23 Responses to Cardiology Journal’s Decline is Heartbreaking

  1. J.J. says:

    Weird. My guess is this publisher would pay close to 0 taxes in Switzerland, so if they are really based in Bern, there would be no (fiscal) reasons to have an operation in T&C. The registry of businesses of the canton of Bern has no entry for this organization (note that under 100’000$ turnover, registration is not mandatory in Switzerland).

    The address is the one of an office building that hosts multiple small companies. At least it’s a plausible location.

  2. Maria says:

    I applaud your zest for fishing out most notorious cases of predatory and disonest publishers, of hijacked journals and basically of all this, what is wrong with today’s scientific publishing. Having said that, I feel uncomortable, when – supporting your statement that the journal lost its prestige – as the foremost explanation you offer – “it was sold to “some Europeans”. ” I can assure you, we are not all that bad. At least not all of us.
    I do understand, this post clearly showcases yet another example of dubious practices, and surely – you are helping a lot of people to undestand what to avoid when choosing a journal for submitting a paper – but this only means, you should be more careful when explaing why to avoid them

    • I take your point. I didn’t mean to malign Europeans. I wish I had more specific information about the new owners of the journal. Thank you for checking in the directories.

  3. tekija says:

    “Rigorous and transparent peer-review.” indeed, as can be verified from the e-mails in this blog.

    Also funny are the articles on line. The latest show article title twice, but only occasional ones show authors names.

    So much for paying 1000+ for maximum visibility!

  4. tekija says:

    And look at the paper title published 4 July! I wonder how the authors like it!

    Also, formatting is ridiculous, see e.g. paper “Balloon aortic…” with all the paragraph marks etc.

    At least they are open with their policy:

    “Three independent reviewers are reviewing each manuscript and if two of them accept the manuscript then your work will be published without any further corrections.”

    I wonder whether the surprised informant read this before submitting. The journal justly delivered.

  5. tekija says:

    Their policy in January was even better:

    “Review and decision will be fast and our editorial policy is clear: we will either accept your manuscript for publication or not, our editors will not ask for additional research.”


  6. tekija says:

    They do not, understandably, advertise the journal is NOT currenly indexed in PubMed.


  7. Funny!: the purported address of the publisher in Switzerland, Eigerstrasse 2, 3007 Bern, is actually an office building of the Zurich Insurance Group…

  8. Dana Roth says:

    I checked with ISI and they have not received any issues of that journal from the publisher since Volume 18, Issue 2 (Summer 2013) so that is the latest issue indexed in Web of Science. Sounds like the IF will be dropping soon.

  9. Pablo Corral says:

    I remember last year, in an important cardiology journal in my country (Argentina) one editor told me that the reviewer had to be part of the list of authors????!!!! obviously I declined to accept that and then I sent the paper to another journal

  10. Dear Mr. Beall,
    A very bad bad news. How if many other reputable journals are sold? So, nothing is sure in this world.

  11. tekija says:

    It seems the decision to sell has been abrupt, considering this newsbit of other plans just before.


  12. They have just published a paper titled “Enter Paper Title”: http://cardiologyacademicpress.com/?p=20733

  13. Bernd says:

    Each accepted paper brings 1200 USD. Start counting from 01. June 2014, there are 20 pages with 10 articles each until today. This journal generated an income of 240.000,- USD in 6 weeks! As the owner of the journal I would think, well, academic standards and procedures and all that are all very nice, but with a net salary of, lets say, 100.000,- USD per month, who really cares (even if the business concept is not sustainable)……….. By the way, have you checked the weather conditions at T&C? Sunshine, 28°C. Thinking it all over, I feel like quitting my scientific carrier and become a publisher.

  14. zumc says:

    You can check web page of this journal now – not a single one article (according Scopus database, there should be about 580 articles in 2014), but I got a message about web attack.

  15. JHM says:

    Since it has been stressed herein, there should be more than 500 articles, and therefore as many institutions, that have been cheated. As one of them I am wondering which are the steps we must initiate to catch the hustler and do justice. Please, let´s be corageous and join to take legal actions.

    • Kamila says:

      Can I ask you what legal action you mean. I have the same bad experience and I want back my article for possibility to publish it elsewhere. Thank you.

  16. Mohammed Al-Biltagi says:

    I passed with the same expeirence, and now I did not find my article which published last year except on my web site

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