19 Responses to Another OA Publisher Launches with 96 New Journals

  1. P Canning says:

    Academia Research
    St Michael”s Catholic Church, Sapele, Delta – Registrant Postal Code:331222, Nigeria

    Is it not time that open access publishing stops now?

  2. Ahmad Hassanat says:

    I think the real good journals are responsible for what is going on, and let researchers seek for such rotten journals, when I wait 2.5 years to get one of my papers published, I may seek for those predatory journals, when I wait 10 months to get rejected with no obvious reason I seek for those cannibals.

    • J.J. says:

      Absurd. Academic publishing is about archiving good scientific work, not catering for the wishes of authors to publish their stuff.

      • Ahmad Hassanat says:

        How can you judge my work without seeing it? you are even worse than them.
        I think most of the journals have become predatory journals, because it is now all about money, the scientific value alone is not a criteria any more.
        Some reputable journals (that you are defending) publish the same paper for a well known researchers several times.
        And some of them asking for $2500 for publication fees, aren’t they predatory journals?
        There is a big debate on this issue, you may check researchgate.com for more on this.
        My fellow researcher, I am not against good reputation journals, on the contrary I am with them, but I think they are strayed little bit recently, since their business model is more important than me , you or the science it self.
        If I have time I will post some of there silly comments. I might do it later.
        Why silly? because they have nothing to do with the submitted paper, this gives the impression that they did not bother to read the submitted article, and the rejection was based on the name of the author and/or his affiliation.

      • J.J. says:

        Dear Ahmad,
        I did not judge your work. I was just stressing that publishing is not a right. Don’t pay the 2’500$ in article processing fee, just submit to subscription-based journals and upload a pre-print on your server like we always did.

      • Guido B says:

        @ Ahmad Hassanat: I don’t know about the field of information technology, but in my field (management) what you describe regarding review comments is far from my experience. My papers got rejected many, many times, but almost never have I come away thinking the comments are silly. In my experience reviewers almost always try to come up with thoughtful, constructive feedback. And why wouldn’t they? They are volunteers, and if they don’t have time or interest in reviewing a paper they can just say ‘no’. I do agree with your point that the traditional peer review process takes too long, and I can imagine that especially in technology-related fields this can be a big problem.

  3. Dan Riley says:

    Domain registration:

    Otomi Edafe
    Academia Research
    St Michael’s Catholic Church
    Sapele, Delta, 331222, NG

    Paper preparation instructions are cut&paste from other sites of questionable virtue, including the automatic assignment of copyright to the journal. Searching on a few distinctive phrases turns up lots and *lots* of journals I’ve never heard of and would probably prefer not to.

    Per usual, no hint of any kind of document preservation plan or contingencies when the journal disappears.

  4. Pavan Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Beall

    What about the newly launched http://www.jujournals.net.in/
    It seems that the predatory publisher ‘ignited minds’ somehow convinced the university officials to launch university journals through its platform. Please provide your opinion for benefit of authors.

    • Mr. Singh: Thanks for letting me know about this new publisher. I do not want to add it to my list at this time. I do see some serious weaknesses. Also, there is a question as to whether the journals actually qualify as open-access journals (and I limit my work to OA journals). One is asked to register to download the actual articles, and by definition open-access does not include content for which registration is required for viewing. There are some sloppy aspects to the operation as well. I was easily able to see some plagiarism in one of the articles, and I also saw that some editorial board members were listed without any affiliations. I need more time to analyze this publisher, and hopefully they will be able to fix the weaknesses that are there now. Thank you. Jeffrey Beall

      • Ajai sharan india says:

        Dear beall – I salute you for the kind of work you have undertaken.its many step forward fighting against deep rooted corruption.this can cause unseen damage to the scientific community .i can offer my self as your sub ordinate in such an attempt. thanks. A K Sharan

  5. Absurdly, even “Academia Research”‘s journal titles are ‘adapted from’ another OA publisher, in this case Academic Journals.

    Compare the list of journal titles to the lists on this page: http://academicjournals.org/journal


  6. OA says:

    Hello Dr. Beall:
    My manuscript was accepted by International Journal of Pharmacy–I just saw the journal name on your list. I thought I researched well properly prior to submitting to them. The journal didn’t seem to be suspicions to me. What do you suggest that I do?

    Also, what do you think about: International Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy?–it is not on your list.
    Please help!

    • The International Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy is published by the so-called American Research Institute for Policy Development, which is included on my list. I recommend that you find a better publisher for your work.

    • Marco says:

      It appears to me that this journal falsely claims to be indexed by Scopus. I could not find any references to it when searching Scopus (both for the journal and a randomly selected paper). Interestingly, it uses the same abbreviation as the International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Int J Pharm).

      They also claim an “impact factor” of 2.142 in 2013, which would place it in midfield in the area of pharmaceutics. Unsurprisingly, it does not feature in the JCR.

  7. alexo says:

    hello Dr. Beall
    please tell me international journal of public health science included in this group

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