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I have added European Scientific Journal to my list, as well as a bunch of brand-new journals just launched by the journal’s publisher, the European Scientific Institute I have received many inquiries about this journal, with most of them asking why it wasn’t on my list. The emails I received pointed out the journal’s weaknesses, and after monitoring the journal for over a year, I added it to the list. The journal operates from Macedonia.

There are some major problems with the journal. It is evident that the journal is not checking for plagiarism; consequently, it’s very easy to find instances of this misconduct among the journal’s many articles. Moreover, the journal promises a suspiciously fast peer review:


Efficient reviewers = very short review period

I don’t understand why they require authors submitting papers to supply the name of one reviewer and at the same time promise a very short turnaround time for the peer review.

Moreover, this journal is publishing a lot of articles. Since March, 2014 to now (end of May, 2014), it has published all these issues:

European Science Journal

Puppy mill for journal articles

The issues are packed with articles. Volume 10 number 12 has about 40 articles. The publisher is generating a lot of revenue. Perhaps due to this popularity, the publisher has just launched a fleet of new open-access mega-journals:

These journals also promise a one-week turnaround time for the peer review. They are broad in scope to make more papers suitable for them. I have added all these journals to my list also. At this time, they don’t have any editorial board members listed, yet they are accepting submissions.

The journals each have their own website, and the websites are not connected to each other — they are standalone megajournals. Finally, the publisher is also advertising a bunch of vacation packages, oops, I mean academic conferences:

These are broad in scope to make pretty much every submission acceptable.

Cape Verde

Greed does NOT know borders.

I recommend against submitting papers to all of these journals and conferences.


Hat tip: Alison Chan, Md. Mohsin, and many others.


17 Responses to European Journals Added to List

  1. gunnarmk says:

    European Journal of Taxonomy, on the other hand, is a very respectable journal.

  2. Kanchana Piboon says:

    Dear, Jeffrey Beall

    I would like to know about The International Journal of Age and Society . Is a good one for publication in ageing issue.

    Thank you

    Kanchana Piboon ________________________________________ ¨Ò¡: Scholarly Open Access [] Êè§: 29 ¾ÄÉÀÒ¤Á 2014 22:00 ¶Ö§: Kanchana Piboon àÃ×èͧ: [New post] European Journals Added to List

    Jeffrey Beall posted: ” I have added European Scientific Journal to my list, as well as a bunch of brand-new journals just launched by the journal’s publisher, the European Scientific Institute. I have received many inquiries about this journal, with most of them asking why”

  3. Alison Chan says:

    Only one L, Jeffrey. :) ta for posting this, btw.

  4. Md. Mohsin says:

    & its ‘Mohsin’ :-). Nice work. Thanks.
    ‘Greed does not know borders.’

  5. Joseph says:

    Dear, Jeffrey Beall,
    I would like to know about springer open access journal, Advances in Difference Equations It has impact factor of 0.76. I have noticed it is publishing very low grade articles on taking a reasoanbley high money. You can see many papers in this journal with title local behaviour, global behaviour, dynamics of discrete loteka Volterra model etc……. I fear this journal is doing wrong what is your opinion in this regard

    • Thank you for this comment. I can tell you is that neither this journal nor its publisher are on my lists. I can;t remember hearing any criticism of the journal before. The actual amount of the article processing charge is not a criterion for determining a particular journal is predatory. If you see ethical or other concerns with the individual articles, you may want to bring these to the attention of the editor. Thanks.

  6. Quan says:

    Hi there!
    I just submitted a paper for the International Scientific Conference (ISF) 2015, they accepted my paper and as the requirement of the ISF, the paper will be published in a special journal of European Scientific Journal (ESJ).
    I don’t know that is that ESJ could be a good choice or not?
    I also want to know more that does ESJ is listed from ISI or SCOPE ? Thank you

    • I think that the European Scientific Journal is a bad choice, to be honest.
      The conference is also a bad choice.
      I suspect that they will charge you a registration fee for the conference and an author fee for the journal.
      I recommend that you find a better journal and a better conference.

      • Thanks. I nearly fell into their predatory plans.

      • Luca Scaini says:

        Dear Jeffrey Beall, very interesting and useful contribution, yours. Do you think that the University of Oxford, who hosted the conference of september, would do it just for money, if ESJ and ESI would not be serious players, affecting its prestigious name?
        Thanks for your kind reply.

      • Sid says:

        In reply to Luca Scaini’s comment, the University of Oxford didn’t host the conference. The venue is a building that they hire out for commercial events. If you’ve got the money, you can almost certainly book it. Don’t fall for the ESJ marketing gumpf.

  7. Ojodelle says:

    I published two papers with ESJ. The review improved my papers a lott. My papers are also cited via Google scholar. ESJ is good journal

  8. Howard Brown says:

    The same group European Scientific Institute also has a service to “certify” the “academic excellence” of conferences and colloquia ( Our local conference planning committee has been getting emails from two researchers in Macedonia who want to come to the conference but can only get approval if we are “certified”. They helpfully provided a link to the ESI certification service. So far, we have received the same email (exactly the same wording) twice from two different names. Very fishy.

  9. Adeoye Gabriel says:

    please I will like to know if European scientific journal is a predatory journal?

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