16 Responses to New Low-Quality OA Publisher: Imprints Open Access

  1. David Sullivan says:

    The phone number traces to Chicago.

    642 W Henderson St
    Chicago, IL 60657,


  2. alison chan says:

    To Email Us


    Wow, they can’t even spell their own name right.

  3. Sina says:

    Dear Jeffrey;
    Please check the site of : http://universalrg.org/
    They claimed some journals, but I think it’s a fake publisher

  4. Mustafa says:

    what about Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)?

  5. Elwood says:

    I’ll give you the real mailing address: 1060 West Addison, Chicago, IL.

  6. Thomas says:

    Hey Jeffrey…

    Have you checked their website now?

    It is forbidden…

  7. […] predatory publishers.”  He reports a surprising range of  misbehaviors, ranging from simple “poor quality” to faking impact factors to the spreading of misinformation.  Perhaps most colorful of all is the […]

  8. Imprints have recently changed their logo.

    Perhaps because their old logo (as shown in this post) was identical to the logo of Open Access Publishing London (OAPL), another OA publisher: http://www.oapublishinglondon.com/

    You can’t get much worse than plagiarizing from OAPL as that publisher is itself at the low end of the food chain.

  9. MC says:

    Jeffrey- the Imprints website certainly looks more legit than it did when you posted this initially. It is still clear to me that this is total scam and hopefully will not take off, but look at some of the editors–there are some real scientists with credibility there. Must have been promised a lot of money or else this set of journals is trying to become a real thing

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