9 Responses to Open-Access Publisher Sends Extremely Annoying Spam Emails

  1. P Canning says:

    in the email the invitation is for “International Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy” and it is signed by Allison Zoey, Editorial office, “International Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Research”.

    What happened to people at International Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy? Too busy to send invitations?

    Open access publishing has made a mockery of scholars.

  2. tekija says:

    The language gaffes are not at all surprising. After all, according the US government, 11% of Delaware inhabitants 16 years or older lack basic prose literary skills. Apparently, they managed to employ one of them! See: http://nces.ed.gov/naal/estimates/stateestimates.aspx

    By the way, how do you explain the well populated and clearly identified editorial boards, with several US members. Apparently, they have not been put off by the language skills. One must be tolerant of the less privileged employees.

  3. Katrin says:

    Deliberate greets? As opposed to what, accidental greets?

  4. Daniel says:

    I get these all the time, and they keep coming through gmail, despite my marking them as spam every time.

  5. siebers says:

    They are still at it. here is the latest invite from them to me, despite having opted out of their emails in the past.

    “Greetings from our editorial members.

    We are glad to announce the successful launch of “International Journal of Allergy Medications” by ClinMed International Library – an “Evergreen International Journal Archive” established to support and to expose the efforts put forth by clinical researchers and medical practitioners. The mission of ClinMed International Library is to motivate new research concepts and nurture practical solicitation from the research discoveries.

  6. DelawareJoe says:

    If you were to look up the address “113 Barksdale Professional Center” you would find that it is the address of Delaware Intercorp LLC, which offers services to incorporate in my small state. Though physically the office is a modest one, sufficient only for say a dentistry practice, it serves as the headquarters for these many international medical journals, a how of miscellaneous businesses, and even a couple of universities (“Southern Delaware University” and “Pebble Hills University”).

  7. Kelley says:

    I’m amused that the address of this bogus journal included the county in its spam email to me, in case anyone wanted further evidence that this is not, most likely, a US firm.

    113 Barksdale Professional Center
    Newark, County of New Castle
    DE 19711, USA

  8. Tibor says:

    Thank you for the helpful (and amusing) review at the top of this page. I have just received an “requisition” (original text in the subject line) to review an article for the
    “International Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Research”.

    The email does not include any official link to accept or reject the invite (thank God, I wouldn’t like to accidentally click on it).

    The abstract looks fine at the first glance but a detailed look reveals major flaws in data presentation: neither measurement units nor nature of statistics used to describe central tendency / data dispersion are declared.

  9. Marsha Michie says:

    They appear to have improved the language of their spam now – it’s looking a lot more convincing now. I’m glad I checked your list (as I always do with journals I’m not familiar with). Here’s the email I received:

    Dear Dr. {my name here},

    Hope you are doing well!

    I wonder if you could write a review or research (or any type of article) for International Journal of Women’s Health and Wellness. International Journal of Women’s Health and Wellness (ISSN: 2474-1353) is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed open access journal that focuses on high-quality articles that discuss various aspects and advances in all aspects of the science of women.

    It would be great if you can submit in December so that I could process it for the issue. I request you to submit it by 20 December, 2016.

    If you have a manuscript ready for publication, you may submit in our online submission system or send as an attachment to this E-mail.

    Please provide me your acceptance for the Volume 2 Issue 6.

    I will be waiting for your positive mail.

    Have a nice and healthy day ahead!

    With thanks,
    Catharine Perez
    Editorial office | International Journal of Women’s Health and Wellness
    113 Barksdale Professional Center | Newark
    DE 19711, USA

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