9 Responses to Publisher Can’t Make Up Its Mind

  1. mohdrohani says:


    I am just doubtful about this website and journal: http: http://www.oalib.com/journal is it okay to send our paper to this journal? it charges USD99 for the first 10 pages and the remaining pages will be charged USD 30/page.

    I need your feedback on this.

    thank you.

    best regards Rohani

    • That journal is not on my list at this time. I personally would not publish in that journal, and I would recommend to my friends that they not publish there. I think it is meant to copy other mega-journals set up by other publishers. It’s more like a posting service than a journal.

  2. I removed Praise Worthy Prize and IAMURE recently because they both reported to me that they had changed their publishing model to toll-access. There have been others in the past year but can’t recall them all right now. Generally when publishers change their model to TA, they email me, and I verify this and remove them.

    • So publishers can get off The List, purely by abandoning Open Access?

      Maybe there should be a “former OA” supplementary list.

      • Nanum says:

        So it is easy now to get off the hook in the Beall’s list by simply moving to closed access.

        It is good to maintain a list that previously open access then switch to closed access.

        If publishers are doing unethical practices when they are open what is more can we expect if they are closed. Just my simple opinion.

    • P Canning says:

      It is a good thing that these two publishers realized their folly of supporting open access publishing and changed to toll-access model in time. Other open access publishers should also realize that open access publishing is good for nothing and change to toll-access or shut shop.

  3. P Canning says:

    open access publishing has enabled each and every moron on this earth to become a publisher and cheat authors of their money. Is it possible to pass a law banning open access publishing, considering a fraud it is and how it gives opportunities to people to defraud others?

  4. firdaus says:

    I have recommanded to submit my manuscript to journal of sustainable development. After being accepted, my paper is rejected by my co-promotor as he claim this journal is predator while the journal claim they have been covered by scopus in 2014. Please help me to make this clear…

    • Your promoter is correct. The Journal of Sustainable Development is published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. I have documented that this publisher does a bogus peer review. If you publish in this journal, I think you will be throwing away your money.

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