Open-Access Medical Publisher Has Contradictory Journal


Scholarly hypoxia is more like it.

Scholoxy is an India-based scholarly publisher of six medical journals. The publisher is a massive spammer, and it includes a medical journal with an unscientific title.

The publisher describes itself using poorly-edited English:

Scholoxy Publications tend to publish quality articles on the current ongoing research in the field of Bioscience and Medicine.

We as e-publishers, providing global web exposure for the journals and articles published which is freely and permanently available online for anyone, anywhere as the articles are subject under creative commons attribute license 4.0.

Its Facebook page shows 5,148 likes, but I suspect most of these have been purchased.

Scholoxy also claims to have an office in the U.S. state of Georgia, but a quick Google search reveals that the address they give (11555 Medlock Bridge, Suite 100, Johns Creek, Georgia) is that of a virtual office company.

Hyperplasia of Cancer

Something’s wrong here.

Of particular concern is Scholoxy’s journal Hyperplasia of Cancer. The title is contradictory. According to Dr. Udo Schumacher, Professor for Anatomy and Director of the Department of Anatomy and Experimental Morphology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf,

Hyperplasia of cancers do not exist and do not make sense. Hyperplasia means a primarily non-malignant increase of cells, e.g. in the prostate. Cancer is per se malignant and hence no hyperplasia can occur in cancer.

Dario Marchetti, Scholoxy


According to the Scholoxy website, the journal’s editor-in-chief is Dr. Dario Marchetti. The journal, perhaps tellingly, has not published any articles yet.

Successfully publishing medical journals requires much professionalism and experience. This publisher completely lacks both.

Summary: Scholoxy is a highly questionable scholarly publisher with six medical journals in its portfolio, including one with a contradictory, unscientific title. The publisher sends massive amounts of spam to busy researchers, recruiting editorial board memberships and manuscripts. Its website is sloppy and poorly edited, it has a questionable number of Facebook likes, and it uses a virtual office address in Georgia to spoof a U.S. presence.


Appendix: List of Scholoxy journals as of 2014-11-09

  1. Chronicles of Science
  2. Diabetes and the Pancreas
  3. Hyperplasia of Cancer
  4. Journal of Anesthesia and Pain Management
  5. Journal of Cardiac Circulation
  6. Pharmacology and Alternative Medicine

16 Responses to Open-Access Medical Publisher Has Contradictory Journal

  1. Roger Carter says:

    I suspect they are harvesting what “articles” they have available from other journal sites. I found one article in their journal Diabetes and the Pancreas entitled “Pancreas Transplantation in African American Compared to Non African American Patients: Does Recipient Ethnicity Influence Outcomes?” As far as I can tell this was actually an abstract possibly published in Vol. 98 of Transplantation (a bona fide journal from publisher LWW). Are they stealing content from other publishers?

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    The Gazoogle reveals that Dr. Dario Marchetti is an editor for Omics group, which hardly inspires confidence;
    — for a new venture called DiscoveriesJournals (Open access, advertises “free submission” but says nothing about publication charges);
    — and for “Journal of Oncology” from the Hindawi stable.
    — He has been Guest Editor for Intech Open (also on your list).

    He is also on the editorial boards of numerous oncology journals for the extraordinary family-run Spandidos Publications group (they’re not on your list of predators, but perhaps deserve a look).

    He spreads himself around a bit.

    • Maybe he’s just an innocent oncologist who doesn’t know how the internet works.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        To be fair, the Scholoxy website is the only place boasting of Dr Marchetti’s editorial status, and Scholoxy Publications are capable of plagiarising the entire editorial board without bothering with the formality of informing the people thereby recruited.
        The same names occur on the board of “Oncology Discovery” (from Herbert journals — another predator, I believe) — including Marchetti.

      • DARIO MARCHETTI says:

        By perusing Google, I came across by chance to this Scholarly Open Access web site where I learned with much surprise that my name has been linked to highly questionable and unethical journals. I was (and am) quite upset by this discovery, additive to various comments by individuals, notably ones from a “herr doctor bimler” who questioned my integrity.

        I do not often google my own name nor I consider myself an Internet expert but I want to make clear to you that, with the EXCEPTION of The International Journal of Oncology and related journals from Spandidos Publications which are reputable and legitimate, I do NOT want my name to be associated whatsoever with the journals and publishers you and the other bloggers indicated in your site.

        Unfortunately, I do not know how to contact individuals of these journals, however I deeply despise the conduct of these journals that took advantage of my name.

        I am an individual with a reputation for highest honesty and integrity, scientific and otherwise, and deeply despise the dishonest conduct of these journals that took advantage of my name.

      • It appears that Dr. Marchetti, like many others, is a victim of OMICS. The publisher added his name without his knowledge or permission, according to information provided to me.

    • Marco says:

      If Spandidos is predatory, it is a very, very professional operation. I personally do not see much wrong with it.

      Perhaps also of interest is that Marchetti does not list a lot of the journals on his website; this may well mean he does not even know he is listed as a member of the editorial board (see

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        At least with Spandidos there is no doubt about the people who are running it; there is that in their favour.

        The journals in which Marchetti *has* most recently acknowledged a role include “Annals of Cancer Research”, from Vernon; “Journal of Gene Therapy” and “Breast Cancer Reports” from Herbert; “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” from MDPI; “Clinical Journal of Allergy and Immunology” from Jacobs — all four publishers of dubious ethics and “potentially or possibly predatory”. There is not an impression of great discrimination in accepting invitations.

        The Gazoogle informs me that as well as the Baylor-affiliated Marchetti at “Hyperplasia of Cancer”, Scholoxy claim to have Baylor-affiliated Jacques E. Chelly as Editor-in-Chief of “Anesthesia Journal” / “Journal of Anesthesia and Pain Mangement”,* and a paper from Baylor PhD students as its second issue.

        * They can’t keep their story straight about what the journal is called.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Continuing back through Dr Marchetti’s own list of editorial-board memberships, he seems to have double-dipped with
        Editorial Advisory Panel,”Journ. of Clin. & Exp. Pathology”, 2011
        Editorial Board Member,”Clinical & Experimental Pathology”, 2012

        — there is an obscure Ukrainian “Clin.Exp.Path” journal, but I suspect that in both cases he means the Journal of Clin.Exp.Path. Which is one of the Omics scams.

        Whoops, I was wrong about “Journal of Gene Therapy” being from Herbert — that’s the “Journal of Gene Therapy Aspects“. The “Journal of Gene Therapy” which Marchetti so proudly accepted the invitation to edit is from Avens who are extremely dishonest.

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Upon further inquiry we find Marchetti on the editorial boards of:
        — a Bentham journal, “Clinical Cancer Drugs” (boo hiss);
        — two Dove journals, “Eye and Brain” and “Pathology and Laboratory Medicine International” (boo hiss);
        — an “International Journal of Cancer Research and Development” from “Science Fair Publishers” (I am not making this up);
        — the “American Journal of Cancer Research” from “e-Century”;
        — and the InTech “Journal of Circulating Biomarkers”. After that I got bored and stopped looking.

        So either he happily accepts editorial-board invitations which pad out his resume without caring whether or not the publishers are scammers, or he is a serial victim of identity theft, and does not google his own name often enough to have noticed.

  3. pradnya says:

    These people should certainly correct their “GRAMMER CHECK” and “PLAGARIZAM CHECK”

    “Credit Card Security
    We ask for the credit card information and passwords solely for the publication fees of the manuscript which are accessed by only accessed by authorized staff.”

    Can this be trusted?

  4. zewdu says:

    WHY SPG included in yor list

  5. zewdu says:

    Sciences publishing Group and International
    Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS)
    included in your list would you give me detail update on it?

  6. Kathy says:

    We recently had a manuscript accepted for publication in one of the Scholoxy journals. The payment for publishing was made via PayPal, and the manuscript was never published. I’ve tried about 10 times to contact the person I was dealing with to inquire about the status of the publication, with absolutely no response. Attempts to contact others within Scholoxy have been completely unsuccessful. SCAM is an understatement. The organization operates out of India. Who knows how many others have been cheated this way. There must be something the scientific community can do to shut them down.

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