New Questionable Publisher — New Conference List — New Plagiarism Book

Webcrawler Journals

Journal of salad.

New Questionable Publisher

I recently added the new publisher called Webcrawler Journals to my list of questionable publishers. Like many questionable publishers, this one is not transparent about where it is based. My guess is Nigeria, because many of the publishers from there have strange names and hide their locations.

Webcrawler Journals launched with nine new journals, including Webcrawler Journal of Biological Sciences (WJBS). This comes as a great relief, as the field of biology was in urgent need of a new open-access journal. There are so few of them. This publisher is much better than most at selecting pirated pictures to use on its website; the vegetable picture makes me want to submit a paper right away.

New List of Questionable Conferences

My friend Dana Roth, a librarian at the Caltech Library, has started a list of questionable conferences. It’s called Conferences – spammed and ??. Dana works in Pasadena, and I think his work in this area will create a big bang in the world of predatory conferences.

New Monograph about Academic Plagiarism

False feathers

False feathers in Denver.

I recently finished reading the new book False feathers: A perspective on academic plagiarismby Debora Weber-Wulff. She’s the author of the blog Copy, Shake, and Paste. The book covers plagiarism by both academics and by university and college students. One of my favorite passages is this one:

It [plagiarism] is unfair to other students if plagiarism brings rewards, similar to doping in sports, as long as it remains undiscovered (p. 23).

Much of the book deals with plagiarism in dissertations, and Germany, where Weber-Wulff is from, has been at center of many dissertation plagiarism scandals. She describes a cooperative, wiki approach to documenting plagiarism in dissertations. The study of academic plagiarism seems to be increasing, as is academic plagiarism itself. Dr. Weber-Wulff’s book is a valuable and timely contribution to this growing field.



11 Responses to New Questionable Publisher — New Conference List — New Plagiarism Book

  1. Ben says:

    With regards to predatory conferences, I’m wondering if the conferences hosted by the organisation named Inter-Disciplinary.Net in the UK may be dubious:

    Each participant is expected to pay £297 for the attendance in the conference, which is nowhere mentioned in the call for papers.

    They do a whole host of other activities as well, including publishing (under Inter-Disciplinary Press). Perhaps you can take a look into them?

    • Jim McDonald says:

      Did you ever get a resolution to the question? has just been brought to my attention and their web page is not of much help sorting things out.

    • I’m not actively affiliated with anymore, but have written for and edited three books for them which I volunteered to do. (Details on my personal website) The group is an inclusive and very open group with good peer-review processes that has the philosophy that conferences should be closed to those who contribute. Thus, every attendee also writes academic papers, presents them, and is required to be the audience for the others presenting. This is a very clinical assessment of what was for me a wonderful networking opportunity to engage with the international community of scholars and students exploring the various subjects they focus on. I strongly encourage anyone who wants meaningful connections or a break-out publishing opportunity to submit to The conference cost pays the way for the hosts, who spend the season at the various world locations to bring cohesion and structure to the conference. They do a very good job and it could not happen without them. Best! -Doc B.

  2. Dear Mr. Beall,
    Will you inform us, if the list of predatory conferences from Dana Ross is released? I really need the list, as I get many invitations to conferences lately, even from those that is not my expertise. Thanks in advance

  3. Dear Mr Beall, and Bill
    Thanks a lot for the information

  4. Hannah Galantino-Homer says:

    Did not see on the predatory conference list, but seems pretty fishy: Scholar’s Convention,

    Form e-mail invitation to serve on Organizing Committee of International Veterinary Conference for “discounted registration fee” was not particularly tempting. These seem to be proliferating as fast as the journals, I don’t know that the lists can keep up.

    • Thanks — I had not heard of this.
      It looks like a company that organizes conferences for others.
      Or maybe it is organizing its own conferences.
      I agree — it looks fishy.

  5. John Mashey says:

    I recommend False Feathers as well, see review at Amazon.

  6. Oluwatoyin Vincent Adepoju says:

    I object to the typecasting of my country Nigeria in this post.

    Why do you think the journal you see as questionable would be from Nigeria?

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