. Nils says:

    I can understand the authors are unhappy with the inept typesetting of the unauthorized publication. Apart from the name issue, a whole set of problems hurt the eye, that could have been avoided with an appropriate typesetting software such as LaTeX:

    – Hyphen errors such as “discussed in de- tail below.”
    – Missing spaces as in “examined.In particular,”
    – Wrong equation numbering: (3a) appears twice and there are references to missing equation (4).
    – No consistency in mathematical mode: Displays use different fonts as mathematical symbols in the text, and sizes do not match; indices are sometimes italicized and sometimes not (as they should); the placement of indices is awkard and sizes are not consistent.
    – Quotation marks are not used consistently.
    – Accents are missing in the references, e.g. Csiszar I.
    – In addition, every basic typesetting manual will tell you that mixing fonts with and without serifs is not considered the best of practices.

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