14 Responses to New Open-Access Publisher Offers Financial Incentives to Authors and Editors

  1. Ole, Ole! says:

    So, how do they make money? And what exactly does the title of one of their journals (Journal of Monsoon and Air-Sea) actually mean?

  2. P Canning says:

    Right, scamsters operate open access journals, fraudsters publish in them and fools support open access publishing. Quiet a nexus I must say.

  3. Schmuck says:

    Are you sure the publisher is not the same Nigerian prince who keep sending his money to people all around the world

  4. tapas says:

    Of course scientists receiving financial compensation for their work when writing and/or editing articles is exactly as unethical as it is for journalists and editors who write for newspapers, for news moderators on TV, or anybody else working in writing, editing, and publishing anywhere besides science. It is absolutely overdue that scientists get compensation for their work done as writers and editors. So if those promises would be true, it would be a step in the right direction.

    • Dave Langers says:

      Yes indeed, no problem there, provided it is disclosed as a commercial interest.
      “Publish the articles written by himself / herself” is different of course, whether with or without that k$ bonus…

    • Dan Riley says:

      There’s also a long tradition of “best paper” awards (mostly for conferences), and there’s the occasional prize too. I’d have to say that offering a financial reward is pretty widely accepted.

      There is the problem that the “Rewards” are apparently only mentioned in spam, and there’s no explanation of the standards or who does the selection. That lack of transparency makes it ripe for the sort of cronyism exhibited so plainly in the editor-in-chief “rights”.

  5. Marco says:

    Ehm, I am a little bit confused here. When I searched for Spring-City Culture International Group I find the following website:
    http://www.springcityculture.com/ which is a different website than you link to (and which gives me a 404 error).

    They also do not have any of the journals you mentioned, nor do they promise any payment.

    At the moment I do not see anything odd about this Open Acces Publisher, apart from the fact they do not seem to have any journal operational at the moment.

    • Okay, I have fixed the link. It appears they just made many changes to their website, perhaps as a result of my blog post. The URL that I had used (http://www.spring-city.org/) is shown in the two PDF documents that I link to from the post. The Google cache showing the old titles is here. It appears they swapped out their old fleet of journals for a new one. Very strange. The website itself never made the payment offers; instead, these were made only through email.

      Thank you for letting me know about the dead link.

  6. Usman Opeyemi says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall, I just want to ask if all journals that are being publish by World Academic publishing are questionable? If no, can you kindly give me the list of those that are not questionable. Thank you

  7. AlexH says:

    I’m wondering when someone will start to combine MLM with predatory publishing. You know, be an EIC and get a share from APC’s payed by authors you lured to publish with us, after 10 you will get Gold status, after 100 here comes the Diamond etc.

  8. Peter Apps says:

    No problem with either the business model, the financial viability or the morals.

    They probably should have mentioned that the dollars are Zimbabwe Dollars though.

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