26 Responses to Predatory Publisher Organizes Conference Using Same Name as Legitimate Conference

  1. Aliah says:

    Thank you for your post! I’ve never heard about it, and thanks God never tried any of these conferences…So I will more careful about it…

  2. Jennifer says:

    The WASET has conference venues planned all the way until December 2023. That’s amazing. Is that normal?

  3. Aaradh Dev says:

    I want to know the quality of Atlantis Press publication, If anyone knows please share with me

  4. P Canning says:

    by this rate, end of open access publishing is near….good riddance to bad rubbish!

  5. Tom Spears says:

    I get spam for conferences too. Do they actually take place? Or are they just faked so that participants can tell the dean of their faculty: “Look, boss, I’m presenting a paper”?

  6. Tom Spears says:

    By the way I just looked up WASET’s schedule. They have 103 conferences next year alone. And each one deals with aviation, business, linguistics, chemistry, math, beekeeping, and anything else you want to talk about. Costs you 500 euros to present a paper. More if you want it published in conference proceedings afterwards. This has to be a serious money-maker.

    • Tansu KUCUKONCU, PhD says:

      Unfortunately for years no international newspaper wrote about WASET and its owners yet. Probably nor about similar others.
      If you think to write , let me know.

      Have you published your work ?
      Do we have a chance to see it ?

      Serious money-maker :
      More than 2.000.000 (2 million) euro / year.
      Totally : 10 – 20 million euro from 2003 to now.

  7. Tom Spears says:

    I’m a science reporter at a newspaper in Canada. I have approached some of these publishers with an entirely fake paper to see whether they would accept it. Most did. The problem is that they pretend to be ethical. So typically their websites do list an editorial board, an ethics policy and peer review policy and the rest — but none of it is true. All they want is money. In my case their “peer review” accepted a paper that was half geology and half medicine, in alternating pieces, and all of them plagiarized. It made no sense but it passed. And when I wrote back to say by the way it’s plagiarized, that was OK with them. They just wanted money.

  8. […] predatory publisher has organized a conference with the same name as a legitimate conference, reports Jeffrey […]

  9. Sudheer M says:

    Does anyone has the information about Atlantis Press publication??

  10. Tansu KUCUKONCU, PhD says:

    Some useful links for introduction to WASET and its owners :

    A post by an academic :

    * http://copy-shake-paste.blogspot.com/2012/06/turkish-mock-conferences.html

    Official announcement by
    Cadi Ayyad University – Marrakech – Morocco :

    * http://www.uca.ma/site/news.php?id=204#.VDD5zZU9LIU

    A post by a PhD student :

    * http://adamchehouri.blogspot.com.tr/2014/03/waset-conference-is-fake.html

    A post by an academic :

    * http://min-eng.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/are-these-waset-conferences-just-scam.html

    A post by an academic :

    * https://networks.h-net.org/node/7636/discussions/16552/alert-concerning-wasetorg

  11. First newspaper article in Brazil about WASET and its owners Ardil Family ( fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil, his daughter Ebru Ardil , and his son Bora Ardil ) ( from Canakkale and Istanbul – Turkey ) :
    Eventos científicos “caça-níqueis” preocupam cientistas brasileiros
    (in Portuguese)

    Mauricio Tuffani
    Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil) , 03/03/2015 02:02

    English translation :
    ( Source : http://retractionwatch.com/2015/03/06/researcher-loses-second-bid-to-quash-diabetes-expressions-of-concern/

    comment by John Smith , March 6, 2015 at 12:04 pm :

    The problem in Brazil is much bigger.
    There is state-sponsored white list from where Brazilian researchers select journals in order to know where to publish.
    The following texts were translated from the original in Portuguese.
    The texts were published in an influential daily newspaper.) :

    “Slot machines” scientific events worries Brazilian scientists

    Mauricio Tuffani ,
    Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil) , Mar/03/2015

    * http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/ciencia/2015/03/1597163-eventos-cientificos-caca-niqueis-preocupam-cientistas-brasileiros.shtml

    Registration is open, with fees up to $ 450 EUR ($ 505 USD) to 116 simultaneous scientific meetings in February 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. The problem is that events like these are known as “scam conferences” abroad. Organized without academic rigor, they are identified as fraudulent by research institutions from other countries.

    The organizer of these 116 events is the WASET (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology). Despite its name, is a publisher. Although disclose to be located in Riverside, US, its contact phone is from the United Arab Emirates. Besides invalid, the records of their journals are from Turkey, according to the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) International Centre.

    While warnings for researchers are found abroad not to attend their conferences or publish in their journals, in Brazil WASET appears in the selection based on quality criteria of national and international journals, made by CAPES (Higher Education Personnel Training Coordination), which is part of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

    Available on the online platform QUALIS Periodicals, this CAPES selection guides researchers, professors and graduate students to choose journals to publish their studies. The information is important for academic careers, in which the number of published articles and participation in conferences are taken into account, which often are organized by publishers.

    Websites such as the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, the European Society of Neural Networks and blogs of scientists collect negative statements against WASET. The reports explain that the serial conferences become one, combining different areas of expertise and serving only for the publisher to profit from registration fees.

    The ecologist Alexandre Marco da Silva, professor at UNESP, campus of Sorocaba, learned that his name is on the scientific committee of the 14th International Conference of Geophysics and Environmental Engineering, one of 116 events. “I do not know what this conference is about”, he said surprised on the phone, adding that he will require the removal of his name from the committee.

    Pointed in all 116 websites of the WASET conferences “scheduled” for 2016, the Windsor Guanabara Hotel also stated, through its events coordination, that the hotel ignores this schedule, as well as another 110 meetings for 2017 and another 110 for 2018.


    The inclusion of WASET in QUALIS was considered a “serious flaw” by scientists polled by FOLHA, who preferred not to be identified in order not to antagonize CAPES.

    Exception to this anonymity was the physicist Roland Koberle, a retired professor of University of Sao Paulo and member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. “It is very strange this fact”, said the researcher referring to the selection of the publisher by CAPES. He said the QUALIS has an obligation to warn users about fraudulent journals.

    WASET is also on the list of “predatory publishers” of the “Scholarly Open Access” blog by Jeffrey Beall, professor at University of Colorado, Denver. The list relates publishers who exploit, without scientific rigor, journals that charge fees for researchers to publish their articles in OA on the Internet.

    Both in free and paid access, reputable journals take over a year to review and accept articles, or reject them. Predatory publishers reduce this time frame to few months or weeks, and rarely reject papers. “The more items they accept and publish, the more money they make”, said Beall.

    In 2013, one year after the WASET had been detected by the solitary work of Beall, CAPES concluded its three-year evaluation of graduate studies in Brazil, by 48 evaluation area committees, each with an average of 20 consultants. Even without following the academic standard to indicate receipt and acceptance dates of articles, the publisher was not rejected for 20 of these committees.

    Ten of the grades obtained by WASET in QUALIS require registration in at least two scientific databases. Despite this rule, the publications of this publisher are shown only in the unknown International Science Index, whose initials are the same of the prestigious ISI (Institute of Information Science), Web of Science, which is the world’s largest base of this kind.

    Another irregularity of WASET in QUALIS is that it is erroneously listed as journal title. To complicate matters, the publisher has ten magazines, but the CAPES record makes a mess with four ISSN codes. Two of these records are in Turkey but are invalid, and the other two, Singapore, were canceled, according to the ISSN International Center in Paris, France.


    The WASET did not respond to questions sent by the journalist. In a statement, CAPES was evasive about irregularities in the inclusion of WASET and its ISSN records in QUALIS and the stay of this publisher in this selection. Despite this omission, the federal agency claimed that “in cases where there are evidences and references of incorrect or inappropriate editorial practices towards the scientific community, the journals are removed from QUALIS”.

  12. First newspaper article in Netherlands (in Dutch) about WASET and its owners Ardil Family ( fake Dr/PhD Cemal Ardil , his daughter Ebru Ardil , and his son Bora Ardil ) ( from Canakkale and Istanbul – Turkey ) :

    Richard De Boer ,
    de Volkskrant (Netherlands) , 4 july 2015 :
    WASET and Ardil family (TR) :
    – Academic fake conferences prove lucrative growth market
    – Fake conferences ( Dummy conferences )


    Short version :

    * http://www.volkskrant.nl/wetenschap/academische-nepcongressen-blijken-lucratieve-groeimarkt~a4094171/

    Academische nepcongressen blijken lucratieve groeimarkt
    ( = Academic fake conferences prove lucrative growth market )

    Denken dat je een ticket boekt voor een topcongres, om te belanden in een klein zaaltje met amper vakgenoten. Deze vorm van misleiding van wetenschappers is de laatste jaren wereldwijd toegenomen, blijkt uit onderzoek van de Volkskrant.
    ( = Thinking that you book a ticket for a summit conference to end up in a small room with barely colleagues. This form of deception by scientists increased in recent years worldwide , according to research by the Volkskrant. )

    Richard De Boer ,
    de Volkskrant (Netherlands) , 4 july 2015, 02:00

    google translate :
    Academic fake conferences prove lucrative growth market

    Thinking that you book a ticket for a summit conference to end up in a small room with barely colleagues. This form of deception by scientists increased in recent years worldwide , according to research by the Volkskrant.

    by : Richard De Boer 4 july 2015, 02:00

    Organizers of such dummy conferences advertise in many cases the name of a ‘real’ scientific conference. Easy prey to the deceptive recruitment activities are often young postgraduates seeking an international stage for their research.

    Opined teacher researcher Jaco van den Dool from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam to travel to Dubai for a presentation at a conference on music psychology . “Only after my airfare, hotel and conference paid , I discovered that it appeared to be a totally different meeting to be without head or tail ,” says Van den Dool. “Most of the presentations were of a deplorable level and really had nothing to do with my profession.”

    That the problem is bigger , only to see whether the number of invitations I receive by mail . That there are more than twenty per week.


    Van den Dool was misled by the World Academy of Science , Engineering and Technology ( Waset ) , an organization that for years researchers , attracts thousands conference titles copied from existing academic conferences.

    One of those conferences, the biennial ICANN for computer scientists, is aware of the hijacked title and has a warning for Waset conferences on its website .

    Another victim conference , International Conference on Hydrogen Safety , is a measure recently her name registered as a trademark. The organization is now considering legal action against Waset , a spokesman says. “But that requires an address where we can send the legal papers to go, and the address of Waset is not easy to figure out .”

    Also in the Netherlands

    Unscrupulous operators of scientific conferences are also active in the Netherlands. For example, the NH Naarden Hotel has been doing for several years as a venue for Waset conferences in the Netherlands. Employees of Waset which there were recently addressed at a conference by the Volkskrant , no bleaching contact a responsible unable or unwilling to give . Also in question by e-mail is not Waset .

    According Jocalyn Clark , editor of medical journals PLOS Medicine and BMJ, research institutions and their funders are still largely unaware of the magnitude of the problem. “This problem is growing , only to see whether the number of invitations I receive by mail . That there are more than twenty per week . ”

    Waset is one of the dominant parties in this growth market and, according to Turkish whistleblowers run by the shadowy physics teacher Ardil Cemal and his family. He started in 2007 with one conference per month , but now organizes more than a hundred conferences each year . There go to millions . Participants pay between 350 and 500 dollars registration fee.

    Long version :

    * http://www.volkskrant.nl/wetenschap/welkom-in-de-wereld-van-nepwetenschap~a4093977/

    Richard De Boer ,
    de Volkskrant (Netherlands) , 4 july 2015

    Topcongres! (Fopcongres)
    ( = Fake conferences ( Dummy conferences ) )

    Wetenschappers moeten zich profileren, en daar spelen oplichters handig op in. Welkom in de wonderlijke wereld van de nepconferenties en dubieuze publicaties. ( = Scientists should present themselves , and play crooks handy on that.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of fake conferences and dubious publications. )

  13. […] these people publish crap. And they organize “conferences” that have the same names as legitimate ones (and sometimes the same copy-pasted organizing committee!), forcing the original […]

  14. nitta roonkaseam says:

    Would you please check that this “https://www.waset.org/topic/Psychological-and-Behavioral-Sciences/2016/06/vienna” have to avoid or not? Thank you very much

  15. Flordeliza Ladines Mercado says:

    Good day! Can somebody here tell me if the conferences organized by the Institute of Research Engineers and Scientist (The IRES) are true? Is IRES a legitimate/registered conference organizer?

  16. Abdu Abdullahi says:

    Please Sir, I wanted to attend and International Conference any where in the World by 2017 to be held between June to October, by reputable and well recognised institutions or body, kindly how can i get such reputable institutions, as currently i have an invitation by WASET. thanks Abdul, Nigeria West Africa.

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