14 Responses to Mysterious Institute Launches with Nine Journals

  1. Ahmad Hassanat says:

    I never heard in Dr Gordon too, I only heard in Gordon Ramzi

  2. Marco says:

    If you publish with them, apparently you get a “Certificate of publication in the Coltharp Institute Journal”. Why would I want such a certificate?!

    • In some countries, such as India, it is common for researchers to ask for a certificate so that they can demonstrate to their college or university that they successfully published an article.

      • Marco says:

        Ah, OK, thanks. Still odd, though. I have not heard any of the journals I am involved in offering such certificates. And they’re not exactly IF < 1 journals…

  3. tekija says:

    Interesting that their first conference, for what it is worth, alledgely takes place in Nashville – this is namely not the first mystery regarding Coltharp and Nashville.


    I notice that you will need to pay upfront registration fee when you submit a paper, you are promised refund if rejected, but also revision assistance, so rejection probably will be a non event. And if you would like a second paper, you will need to pay more.

    And apparently whatever your topic, all papers go to the same congress that feeds the ten journals.

    A scam as there ever was.

  4. Dr. John A. Rushing, Sr., GPHR, SPHR says:

    Dr. Gordon is an established teacher, mentor and researcher. (Google Dr. Jean Gordon, FIU, Capella etc.). Still, is there sufficient data to make a determination about the conferences and journals?

    When we see the editorial boards of the journals and see who are the paper reviewers for the conferences I think we will be better informed and better able to make intelligent assessments.

    We all remember a time when Clute and IABPAD were unknown entities and we now regularly see respected colleagues at those conferences.

    Maybe I am just old fashioned and just enjoy stories about the underdog and the upstart. At any rate I will follow this with interest to see how it all turns out.


    Dr. John A. Rushing, Sr., GPHR, SPHR

  5. bill says:

    Are you sure the FIU researcher is the person who sent the email?
    Most things about this “institute” look dubious so I would be surprised that an established academic would be involved in setting it up.

    • Dr. John A. Rushing, Sr., GPHR, SPHR says:

      Dear Bill,
      I only know that the data you published matches the data for Dr. Jean Gordon at FIU, Capella, St. Thomas etc. I recognize the photo and the education history. I have no way of knowing if she sent the email because I have not discussed it with her. You might want to give her a phone call or email her.

      If you talk to some one who knows her I think you will be surprised not only by her academic history but by her efforts for social justice and for serving the under-served. That probably is a reflection of her background in nursing.

      I have no connection with the journals or the Institute and know nothing about either. If I were to “guess” and I know we academics do not “guess”, but if I were I would guess the institute is a not-for-profit with proceeds going to a children’s charity of such.

      As i said before, I am withholding judgment until I learn more, perhaps attend a conference or talk with colleagues who have attended one. We have a natural skepticism when we see new conferences or journals, particularly since we have universities granting masters’ degrees to dogs in the US and England.

      We all agree that higher education has serious challenges from grade inflation to plagiarism. We share concerns for all elements of our calling, including conferences and journals.

      Best regards,

  6. tina halpain says:

    As a founding member, I just wanted to address some of the concerns expressed above.

    Coltharp Institute a recently formed organization focused on delivering an engaging conference experience with the publication of journals. It is definitely in its infancy, but is a legitimate organization. Coltharp Institute was founded in honor of one of the owners dad who recently passed away. Just to re-enforce what John stated above Dr. Jean Gordon is a real person a distinguished professor.

  7. bill says:

    Dear Tina,
    Thanks for clarifying the situation and good luck with the Institute.

  8. dr mac says:

    If Tina Halpain (the founding member seen above) would wish to be believed as a reliable reference for an upcoming academic institute, she might want to run her statements through a grammar and spell checker before hitting the send button. ?

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