17 Responses to Two Agriculture Journals Share the Same Title

  1. Steve Blair says:

    It is extremely frightening to see where we are going.

  2. Frank Lu says:

    As usual, huge editorial board.

    • CCSE - not! says:

      The titles are similar, but not identical. They differ by one word “The”. And even if the titles were identical, this is neither illegal, nor problematic, for one simple reason: the ISSN allows this to happen. So, if there is poor regulation, it is by the ISSN.

      • Correct, and the ISSN people do not police titles. In fact, titles are not copyrightable. Still, for a new journal to use a title that is nearly exactly the same as an established title is a questionable practice, I think.

  3. Ahmad Hassanat says:

    what the flag of Canada has anything to do with the journal?

  4. Akhlesh Lakhtakia says:

    Another instance of duplication: Journal of Optics has been published by the Optical Society of India since 1972. The (British) Institute of Physics recently renamed Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics as Journal of Optics.

    • deillevid says:

      The full history of the (British) Journal of Optics is a bit more complicated than that. It was already called Journal of Optics between 1977-1998, then merged with another journal to become Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics and it indeed took back its former name in 2010.
      Still the Journal of Optics published by the Optical Society of India was created first and its name never changed.

  5. miztree says:

    Got the spam yesterday, addressed personally to me, from “Anne Brown”. The email actually looked *almost* legitimate, but there were a couple of clues that it was bogus. Thanks for the heads-up on this guy.

  6. Great post!

    By the way, I’ve decided that I’m renaming my blog.

    It will no longer be called “Neuroskeptic”, it will be “The Scholarly Open Access”.

  7. Nasser ghaly yousif says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Even the new journal have some parts of established journal title name, but had own ISSN, real articles, editors, peer reviewers and supported by society I think we give it some chance to grow and successful. The authors must be investigate the title of journal before send his/her paper for publication.


    • Marcin says:

      I had the questionable pleasure to be asked to review a paper for JAS-CSSE. Despite my outright REJECTION on the poor, poor paper (in my opinion fully justified, based on duplicatory character of the studies, awful writing, poor presentation and formating), the “editor” – Anne Brown I think – seems to have advised the Authors to apply my editorial comments, and accepted the paper.
      If that doesn’t put doubt on the already questioned OA, WHAT would…?!?

      Also, the same journal title issue applies for Bothalia (http://www.abcjournal.org/index.php/ABC, ISSN 0006-8241 (print) | ISSN: 2311-9284 (online), who even on their webpage prewanrs on the predatory copy of theirs, bothalia.com.

  8. Darragh McCurragh says:

    Well, one way of dealing with that could e.g. be creating identifiable doi (document identifier) namespaces so that everyone in academia could immediately see which was which when referring to the “root domain” etc. The other way is registering a trade name/registered trademark.

    • Aachenac says:

      Uhm… But adding/omitting “The” already voids the trademark claim, I believe? I think this only abides if the names are EXACTLY the same; lawyers among us – please advise.

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