14 Responses to Questionable Publishers Block Access to Their Websites in Colorado

  1. Yurii says:

    OH! Annex publisher is even cuter. When you try to access them from the link in your blog (above) it redirects you back …to your blog. The only way to navigate to their site is by typing the address de novo.
    This is the contact address they have on their web site.
    16192 Coastal HWY
    Delaware , United States-19958

    Considering that this building hosts delawareinc.com there is a long list of businesess registered to this adress.

  2. Jeff Shrager says:

    Interestingly, when I go to http://www.annexpublishers.com/ (from Palo Alto) I end up at YOUR page!?!? (The other one goes to their page, normally.)

  3. Les Biesecker says:

    Wow, this is remarkable – a great sign that you are being effective. Now – if I could get you to work in Maryland, then we could benefit from the sites being blocked here!
    Keep up the good work ,

  4. Susan Ariew says:

    Awesome! You are so famous they are blocking an entire state so you can’t see what they are up to!

  5. Bruce W says:

    Hi, Jeffrey.
    The link http://www.annexpublishers.com links to this same page at your website !

  6. BHR Wolffenbuttel says:

    Some info for you, Jeffrey. The link in the post refers one back to the same post, by the way. Best wishes Bruce

  7. Liz Wager says:

    I would regard this as a compliment!

  8. Aliashim says:

    I’m from Malaysia. Yes. i can access both website.

  9. herr doktor bimler (partly rugose) says:

    With a name like ScholArena, I expect gladiatorial combat among academics.

  10. Upon seeing that Annex Publishers had deliberately poked the hornet’s nest with their cheeky scholarlyoa.com HTTP redirect, I decided to sting them. A quick glance at their back catalogue revealed two papers containing ‘unexplained remarkable similarities’ to other cited sources, namely this and this, the latter of which has already been taken down, the former ought to be.

    Is this what they mean by ‘radically novel science’? Why would authors choose a publisher that encourages hostile scrutiny of their papers by means of silly web gimmicks?

  11. Literature Essay says:

    Is there any reason to blocked these website?

  12. Full Circle says:

    […] circles | refereed scholarly website devoted , Romantic circles refereed scholarly website devoted study romantic-period literature culture. collaborative product […]

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