New OA Publisher “Pubicon International Publications” Launches with 14 Journals

Pubicon International Publications

Pubicon ?

A company called Pubicon International Publications launched recently with 14 open-access journals. The publisher is based in Bhopal, India, so we found it strange and probably inappropriate that several of the journal titles begin with “American” and “British.” Also, rather uniquely, this Indian publisher even includes the Latin American Journal of Pharmaceutical Science in its journal portfolio — the first Latin American journal I know of published in India.

I’ve added this publisher to my list and recommend that scholars not submit their manuscripts to its journals. Here are some of the reasons:


“Submitted” is not the same as “accepted.”

  1. Each of its journals’ websites displays the Elsevier logo along with a statement that the journal is “now submitted in embase Biomedical Answers, an Elsevier product.” This is an attempt to lure authors into submitting manuscripts, with an uncertain indication that their articles will be included in this prestigious index.
  1. On its “Indexing” page, the publisher merely copies the logos of many organizations, most of which are not academic indexes. The logos of some bogus metrics companies are also included.
  1. Its journals falsely claim to have the lowest article publishing charges: “Our APCs are the lowest amongst all publishers and we provide exemption for authors from low and middle income countries.” The actual charges are “International Authors: 107 USD (excluding sender’s charges)”. [I have seen APCs from other publishers as low as $20].
  1. Several of its journals don’t have ISSNs and the journals do not supply DOIs.
  1. The journals are all broad in scope and they require that article submissions be sent to a gmail address.
  1. Much of the website content, including much of the author guidelines, is copied from other publishers without attribution.
  1. The name “Pubicon” is poorly chosen and sounds strange in English.
Pubicon Science Index

A new source of bogus impact factors.

This publisher also makes available the Pubicon Science Index. This appears to chiefly be a counterfeit impact factor supply service. The publisher has even awarded impact factors to some of its own journals, like this one, the American Journal of Ethnomedicine, which has a “PSI impact factor” of 0.239.

American Journal of Ethnomedicine

Pubicon awards impact factors to its own journals.

This publisher exemplifies the near-complete abandonment of ethical and industry standards in scholarly publishing and the breakdown of research cultures in many regions of the world.

Please do not submit any papers to the journals of Pubicon.

Hat tip: Dr. Kathryn H. Jacobsen

Appendix: List of Pubicon International Publications as of 2014-11-30

  1. American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery (AJADD)
  2. American Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey (AJCSES)
  3. American Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (AJCSIT)
  4. American Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics (AJDDT)
  5. American Journal of Ethnomedicine (AJethno)
  6. American Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics (AJPP)
  7. American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics (AJPCT)
  8. British Biomedical Bulletin (BBB)
  9. British Journal of Research (BJR)
  10. Global Journal of Research and Review (GJRR)
  11. International Annals of Advanced Scientific Research (IAASR)
  12. International Annals of Ethnomedicine (IAE)
  13. International Journal of Applied Science (IJAS)
  14. Latin American Journal of Pharmaceutical Science (LAJPS)

24 Responses to New OA Publisher “Pubicon International Publications” Launches with 14 Journals

  1. Dorey, Gerald says:

    And fittingly the section on Plagiarism in Latin-American journal is plagiarised from OAP London (Open Access Publishing London) which may or may not be a scam company itself. OAP is an improbable acronym for a Brit to use as it is generally still rendered as Old Age Pensioner in the UK.

    These are cleverly put together sites, and the credulous and naive will suffer.


    Gerald Dorey

  2. Pubic? says:

    The publisher’s name sounds terrible because it engenders the image of uncontrollable pubic hair. Which, of course has nothing to do with publishing. Seems like there is intra-India competition between Bhopal and Hyderabad.

  3. Riaan Stals says:

    I haven’t seen this before: a section on ‘CITATION MANIPULATION’. A haphazardly chosen example from one of the Pubicon magazines is here:

    Citation manipulation, in many forms, is undoubtedly an inherent aspect of predatory publication. The Pubicon magazines do not define this malpractice in any useful way, but threatens with “severe” punitive measures should an author be [found] guilty of citation manipulation.
    (a) Not that I believe it will ever actually happen.
    (b) Punishment only for those wishing to publish in one of the journals issued by this, what they call themselves elsewhere, “Publishing House”.

  4. Riaan Stals says:

    Not that I know anything about Phenomenology …

    The ‘Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology’ may have an unusual geographic scope, but that is explained on the journal’s “About” page , and it seems to be an above-board journal continuously published since 2001.

    Why, why, why then, is there a link to this journal on the Pubicon website ?

  5. Nils says:

    They sure have crossed the Pubicon of bad taste.

  6. Usman Opeyemi Lateef says:

    Dear sir,

    please advise me! Can I publish my article in International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)? Your prompt response to this question will be highly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

  7. Francisco Esponilla II says:

    Sir Jeff, Can I publish my research work with International Journal of Research and Social Sciences (IJRSS). please advise me on this sir. Thank you and God Bless.

  8. Bhushan Madke says:

    Please see this site and give your opinion on this journal

    • This journal is one of three from a publisher called Smile Nation – Lets Smile Together. There is no website for the publisher — only the three individual websites for each of the journals. I have added the publisher to my list, using the URL of one of the three journals, a page that lists all three of the journals. I recommend against submitting papers to all three of this publisher’s low quality journals. The silly name is an indicator of the publishers other weaknesses and shortcomings.

  9. M. de Jong says:

    Thank you for sharing all this information on your website! Wouldn’t it a good idea to add some sort of a white list to your website, i.e., with publishers that are legit? We all know Springer, Elsevier etc are ok, but there must be quite a number of smaller publishers that are fine as well?! I assume there are a number of publishers or journals that you wouldn’t put on your ‘black list’, but are not 100% trustworthy either? Or would you say that the fact that a journal is listed in, for instance pubmed, reassuring enough?

  10. Azerefegne says:

    I came across “Journal of Advances in Agriculture” with impact factor of.0.823. The publisher is “Council For Innovative Research” ( which publishes 36 journals and 16 of them are with “impact factors”. However, I couldn’t find them in the Thomson Reuters list. The publisher claims that the impact factors are “calculated with process of IF calculation procedure of CIR”. Is this acceptable? Colleagues of mine published articles having “Global Impact Factor” and I am not sure if this impact factor is internationally accepted. Are there other measurements which are accepted besides Thomson Reuters?

    • No, this is not acceptable.
      This is a predatory publisher that is completely dishonest in about every way possible.
      Thomson Reuters, in its product Journal Citation Reports, is the only legitimate source of the impact factor. There are additional legitimate scholarly metrics as well, such as the h-index.

  11. Elie says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I stumbled upon a couple of spam mails from this publishing group :
    It seems to be a new publisher, with 27 journal! (most of them, if not all, empty of content).
    I’m not sure you can judge them yet based on your criteria, but better to be on the lookout.

    • Thanks for letting me know about this publisher. I have analyzed it and added it to my list. While analyzing it, I discovered another similar one that copies much of the website text, Access Journals. These two and many others are being template-launched by someone in Delta State, Nigeria. I strongly recommend against serving on their editorial boards or submitting papers to them. Thanks again.

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