LifeSciFeed Ventures: Where Authors are Fodder

LifeSciFeed Ventures logo

Don’t venture to this publisher.

Here’s a new scholarly open-access publisher of three journals: LifeSciFeed Ventures. It follows the established formula for setting up a new scholarly publishing operation, yet it fails miserably.

The first thing one notices about this publisher is the strange titles its journals have:

  • Plant Sciences Feed
  • Life Sciences Feed
  • Pharma Sciences Feed

In my mind, “feed” means food for animals. I think they are using the term in a different sense here though, feed as in data feed not animal feed.

Next, one notices that the publisher offers a very fast peer review and publishing process:

get published in 72 hours

Has scholarly publishing really come to this?

I cannot find the amount of the article processing charges on the publisher’s website. This ought to be stated clearly.

Also, the publisher requires that authors transfer copyright, which is non-standard for open-access journals (in open-access journals generally, the authors keep copyright and publish the work under a Creative Commons license). The few published articles don’t bear any licensing information.

LifeSciFeed Ventures

Now that all journals have high impact factors, the measure has no value.

Like most predatory journals these days, this publisher’s three journals all claim very impressive impact factors, despite the fact that they are brand new and their few published articles have likely never been cited.

This publisher’s author guidelines are copied from other publishers without attribution. Finally, it appears that the publisher’s headquarters location is in an apartment in India’s vast Maharashtra state.

LifeSciFeed Ventures contact us information

Another scholarly publisher based in a spare bedroom.

I can’t imagine that any serious scholar would consider submitting a paper to this publisher’s three counterfeit journals. There are numerous start-up publishers like this one that claim to be premier publishers with fast acceptance and high impact factors, but most — like this one — are unprofessional and highly questionable operations.

Hat tip: Michael Esman


One Response to LifeSciFeed Ventures: Where Authors are Fodder

  1. It seems that they have changed their minds on copyright transfer, since the PDF linked above now says that authors retain copyright in their work.

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