Real Location of JSciMed Central Revealed

JSciMed Central

They want to sound like BioMed Central.

JSciMed Central is a questionable open-access publisher of 36 journals. It lists two U.S. addresses as its headquarters locations, and I’ve long suspected these were dummy addresses. Now I’ve learned the publisher’s real headquarters location.


The publisher wants you to think it’s based in the U.S., but it’s not.

These are the two addresses that JSciMed Central gives on its ‘contact us’ page. The first one is really the address of Harvard Business Services, Inc. in Lewes, Delaware, United States. It’s a company that does easy, cheap, and fast business incorporations.

The second address belongs to Market Street Shipping, a company itself mysterious because it lacks a website. The link here goes to a Google Plus website for the business.

JScimed Central is really located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This is confirmed by looking up the company in an Indian online business directory called

company information 3

Finally, the honest address.

Another online directory also gives the same information. Both list the company’s director as Jacob Nixon Geddam.

So, I think it’s very likely that Jacob is also the owner of Jacobs Publishers, another highly-questionable publisher on my list:

Jacobs Publishers

Jacob Nixon Geddam, that is.

Note that the “J” symbol here matches that used on JSciMed Central. This publisher purports to be headquartered at this address:

TRIAL # 150 W
Phone : 512-400-0398 512-400-0398 FREE

But I suspect this is also a dummy address.

What other publishing brands does this guy own? Hyderabad, India is also the home of OMICS Publishing Group, so predatory publishing seems to be the growth industry of the Hyderabad area.

Publishers have an ethical obligation to provide full and honest information about their operations. I think it is unethical to hide or misrepresent information as these two publishers have done.

I recommend against submitting papers to dishonest, non-transparent, and sneaky publishers such as these. If they are dishonest about basic things like their address, they will probably be dishonest about other things as well.

Hat tip: James Sarrel



26 Responses to Real Location of JSciMed Central Revealed

  1. Nils says:

    The following page corroborates this information:

  2. Yurii says:

    Indeed, compare the first address with the address of Annex Publishers from you previous post. They are the same. All these guys use the same famous (or infamous) Delaware incorporating services.

  3. tekija says:

    I have visited Hyderabad twice, a decade ago and last year. In the interim, it had changed dramatically. Of most significance here, already a decade ago it was developing into the IT hub of India, and I noticed that last year an entire area of the city had been renamed Cyberabad. Another change was that whenever you returned to the hotel, your taxi was screened for bombs and your bags run through metal detectors. Progress has its price.

    • Mark says:

      That is correct. I have been in Hyderabad multiple times. Actually, there have been dramatic improvements in last 10 years. The most of the IT infrastructure we use are designed in that city. One should not discriminate business and technologies based on the location. But in any case, in US different companies can have same name and I expect that is true across the globe.

  4. LK says:

    Hi This is me Lazgin Barany from Kurdistan of Iraq where we met on the IIE conference . Wanted to ask about how you would you assess the International Journal of Arts and Sciences which is published by the universitypublication net . Regards Lazgin Barany

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi, Lazgin! Nice to hear from you. The publisher University is on my list here.

      I recommend that you NOT submit any papers to this publisher’s journals. Please find a better publisher.

      • dr.rao says:

        Dr. Beall
        I am regular reader of your blog and i really appreciate your effort. But i feel now a days you have come under severe “scholarly attack” from publishers and authors who support open access publications. However, i have some reservations on your comments on some publishers/journals
        One of the reason you are giving to list the publisher or journals in your predatory list is they publish many substandard articles and their journal web content contains many grammatical mistakes. I would like to know what exactly is meant by ” substandard” ? Do you expect the research scholars in developing countries get the same facilities in terms of financial assistance, laboratory facilities or intellectual assistance like the research scholars who get all these in developed countries ??. As i think you have not visited ( may be i am wrong ) the laboratories or universities of developing countries, it is very difficulty to imagine the condition and support level in developing countries. The scientific work carried out in developing countries ( with few exceptions where there are really good facilities and available to few scholars ) is a small step towards understanding the basics of research and the students make an attempt to publish their work in journals. However, according to you list, if they submit their work to any ” reputed publishers” they will out rightly reject the work as the work submitted is not suitable for publications as it fails to meet the standard of journal. So the students are left with very few choices and they approach the journal which accept the basic work, hence, many open access journal are mushrooming. Dont you think it is a good idea to start a journal for publications of articles which accepts basic work by ” reputed publisher” to encourage researchers from developing countries. However, i feel this may not become an excuse for CREATING a sub-standard research material and but at the same time we should encourage the talent which is handicapped by the various constraints.
        You are frequently writing that the content of journal website ( predatory journals ) is flawed grammatically. Do you really think the exact grammatical content is important or outcome is important. As for my knowledge, language is a means of communication, and i feel your argument is like if a visitor wants to visit FRANCE, he/she must first completely learn FRENCH, then he should visit FRANCE. I may be harsh, but my intention is not to hurt you, but to convey my message that the if a article is written or journal content is created and if it gives conveys the right information then i think it is enough, Do you really feel the content of journal website or article should be 100 % perfect grammatically to convey the research aspect of the carried work.
        I want state once again here that i am not supporting the substandard journals and publishers and but expressing my views on the state of support level available in many countries.
        Hope you will find time and respond

  5. tekija says:

    Unsurprisingly, the Facebook page of Mr. Jacob went dead.

    • C'est ci bon! says:

      Surely the USA should take a wrap on the knuckles, too? If the USA has a support structure for dishonest of fraudulent companies, such as the classical Delaware hub for off-shore businesses, then why should Indian companies “act” ethically? They are simply acting within the law, and using a support structure that is provided by the USA. So, although I agree that the real owndership and base address should be provided, and although I also agree that India is a strong center for proliferating sspect or fraudulent publishers or publishing practices, in this case, if the USA doesn’t want to be used as a base for such shady companes, then it should man-up and change the law. The lack of ethics is equally that of India and the USA (sorry to say).

      • We have a dual-sovereign system here, so I wouldn’t trash the entire nation. Delaware can do whatever it likes, and in this case it has enabled predatory publishers. Please direct your wrath at Delaware, not at the entire country.

  6. Ken Lanfear says:

    I’m not saying these guys are legit, but I want to point it is not unusual in the US to be incorporated in one state and to operate out of others. Delaware has very favorable incorporation laws, and you will find many large US corporations are chartered there.

    My organization was founded and incorporated 50 years ago by scientists in Illinois, but later moved to the Washington DC suburbs. We still maintain an official presence at a lawyer’s office in Illinois, but have a very real (and dog-friendly) headquarters in Virginia.

  7. Matt says:

    The spam emails actually come from a email, which is registered to Jacob Nixon Geddam, whereas the legitimate website is, registered a couple of weeks earlier to someone completely different.

  8. Joseph D. Tariman says:

    JSciMed is fake. You can’t get hold of anybody. They want your credit card number through email which is very dangerous. Who knows who else will get your credit card number.

  9. Larry says:

    Further corroboration of the above – just received a request to review a ms. on christmas day

  10. John says:

    The Delaware and San Diego offices are dummy offices as well. On very rare occasion would I review an article to PlosOne. The epidemic of pay for play has led to sketchy review processes, fraud, plagiarism,,,not to mention compromising other publishers. Most of the iffy Open Access journals use fonts that are similar and call undue attention of the phishing expedition kind…legal tender, reputation, and intellectual property are at high risk. Most of the offenders are housed overseas (India, China) with a server in the US.

    Welcome to science in the 21st Century!

  11. […] Beall’s list probably should serve as at least a moderator when considering MEDRS. This article from Beall certainly brings into question the validity of Jacobspublishers and on the strength of […]

  12. Brian G. says:

    It’s pretty easy to figure out that this publisher is predatory and not authentic. A researcher in my group simply asked a question regarding the journal and we received the following email from a person who could not be contacted:
    Dear Dr. ,

    Greetings from JSciMed!

    This is to remind you that, you have promised to submit an article to our journal.

    I kindly request you to provide tentative date for submission of manuscript.

    Waiting for your response.

    Best regards,

    Executive Editor –
    Editorial Office- Journal of Human Nutrition & Food Science
    JSciMed Central
    1455 Frazee Road
    Suite 570, San Diego
    California 92108, USA
    Tel: 1-619-373-8720

    We made no such promise, nor even such an implication in our inquiry. With predation such as this, no one should even consider publication in a journal that uses these tactics.

    It may look good on someone’s resume or CV to have an article published, but their credibility sure suffers when their results can’t be replicated. Worse yet, a bad article may delay actually research progress. If an article is good enough to be published, it’s good enough to be published in a reputable journal. JSciMed and Jacobspublishers just aren’t good enough for good, quality research.

    • PM says:

      I sent an article to this publisher one year ago and after 8 months they sent me information of acceptance. After 4 months without information I sent an email asking them when would my article be published (on a friday) and they told me that it would be on the next monday. When monday came they sent me an email with a copy of the article (with a published date of october) and a bill of 1820 USD!!!!

      • mati says:


        HI. May I ask a question? I made a mistake of falling to the same scheme. Did you pay for it? Are there legal ramifications if you intentionally neglect their continued demand for payment? I didn’t even know there was an author’s fee until after they published my paper.

      • PM says:

        Hi. No, I hadnt pay for anything. They keep sending me emails resquesting for the payment and I am just ignoring them!

  13. VvM says:

    This is one of the email ids domain used by jacobs publications. It says that it has been registered on Jacobs Nixon name.

  14. Doctor from the Philippines says:

    Dear Sir,

    May I ask for your advice? An email was forwarded to me by my professor re this journal with the invitation to publish online. I submitted a paper not knowing that there was an author’s fee, which was not explicitly mentioned in their emails. So after publishing my paper online, they sent me a bill of 2000 USD. They even mentioned initially that they are giving me a discount so I can just pay 200 USD but for a certain time period only. Almost every month, they send me an email demanding the payment of 2000 USD since I didn’t pay during the alleged discount period. Not once did I reply. My question is, are there legal ramifications for this? What happens if I just continuously neglect their demand for payment?


    Doctor from the Philippines

    • I am sorry this has happened. I do not know of any cases where one of these horrible publishers (most that use this trick are based in South Asia) has successfully used legal action to get money from an author. So, they are only barking dogs. Ignoring them may be the best strategy.

  15. Varshil Mehta says:

    Sir, how is this journal – Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research? It claims that it is indexed in Elsevier and enbase, but i cant find any info.

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