Is OMICS Publishing Group Sneakily Trying to Buy Its Way into PubMed?


The NIH, PubMed, and OMICS Group logos.

OMICS Publishing Group’s journals are not included in NIH (National Institutes of Health) databases such as PubMed and PubMed Central, but OMICS may be working on a way to sneak into these prestigious databases.

It appears that OMICS’ strategy is to purchase journals that are already indexed in PubMed and add them to its journal portfolio. This may give it standing to start using PubMed and PubMed Central logos on its websites, despite a cease-and-desist order from the US Department of Health and Human Services last year demanding that OMICS stop using all NIH trademarked logos, including those for PubMed and Pubmed Central.

Many use inclusion in PubMed as a hallmark of quality and won’t submit articles to excluded journals. If OMICS can figure out a way to get permission to use PubMed logos it will likely get more article submissions and therefore revenue, for it exclusively uses the gold open-access model, in which authors pay fees upon acceptance of articles. More submissions mean more revenue.


Here’s a PubMed-indexed journal that OMICS recently purchased:

The International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience

It appears OMICS purchased this title from Chevron Publishing Corporation in 2013, changing the title from the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health. The journal is found here on PubMed.

Also, OMICS is sending emails to editors and publishers of PubMed-indexed journals, making unsolicited offers to purchase them. Here is an example of one of these emails, with identifying information redacted:

OMICS Letter 2014-07-09a

The letter continues:

OMICS letter 2014-07-09 2

OMICS Publishing Group is always pushing the limits, trying to see what it can get away with, and its strategy to purchase PubMed-indexed journals is another example of that.


From OMICS’ website: The publisher uses other organizations’  brand value to make it appear legitimate.




11 Responses to Is OMICS Publishing Group Sneakily Trying to Buy Its Way into PubMed?

  1. Frank Lu says:

    How did The International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience lose it? Predatory journals have a new meaning. They can really swallow another journal. Is there an honorable thing to do and just shut it down instead of selling it? There are just too many journals anyway. I’m amazed that there are 3 million readers of 300+ OMICS journals.

  2. Andy says:

    Let me say OMICS sneaked its way into PUBMED through those backdoor tricks. What has the PUBMED administration done so far? A large renowned organization as PUBMED should have been aware of those tricks. If they didn’t know and have not done anything up to now (even a disclaimer), then PUBMED itself is fake not OMICS. That’s my take!!!

    • Uma, E. says:

      I concur to your observation. PUBMED needs to wake up. On a different note:

      Prof. Beall,
      Please could you comment on this publisher: International Journal of Current Innovation Research (IJCIR). They also talked about some publication charge that is not clearly defined. Thanks

  3. Carlos says:

    You are being unfair. Many prestigious publishers purchase journals. There is nothing wrong with that. Why do you always try to throw shadows on alternative publishers? You are always with the preponderant publishers…

    • In what way is OMICS an ‘alternative’? They’re huge. And there are hundreds of other publishers with the same model.

      What are they an alternative to? Apart from “publishers that don’t send out spam”.

      • Me says:

        They are an alternative to publishers with thorough and transparent peer review. I submitted to an OMICS journal and can confirm only lip service was done to the process of peer review.

  4. carvaper says:

    With “alternative” I mean those publishers who are not the well stablished and dominators of the STM publishing business.
    Do they send SPAM? OK, critic them for that, that is fair.
    Do they buy journals? I find not reason to criticize them for that, any publisher may purchase journals because it is somehow convenient for their strategy. Why Mr Beall do not criticize other publishers who buy journals? He always hit the same, whatever the reason, being fair or unfair. That makes me suspect he has some kind of interest in maintaining the dominant power…

    • Keith says:

      Jeffrey criticizes OMICS for their questionable practices (fake editorial board members, hidden fees, lack of proper peer review for journals advertised as peer-reviewed). A company that engages in such practices acquiring more journals is cause for concern because their practices will spread more widely and reduce the quality of scientific communication and publication worldwide. If a company does not engage in widespread malpractice, then their acquiring more journals is not an issue unless they are in danger of becoming a monopoly.

  5. I’ve never seen a journal (and maybe someone can correct me on this) that had on its editorial board someone lacking any credentials in the field at hand.

    The International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience includes on its editorial board Matthew D. Dovel, who styles himself “President and Founder, International Suicide Prevention, Scientist in Psychology.”

    While the organization certainly exists (their Form 990 indicate less than $25,000 in revenues a year), he doesn’t appear to hold even a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, or an allied field — much less a doctorate required to call one’s self a scientist.

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