The OMICS Publishing Group’s Empire is Expanding


Accelerating profits

OMICS Group, the Hyderabad, India-based group of scholarly publishing-related companies, is expanding and now operates at least twelve publishing imprints (brands), as well as a scholarly conferences division.

It is headed by a dubious character who seems intent on conquering all of scholarly publishing and who may be a megalomaniac. Here I present an update on OMICS Group’s highly questionable business practices and describe the man behind them, Srinubabu Gedela.

OMICS Group now operates the following brands. Most are scholarly journal imprints.

OMICS Publishing Group Brands

e-Science Central

e-Clinical Central

e-Medical Central

e-Pharma Central

GSB Life Sciences


OMICS Group Conferences

OMICS Group ebooks

Open Access Scientific Reports

Scholars Central


United Scientific Group

I don’t have any direct evidence that the following three publishers are owned by OMICS. However, I have received reports that their business practices match those of the OMICS brands listed above.

Specifically, OMICS brands victimize researchers using spam email article solicitations that make no mention of the required publishing fees, quickly accepting papers the researchers submit and refusing to honor withdrawal requests when the horrified authors are presented with a bill for the publishing fees, fees that often are in the thousands of dollars.

Austin Publishing Group

Developing Country Think Tank Institute


United Scientific Group

Tag line fail.

The newest OMICS Group brand is the so-called United Scientific Group, with the tag line — A Maven Connecting Scientific Community — that makes no sense. The brand is still in the formative stages and has not yet launched any journals. It purports to be based in Silicon Valley.

I think OMICS Group’s business practices are highly questionable. The firm seeks to exploit the reputations of top researchers, their institutions, and legitimate scholarly publishing organizations. It capitalizes on these identities in its advertising, websites, and editorial boards and uses them to feign legitimacy and attract new article submissions, its main revenue source.

OMICS Group journals are known for publishing lots of “easy” papers such as commentaries, editorials, viewpoints, brief papers that fill up the online pages of its over 350 open-access journals. These quickly-written and published editorials then serve to make the journals appear more successful than they really are. They are full of content, but the content is mere fill.

The publisher purposefully belabors the process of removing names from journal editorial boards, ignoring initial requests and only removing names, in some cases, when legal action is threatened or initiated.

As stated, OMICS Group exploits the unwary; it spams researchers, broadcasting spam emails that make no mention of the publishing fees and then quickly accepts submitted papers. It then refuses to honor withdrawal requests when the horrified authors are presented with a bill for the publishing fees, fees that often are in the thousands of dollars.

Srinubabu Gedela

Srinubabu Gedela

There is one main operator behind the Evil Empire of OMICS Group, and that man is Srinubabu Gedela. Coy and diminutive, he wears polyester sportcoats. He self-publishes a website full of puffery in which he paints himself as a corporate hero and fatuously crowns himself a ‘philathroper.’

He claims a Ph.D., but some have questioned whether he really completed it. It’s known he spent some time at Stanford but unclear whether he actually left there having earned any academic credential. It is at Stanford where he became fascinated with the word OMICS and decided to christen his publishing company with the term.

Writing in May, 2013, I documented what appears to be significant, apparent plagiarism in a book chapter that appeared under his name:

Gedela, Srinubabu. (2011). Integration, warehousing, and analysis strategies of omics data. In B. Mayer (Ed.), Bioinformatics for Omics data: Methods and protocols (pp. 399-414). New York: Humana Press.

My analysis is here, and it shows that Gedela’s chapter includes text lifted from Wikipedia articles, among other sources, with no attribution, no quotation marks.

Now Gedela is using his immense profits to try his hand in Bollywood as a Telugu film producer, brandishing his wealth for all to see as a member of the nouveau riche.

If you get spam from this company, the spam will not identify the publisher as OMICS Group; it will only use the name of the journal. Therefore, it is now necessary to carry out exhaustive research before accepting any spam email solicitation. Do not submit any work to any of the OMICS Group brands listed here.

OMICS is a sneaky company that will use deception to get you to submit a scholarly manuscript. If you do, the paper will be quickly accepted, and you will receive an invoice in a week or so. Gedela’s lackeys will refuse to withdraw the paper, and they will hound you for the balance due, which will total several thousand dollars.

47 Responses to The OMICS Publishing Group’s Empire is Expanding

  1. Venkatesh Naini says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I always wondered how tricksters like this get away with this stuff. Even with such low credentials, this fellow is able to fool the world ! You can find many such hucksters in that part of India, some even linked to politicians and corruption

  2. Anatoli says:

    Are all the editors in chief listed on omics website so naive not to notice such practices or are they also hand in gloves with omics?

    • Many of the editorial board members are actually victims of OMICS. This publisher regularly adds names to its editorial boards and conference organizing committees without permission and then refuses to remove the names upon request or takes a very long time to do so

      • srikanth says:

        You all can not even plug off single hair of sinubabu, he is a living legend, more over it is all free of cost publicity of his company. now hi is generating revenue nearly 7cr/month.

      • Antonio Cepeda-Benito says:

        My name is Antonio Cepeda-Benito. I was offered to be the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Mental Disorders and Treatment. I read through the materials they sent and all seemed fine–a project in the making that I thought I could contribute to create and shape from scratch. That’s what lured me. However, once I started to see that I had zero control or decision making authority, and realized their unethical practices, I immediately stepped down from my post. This was about 8 months ago. They promised me they would take my name down, picture, etc. I’m still waiting; I feel powerless and not knowing how to proceed. They have imprisoned me, stolen my identity. So, yes naive and victim.

  3. Anatoli says:

    Amazing thing is that all editors in chief are from USA…. We frequently blame scholars from developing countries for publishing and patronizing low quality questionable journals.. What about more than 100 editors in chief from USA listed on omics website…. What is the motive?? Is it naivety, corruption, status, carelessness, benefits? Being a scholar if I know about omics, they are supposed to be more knowledgeable and up to date.

  4. Anatoli says:

    Thanx, you answered my question before I posted my second comment… what about authors who publish and pay $2000 per article? Are they naive or ill informed or scared or desperate or generally dishonest? Some publisher can forcefully publish my paper, that I can understand but how can someone force me to pay $2000 when we reside in separate countries?

    • Each case is unique. OMICS pressures people to pay in many ways, including phone calls, lies about not being able to take back DOIs, etc. This publisher has hurt a lot of people.

  5. Prollo says:

    I like the Germanflag on the OMICS group website – see conferences by country on the left… but wait, shouldn’t this flag have a pink stripe somewhere?

  6. Anatoli says:

    Why are there so few reader comments when you post a about omics

  7. Baba Saraki says:

    Hi Prof Beall, may I know the best criteria to search for a good Journal for paper publication?. I saw in your previous list (2012) that MDPI publisher was amongst the predatory publishers, but for the 2014, the publishers name was removed. How do you got to place them in your list, and other things you observe that make them not to be in the list as the for 2014 list.

    Likewise, It seems Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy, one of the OMICS groups journal is indexed in SCOPUS, INDEX COPERNICUS, EBSCO, and but it is not indexed in ISI web of knowledge. My question is how can someone know this is the correct journal to be publish in?. As I do see many scientists/research often ask is the journal index in SCOPUS. or MEDLINE?. That was the first questions that normally came to their mind, if it’s indexed in, then they will submit their manuscript there.

    Thank you for your response Sir Beall.

    • To find good journals, I suggest that you
      a. Read widely in your field
      b. Ask professors or senior colleagues which are the best journals in your field
      b. Consult with a librarian at your university

      MDPI was added to my list earlier this year; it was not on before.
      Regarding OMICS, the advice is easy, do not publish in any journal published by OMICS Group, even if it is indexed in Scopus.

  8. David Hopkins says:

    Folks, read the reality of indexing here:

    Just observe that any particular journal is publishing good research, indexing doesn’t matter.

  9. I think I will submit soon a fake paper, just to see it accepted. I will report here the results.

  10. Michel Mahiques says:

    By the way, I have recently been included as a co-author in a paper by OMICS and the doi number does not appear in CrossRef.

  11. John Mashey says:

    This was mentioned in earlier post here:
    Joseph G Marreddy
    731 Gull Ave, Foster City
    CA 94404, USA

    That isn’t exactly Silicon Valley (whose boundaries are vague), but in between there and San Francisco. Here’s Google streetview of the house

    LinkedIn gives us Gopu Joseph Marreddy, a “Fianace Executive at OMICS Group”.
    Before that he claims to have been at
    Smart Chip Limited for a year.
    If you have a LinkedIn account you can learn more, albeit not much.

  12. Manfred Raida says:

    And a special journal from the comics group showed up today in LinkedIn:
    Omics of Renal Disease: Thematic Issue

    Susan Williams
    Editorial Assistant at OMICS Publishing Group
    We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics is soliciting articles on a new thematic issue on “Omics of Renal Disease”

    The journal expects papers by April 2nd and take only $917 (or so) to publish them how nice they are

  13. Giorgi Kanakava says:

    Here is a part of my still continuing story with the group’s Arts and Social Sciences journal. They solicited a review of my own published paper, which then has turned into a story carrying on according to the classical scenario displayed on this Web page. I entered bellow their ‘review’ of my submission and my two e-mails, ignored by them as they had ignored my previews e-mails.

    “Reviewers’ comments:

    Reviewer #1: The paper seems to be OK not great.The paper provides some potentially new insights into the cultural relationships. However, I believe that although the paper starts promising it has some of the minor deficiencies/problems like grammatical errors and few sentences are cripsy”.

    Notice that here, there is only one review instead of promised ‘Reviewers’ comments.’

    Here is my e-mail:

    “Dear Ronald,

    I cannot ‘submit a list of changes or a rebuttal against each point which is being raised’ by reviewers, neither can I ‘submit the revised manuscript’ due to the following reasons:
    1. there is the only one reviewer’s review not the reviewers’ as you
    are writing.
    2. the reviewer’s suggestion to revise is due to this comment: ‘[the
    article] has some of the minor deficiencies/problems like grammatical errors and few sentences are cripsy.’
    2.1.You might agree that if I knew about the grammatical errors, I
    would not have made them. So the comment is ambiguous, as the errors are not specified; thus I cannot make a rebuttal against or revise the unknown-to-me grammar errors.
    2.2 although I am not aware of the meaning of the term cripsy, a
    slang, anyhow, it is impossible for me to make each ‘not cripsy,’
    what it could mean (fresh?), sentence into a ‘cripsy’ one. I do not
    know what the referee implies, and I, too, have no free time presently to rewrite the paper.
    3. I was surprised that the reviewer did not notice an apparent error:
    the paper, the review of which is my submission and the title of which is a part of the submission’s title, is not displayed in the

    I assess this as a negligent treatment, so my decision is to withdrew
    the paper from the process and the journal.

    Very soon I got their ‘answer’ that the paper is ‘accepted.’

    Here is an extract from my reaction to it.

    “I see you have ‘accepted’ the article. But I have requested the withdrawal of the paper from the journal. Are you going to publish the article with the apparent errors like those? No journal that has any self-respect would act like that. Anyhow, you already know that my only answer to you is the article’s withdrawal from the journal. Note too that I would not like to waste my time on publishing all the correspondence, plus the comments on your ‘review,’ in the relevant forums everywhere on the Internet, so do not make me act that way.”

    Yet they had withstood my threat as regards ‘to wast my time’ so that their ‘counter-reaction’ was that I got an Author proof & Invoice several days ago. It is interesting that although they were informed where I live–Tbilisi, ( the republic of) Georgia–, according to the proof, I am an American citizen, residing in Tbilisi, (the state of) Georgia: Dr. Giorgi Kankava, An Independent Scholar, Tbilisi, Georgia, USA, Tel: +374 10 23-72-61. Notice too that the tel. number does not belong to me. The conclusion is that they don’t care about anything expect from the invoice.
    Could you please inform me about other relevant forums for me to carry out my ‘threat’ farther?

    • Manfred Raida says:

      And terribly expanding, just got an invitation to a conference in Boston on Metabolomics. Many speakers, do not know anyone of them, but more shocking many sponsors, big mass spectrometry companies. And reading the first part 30,000 editors, 27,000 reviewers, over 300 journals, millions of reader, 100,000s like it in facebook, but where is Medline and other scientific reliable databases. The message that this is not a reliable journal must be spread much more, I put it into every of my presentations.

      • Peter Schneider says:

        The Facebook likes are bought. And check out the participants of a typical OMICS conference:

        Click “2xy people are going” to see the professions of the people.

  14. gkankava says:

    I would like to apologize for my phrase ‘waste my time on publishing all the correspondence, … in the relevant forums everywhere on the Internet’ to each participant in this forum and elsewhere, and especially to the author, Jeffrey Beall whose job and research was helpful personally to me. I would emphasize that I do not think like that, it was just my tactic. By this, I confirm that I understand the high importance of every systematical effort pursuing the enlightenment of the general public as well as scientific circles about open-access predatory publishing, a serious threat to to the normal functioning of science proper.

  15. Katie Ewer says:

    I went to an OMICs conference in Valencia last year on Vaccines and it was an absolute shambles. There were no speaker chairs to keep the sessions to time and the final session ran over so long that the building staff ejected us as they had to prepare for an evening function. There was often a shortage of food at lunchtime (included in the registration) too. I would never, ever attend an OMICs meeting again!

  16. Jerome says:

    Thank you for keeping us abreast of this Fake and Predatory Publishers. Please kindly find out about European-American Journals by European Centre for Research and Development (ECRTD). I think they are the likes of OMICS. They sent me an email calling for article submission

  17. […] What kind of academic publisher would host an outfit like this? Well, JRDS is published by United Scientific Group (USG[22]), which is on Beall’s List of ‘predatory’ open access publishers[23]. […]

  18. Naka says:

    Prof. Jeffrey Beall, thank you for your blogs. Below is additional information that may help authors to make informed decisions before they fall prey to predatory publishers like AUSTIN PUBLISHING GROUP and SM GROUP.


    It is not clear whether Austin Publishing Group is a part of OMICS. But evidences indicate that three people based in India are behind the operations of following two publications:
    2. SM GROUP


    Both of these publications seem to be controlled by two for-profit companies formed and owned by MAHENDRA REDDY CHIRRA, SIVA PARVATHI CHIRRA & ARI PADMAJA.

    The names and locations of Indian companies are as following:
    ADDRESS: Plot No. 828, Sai Sree Addhya VR Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500072, India

    ADDRESS: Plot No. 828, Sai Sree Addhya VR Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500072, India

    These two companies have same address and common owners in India. It seems that the above three persons have deliberately formed two separate companies as a strategy to make maximum profits as quickly as possible.

    The above two companies operate from the same address in India: Plot No. 828, Sai Sree Addhya VR Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500072, India. This indicates that they work from a single office in India. The addresses on their website seem fake addresses.



    As expected the Austin Publishing Group & SM Group websites are owned by same three people. Source: Whois Search on Web domains

    Website Domain Name Registration:
    Registrant Street: 1-63/1oppicherla Postguntur District
    Registrant City: Guntur
    Registrant State/Province: andhra pradesh
    Registrant Postal Code: 522614
    Registrant Country: IN
    Registrant Phone:+91.8790410011
    Registrant Email:
    Admin Street: 3126 RIVERSIDE STATION BLVD
    Admin City: HUDSON
    Admin State/Province: NJ
    Admin Postal Code: 07094
    Admin Country: US
    Admin Phone:+1.2016557075
    Admin Email:

    Billing Contact ID: 54582997
    Billing Contact Name: Mahendra Reddy
    Billing Contact Address1: #3126 RIVERSIDE STATION BLVD
    Billing Contact Address2: altona meadows
    Billing Contact City: SECAUCUS
    Billing Contact State/Province: NJ
    Billing Contact Postal Code: 07094
    Billing Contact Country: United States
    Billing Contact Country Code: US
    Billing Contact Phone Number: +1.2016557075
    Billing Contact Email:


    The content and design of the Austin Publishing Group and SM Group eBook websites match 100%, confirming that both are operated by same group of people. Not only the webpages match, but also the “Author Guidelines” pdf files are same (except the name of the publisher). It substantiate that the same three people are behind these two publishers. Please see the similarities below:

    1. Home Page

    2. About Page

    3. Author Guidelines Page
    Complete guidelines can be downloaded from their website:

    SM GROUP: Complete guidelines can be downloaded from their website:


    Austin Publishing Group uses two addresses on its website. Google map shows first address as a remote area with no buildings. Second one is an Xchange apartment building. Both addresses have been used to deceive the authors.

    1. # 46 Casselberry Way, Monroe Township, NEW JERSEY 08831, USA
    Tel: +1-201-655-7075 Fax: +1-201-603-6413
    2. 3126 Riverside Station Blvd, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094, USA


    The address on SM Group Website:
    SM Online Publishers LLC, 300 E Royal LN, Suite 127, Irving, TX 75039, USA
    Tel: +1-469-647-3601

    SM Group uses same building address, where multiple other businesses are located. It seems SM Group does not exist there and they are either using someone else’s address or using a virtual address.


    MAHENDRA REDDY CHIRRA & ARI PADMAJA formed SM ONLINE PUBLISHERS LLC in Texas in late 2014. It seems this Texas Company was incorporated as shell company to conceal the original location and operations, which is in India. Similarly, they have formed AUSTIN PUBLISHERS LLC in Delaware. These two US companies were incorporated after the formation of Indian companies.



    The Austin Publishing Group website indicates that they accept payment by PayPal. It could be because they do not have any other ways (merchant account) to accept payments in USA (because they do not have a presence in USA). Thus, this might be the only way they can charge authors’ credit cards and transact payments to their personal banks in India. Thus, it looks like a serious scam.



    The common ownership of the two companies (AUSTIN PUBLISHING GROUP and SM GROUP) and 100% similarity between their eBook websites confirm that the both companies are owned by same group of people (MAHENDRA REDDY CHIRRA, SIVA PARVATHI CHIRRA & ARI PADMAJA) and operate from India. They have been highly secretive about their original location. Cleverly, they named their predatory company as “Austin Publishing Group” to deceive the authors and make them think that they are located in Austin, Texas. Additionally, the addresses on their websites are fake and are apartment addresses in USA. The formation of the two different publishing companies by the same owners seems to be a deliberate plan to maximize their profits as quickly as possible. The Google+ page shows one of their employees (VARA PRASAD) located in Hyderabad and the owner (ARI PADMAJA) of the company is in his circle that corroborates the above facts.


    It is highly recommended to NOT to submit manuscripts/books to the AUSTIN PUBLISHING GROUP and SM GROUP. Also, authors who have already published with them may give a thought on RETRACTING their manuscripts and lodging complaint against these two untrustworthy and predatory publishers.

  19. […] company called OMICS Group. The exploits of this shameful scammer of a company based in India have been detailed elsewhere. OMICS, however, is just the tip of an iceberg, as there are dozens of similar publishers, most of […]

  20. Anita says:

    Jeffrey sir, thank you for the blogs. The SM Group (, the partner company of Austin “Predatory” Group is already down. There website does not exist anymore. Other section of your blog has following info on Austin:
    Austin Publishing Group ( has multiple website and registrars. All of them should know the predatory nature of website. One can send complaint at following:

    For website: and, send compliant to their domain registrar CrazyDomains at and cc to

    For website: and, send complaint to the domain registrar GoDaddy at

    For website, send complaint to the domain registrar Network Solutions at

    • Another disappearing predatory publisher, disappearing with all the published papers and all the money that people paid them to publish there.
      Sometimes they come back after they pay the internet domain name fee.

  21. Chem says:

    I hope CrazyDomains, GoDaddy and Network Solutions take strict action on Austin Group ( Their action depend on the quantity and seriousness of complaints they receive. Thus, authors cheated by the Austin Group should write to these domain registrars. Jeffrey sir, what do you think?

  22. says:

    Surely, AUSTIN & SM GROUPS are REAL CHEATERS. Austin Group invited me as editor and requested article. Promised me free of cost publication. I devoted my time and sent a case study paper. After publication they raised invoices and persistently demanded payment. They are not allowing me to withdraw the manuscript. They take weeks to months to respond back. It is good that discussion is going on at your blog. WE NEED TO BLOCK THESE FRAUD PUBLISHERS LIKE AUSTIN & SM GROUPS. PLEASE PROVIDE SOME SUGGESTIONS TO HANDLE THESE GUYS.

  23. shint says:

    ompany called OMICS Group. The exploits of this shameful scammer of a company based in India have been detailed elsewhere. OMICS, however, is just the tip of an iceberg, as there are dozens of similar publishers, most of […]

  24. Sandy says:

    Further information on AUSTIN PUBLISHERS ( & SM GROUP ( I just received from a professor:

    1. Mahendra Reddy Chirra (alias, Mahi Ch)
    Position: Owner (Director) of Austin Group Publisher and SM Group Publisher
    Fathers Name: Venkateswara Reddy Chirra
    Date of Birth: Sep 02, 1982 (32 years old)
    Gender: Male
    Unique Director Identification Number from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India (DIN): 06796131
    Emails used by Mahendra for website and company registration:
    Companies: Austin Publishers Private Limited (Austin Group) &
    SM Medical Technologies Private Limited (or SM Online Publishers)
    Facebook page:
    (Mahendra deleted this facebook page on August 09, 2015 after Austin Group Received complaints. This action corroborates that he is the person involved)

    2. Siva Parvathi Chirra (alias, Siva Vellaturi)
    Position: Owner (Director) of Austin Group Publisher
    Fathers Name: Viswanadha Rao Velleturi
    Date of Birth: Aug 20, 1985 (29 years old)
    Gender: Female
    Unique Director Identification Number from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India (DIN): 06796135
    Companies: Austin Publishers Private Limited (Austin Group)
    Facebook page:
    (Similarly, Siva deleted her facebook page on August 09, 2015 after Austin Group Received complaints)

    3. Ari Padmaja
    Position: Owner (Director) of SM Group Publisher
    Fathers Name: Ari Krishna Rao
    Date of Birth: Sep 10, 1966 (49 years old)
    Gender: Female
    Unique Director Identification Number from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India (DIN): 06920654
    Emails used by Ari Padmaja for website and company registration:
    Companies: SM Medical Technologies Private Limited (or SM Online Publishers)
    Facebook page: No social media profiles found

    4. Vara Prasad
    Position: Employee at Hyderabad, India working for Austin Group Publishers.
    Emails used by Vara Prasad for website and company registration:
    Google+ Page:
    (Vara modified his Google+ page on August 09, 2015 after Austin Group Received complaints. This indicates his direct involvement)



    Directors’ information can be found by searching the specific DIN numbers at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India website:

  25. Michael says: seems to be working with the authors to translate and submit their articles to the journals from this list. I am not saying that these guys a legitimate but on the surface they are essentially operating as an editing/translating/submitting service limited by the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission.

  26. Rejina says:

    I’m not a native speaker. Yet, I have never used any service to edit/proofread my articles for a fee. Most serious journals will correct your spelling and grammar free of charge.

    • This is not strictly true. Most journals are under considerable time pressure and will not review a very badly written paper. The odd spelling or grammar problem is not an issue, but where the English is so poor that the journal cannot decipher the message, the article is usually rejected outright. I am a scientific copy-editor who has edited hundreds of papers, usually by Chinese authors, many on request of the journal themselves. This is almost always done at the author’s expense and is highly recommended if your English is below average and you intend to submit to an international journal.

  27. Gajala says:

    User full Information

    Is there any way to take legal action in India/US ?

    Due to this black money ,these guys are destroying the country.

    They don’t have skill set to earn a single Rupeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. Mona says:

    It bothers me so much this company can continue to swindle people with PhDs. How do we stop them? We can not stop every one of them but the big ones like Omics- we must. We can request the local science organizations to lobby the Govt (Indian) to close these operations. Any other ideas? Just publishing a list is not enough. It is worrisome that Omics started buying reputed but journals that are defunct.

  29. Upen says:

    SM ONLINE PUBLISHERS/SM GROUP terminated business in State of Texas and registered in Delaware. Reason is to hide the owneship info (Mahendra Chirra and Padmaja Ari). Delaware registration does not keep ownership info. Information is kept with Registered Agent. Also, they changed the name to SM ONLINE SCIENTIFIC RESOURCES LLC from SM ONLINE PUBLISHERS LLC. They are using registered agent’s address as their address: 160 GREENTREE DRIVE, SUITE 101, DE. Cheaters!! How can one file lawsuit against AUSTIN PUBLISHERS and SM GROUP?

    Prof. Jeffrey, do you have a blog on these two publishers? Information is scattered all over

  30. Alex says:

    i got an invitation from jacobs publishers. This is hyd based company located near 5th phase, kphb. Mr.Geddam jacobs nixon and his wife Moses isabel are the managing directors of the company.

  31. philipmach says:

    What really annoys me about this is that these people make it hard for those of us running legitimate journals and conferences to get noticed and build a following. I guess we need to carry on using dodges like programme committees and editorial boards of people with track records and turning down dodgy papers.

    This thing will only really go away when universities and funding agencies around the world stop counting publications and only accept those that have weight as having significance.

    I just received an invitation to be an “honourable speaker” at an OMICS bioinformatics conference. I wonder what it takes to be a dishonourable speaker?

    The email included this gem: “This conference specifically premeditated with a unifying axiom providing pulpit to widen the imminent scientific creations and to enlighten bioinformatics technologies, clinical research and computational methods. It can also expend the holistic scientific approach by Showcasing the Trends & Challenges of Bioinformatics towards interdisciplinary fields.”

    I wonder what language this was in before they dumped it into Google Translate.

    I looked at their 2015 equivalent and it was held in Spain and attracted a few people from Europe, a lot from developing countries and almost no one from English-speaking countries. I wonder if these things work by attracting in those whose English is not good enough to spot the dodgy wording of the call for papers.

    Aside from that a dead giveaway is no programme committee. Most real conferences rely on their programme committee to lend weight to the call for papers. Without that how do you know an unknown conference is really good?

  32. A Friedemann says:

    Is this a scam? I was invited to be a speaker at a United Scientific Group conference because of my Springer book “When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation”. The conference is called “International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering” (GOPE-2016) Las Vegas, USA November 14-16, 2016. I wrote the hotel where the conference is being held, and the Hampton Inn Tropicana and Event Center said that “We do not have a conference for International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering.” I’ve been asked to pay $549 within a few weeks. If this is a scam, it’s very clever, I usually ignore conference invitations, but they stated a specific chapter in my book so I assumed this was a real conference, but now I’m not so sure…

  33. Osman Hamour says:

    this is horrendous and really frightening a very tricky way of practicing academic and scientific hijacking. My experience with OMICs group is rather different. they invited me to write two chapters about thyroid and parathyroid disease which is did, and it was published after a number of to and fro comments from reviewers until it was eventually published and that took about 2 months, they never asked me to pay any money, however when i suggested to them to write another chapter about redo surgery , they asked me to pay 200 $. for that i reprimanded them and claimed to be paid for writing in their open access journal, and they apologized but I never wrote it. recently i sent them a case report which they also published and they never asked me for payment.
    another case report is still under their review will post you the outcome

  34. Amanda Nelson says:

    So there is a lot of talk about not falling prey to these journals, but what if I already have? I submitted an article to a journal I found online (it had real people listed as editors, real articles as past publications, and seemed legitimate) and when it was “accepted” within 48 hours and I was sent a proof and a bill for $400 to be sent to some guy in India via money-wire, THEN I did my research and found out it was one of the many journals for a bigger scam journal company (“We hereby inform you to please make sure that you send the required corrections within the manuscript in 48 hrs so that we may process the changes and return you back as soon as possible for the quick publishing process.
    * If you fail to send the corrections within 48 hours, we may assume that you agreed to publish without corrections.”).

    I realize I screwed up by not researching beforehand, but in the meantime, I am getting daily emails from them. I responded with a request to remove my article for consideration and was sent “Ours is an open access publications which does not receive any funding and depends upon gracious contributors like you.
    It is not possible to withdraw the article at the peak stage after processing is done, as you know lot of efforts and hard work has been put into this including yours.
    If publication fee is the reason we are ready to provide you with discount.
    Dr do let us know the reason for your withdrawl so that if possible we might resolve from our side.
    Awaiting for your prompt response!!”
    as a response.
    What do I do? I still want to publish this article somewhere.

    • Unfortunately there are few options. Many of the India-based publishers are essentially unethical and even criminal organizations. They will hold your paper hostage until you pay a publishing or withdrawal fee. They know you cannot submit it to another journal when they have published it. If you transferred copyright to them, it’s a completely lost cause. If not, you would have to spend tons of money on legal fees to protect your copyright. This is open-access publishing.

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