19 Responses to Spam Email from Questionable Journal Provides Comic Relief

  1. Maria says:

    this is adorable. Never imagined, your blog could actually make me laugh out loud. Would definitely make a funny tidbit for Open Access Week.

    • ABRJ - not! says:

      And I sense a small taste of French in there, too: “Researche”. IT is truly a global and international publisher! I will admit, it is one of the few jokes that gave me a stomache ache.

  2. Nasser ghaly yousif says:

    Am asking about some new indexing like citefactor, j-gate, International Scientific Indexing ISI and its give impact factor to journals. ARE these indexing website fake or real.

  3. Nasser ghaly yousif says:

    Thank you Jeffrey, there is one called J-Gate is this also fake? here is the address:

    Shylaja L

    Asst. Production Manager

    Informatics (I) Limited

    No. 194, R V Road,


    Bangalore 560 004, Karnataka, INDIA

    Phone: 91-80 -40387777 ext- 3033

    Email: shylaja@informaticsglobal.com


  4. Katrin says:

    I just got a spam mail from an organization named “SciencePG” that didn’t even bother to separate my name form my co-author’s names properly. So it addressed me like this (names changed of course):
    “Dear Katrin Smith; Peter Miller; John Brown,,
    It’s a great honor to select out and read your article titled xx from thousand of articles. The theme of your article is very attractive. We wonder if you get any new progress of your research or do any new study in your research field.”

    Yes, that’s really going to convince me.

    • SciencePG - not! says:

      SciencePG is a serious spammer and will succeed, for the following reasons. Fortunately, in your case, you can see the farce. But for many thousands if not tens of thousands of scientists in developing countries clamoring for their research to be seen, this ego-enhancing e-mail, even if filled with errors, is heaven-sent. Maybe that is why I receive on average 2 such invitations a week from this organization?

      • Marco says:

        It may be a bit too easy to think only scientists in developing countries will fall for this. Gullible souls are everywhere; not to speak of the cynical.

  5. […] “The American Based Research Journal, which claims to be based in the UK…” The comic relief continues from there. […]

  6. Johnny Whiteman says:

    How dare you say that “Merry Jeans” is a made-up name! That’s my wife’s name!

  7. Mark Graber says:

    Hi, I got a new, possibly sketchy, journal invite today from advances in medical ethics. After all, who would want me as an editor? Publisher is Longdom Publishing.
    Hope things are well.

  8. Jeff, I just check my gmail and found this spam email, the print out of this is in my gdrive in pdf format here at


    Please check this carefully as almost (I’m sorry if I am mistaken) is not included in your list. Thank you my dear friend.

    • These journals are created by some people in New York and Connecticut that create new publishers that launch with 200-300 journals all at once. This is the first time I’ve seen them create standalone journals not part of a publisher’s fleet of journals. I may not be able to track all of them if they launch hundreds like this.

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