23 Responses to Ridiculous OA Journal Launches with Ridiculous Title

  1. Jeff Shrager says:

    Maybe you need another list of ridiculous faux journals. (And how do you know that Wolf Hollow Homes didn’t lift the logo from IJB, eh?! ;-)

    Maybe even better would be a set of emoticons that go in your list, like:

    X~=-x Pretending to be another journal
    –>|__> Trumped up impact factor
    ;-) Ridiculous faux journal
    []-~->[] Stolen look and feel
    :-( Sad sad sad, so sad

  2. BLAIR, STEVEN says:

    Dear Jeffery,
    This is no end to the nonsense! Thank you for your great work.

    Steven N. Blair
    Departments of Exercise Science and Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Arnold School of Public Health
    921 Assembly Street, Room 225
    University of South Carolina
    Columbia, SC 29208
    803 777 0567

  3. Katrin says:

    The title makes it sounds like the journal publishes research *about* the British.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      That first issue kicks off with a Case Report of “DIPROSOPIC PARAPAGUS”, i.e. two-facedness in a foetus. Sadly, there was nothing in the text to link that to hypocrisy in British politics or culture.

  4. Ajai sharan india says:

    Can not imagine.thanks and feeling sad

  5. Samir Sharma says:

    The Indian Government is responsible for such money-making initiatives at the cost of quality with its unnecessary emphasis on ‘publications’ in scholarly journals with IF etc just for promotion. The Congress Govt. wasted crores of rupees on bad publishing and research schemes known as MRPs. MRPs are being exploited by intellectuals for just earning money and submitting some bogus research works which no standard scholarly journal will publish. Hope Narendra modi’s Govt. takes some hard and harsh measures against such malpractices and punish the bogus scholars. All these are giving India a bad name. It all started with imitating the American system of promoting quality in higher education and promotion. But the Indian policy-makers should have thought that India lacks the infrastructure and resources to follow such system. Even it could have developed its own system based on the ground realities in higher education. Soon scholars from other countries will start looking upon the Indians with doubtful eyes. The govt. must do something, for predatory publishers are not ashamed of malpractices even if their wrong-doings are found all over the internet. We have a bad name for ‘agent’ in India–Dalal (a kind of crook), and the Indian predatory editors are nothing better than that. Perhaps they consider themselves Dalals of scholarly business.

  6. Samir Sharma says:

    Another noticeable trend is that many scholars who studies in premier Indian institutions are not much against this. The reason is: at the time of doing PhD they are indirectly inspired by their supervisors to incorporate bits of research works, sometimes entire paragraphs.Naturally they are loving the system of easy publication without peer-review and with fake impact factors. What a condition!

  7. Samir Sharma says:

    Let me tell you a story: a professor of a university told a prospective college teacher aspiring for PhD. He gave a kind of formula (very scientific!): take this book (written many years ago) and prepare a summary and them rewrite it and expand it into thesis. Just change the title of the topic and chapters. Really, a Super-visor!

  8. Riaan Stals says:

    This one is a fun one. I just have to publish some undone research in here!

  9. Tom Rees says:

    Integrated British? Perhaps launched to celebrate Scotland choosing to stay in the union!

  10. Tom Spears says:

    As a citizen of the Commonwealth, I can offer two possible answers to this puzzle. Both are long shots.
    1. The authors have a limited understanding of English but use the adjective “British” without a noun because they know the colloquial expression “I wish you the best of British.” Left unsaid but understood in this expression is the word “luck.” It means to wish someone luck, in a way that implies he or she will need it.
    2. They are familiar with the “full English,” which is a large breakfast with eggs and sausages.
    I have to go with (3) which is that they are stupid, illiterate, and on the hunt for fast money.

  11. […] world’s newest open-access journal is the Integrated Journal of British.” Yes, that’s the whole […]

  12. KK says:

    @samir_sharma: Why don’t you teach younger generation that this is a wrong culture? There is a competition between countries to be on the top as publishing online journals, I suspect.
    All(Including Jeff): please have a look at this address on google map? Huge number of online journals are published from this particular address in the USA and many conferences world wide are being organised by this address
    731 Gull Ave, Foster City
    CA 94404, USA
    Tel: +1-650-618-9889

    Any thought? Where this is?

  13. KR says:

    @KK, funny, I also just looked that address up. On street view, it is a nice tiny suburban house in what seems to be an affluent neighbourhood. It’s mainly associated to OMICS group, or are there others?

  14. AZ says:

    Jeff, how strike the following name: “Scientific American”?
    If the title is ridiculous, the “Scientific American” should also be ridiculous, as both titles refer to proper names!

  15. DS says:

    “Is this the type of open-access journal that the British wish to promote? I do hope not.”

    It is a shame to see that comment as it should have been beneath you. You think this has anything to do with the British research establishment? last time I checked, there was no copyright on the word “British”.

  16. Michael McShan says:

    For fun, I looked at an article here on grading pigeons (kind of Darwinish, I guess) and was greeted by this opening sentence: “In Bangladesh the farmers are normally choice his good pigeons only colour and structure.” So, I suppose this in not the Integrated Journal of British [Grammar].

  17. Vijay R. Raghavan says:

    This is for Samir Sharma. While the Indian government might be inadvertently supporting fake publishing, look at what the Chinese are doing. With full government blessings, they go on a spree of conferences (almost one everyday), with equally funny conf. names and fuzzy themes. Then they manage to associate legitimacy by having the proceedings published by journals such as ‘Applied Mechanics and Materials’ (with Scopus indexing yet). So, the Charade seems to be an Asian phenomenon.

  18. andi says:

    which are the most reliable site for indexing impact factor?

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