Strange New OA Publisher Launches with 42 Journals

Public Science Framework

Strange name for a scholarly publisher.

A new open-access publisher with the strange name of Public Science Framework has launched with 42 new journals, most of which are broad and cover fields already saturated with open-access journals.

I think the name Public Science Framework is a poorly-chosen name for a scholarly publisher. It tries to sound lofty and important but actually seems contrived and meaningless. All the good names are taken.

The firm purports to be owned by the “American Institute of Science,” but there’s no website for this so-called institute and I think this name is also contrived. [Update: The website for the so-called American Institute of Science is here.]

I cannot figure out who owns this publisher or where they are really based. The site is completely non-transparent about ownership and location. Some of the journals use the term “American” in their titles, but there’s no real evidence that the “Framework” is based in America. The domain name registration data is blinded, of course.

They are accepting papers in all their journals despite not having any editorial board members yet, at least none that I saw.

The publisher also runs a related gimmick called Public Projects that appears to be a social media platform of some type, for researchers. Like the journals, it’s empty.

Journal of Agricultural Science and Engineering

One of their journals, with a possibly pirated picture.

Some of the journals have duplicative or otherwise unimaginative titles:

All of the journal home pages are alike, so it’s clear they were created quickly using a template.

Public Science Framework


The site is generally well edited, but there are a few mistakes where they give themselves away.

This new open-access publisher does not fill any need or gap and probably exists only as an easy way to make money for the owners, whoever they are.

Hat tip: Paul Hockett

Appendix: List of Public Science Framework journals as of 2015-01-08

  1. Advances in Applied Psychology
  2. Agricultural and Biological Sciences Journal
  3. American Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science
  4. American Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing
  5. American Journal of Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery
  6. American Journal of Economics, Finance and Management
  7. American Journal of Educational Research
  8. American Journal of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geosystems
  9. American Journal of Information Science and Computer Engineering
  10. American Journal of Marketing Research
  11. American Journal of Mobile Systems, Applications and Services
  12. American Journal of Nutrition and Food Science
  13. American Journal of Psychology and Cognitive Science
  14. American Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  15. American Journal of Social Science Research
  16. Bioscience and Bioengineering
  17. Chemistry Journal
  18. Clinical Medicine Journal
  19. International Journal of Advanced Materials Research
  20. International Journal of Animal Biology
  21. International Journal of Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems
  22. International Journal of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering
  23. International Journal of Chemical and Biomolecular Science
  24. International Journal of Economics and Business Administration
  25. International Journal of Education and Information Technology
  26. International Journal of Energy Science and Engineering
  27. International Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
  28. International Journal of Life Science and Engineering
  29. International Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics
  30. International Journal of Mathematics and Computational Science
  31. International Journal of Modern Physics and Applications
  32. International Journal of Plant Research
  33. International Journal of Preventive Medicine Research
  34. Journal of Agricultural Science and Engineering
  35. Journal of Environment Protection and Sustainable Development
  36. Journal of Language, Linguistics and Literature
  37. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
  38. Journal of Physical Education
  39. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
  40. Physics Journal
  41. Public Health Journal
  42. Sports Science Research

32 Responses to Strange New OA Publisher Launches with 42 Journals

  1. Our mission

    Public Science Framework develops, supports, and stewards scientific and technical infrastructure that maximizes scientific research creativity, sharing, and innovation. The object may be broadly stated as follows. It is intended:

    Firstly, to place before the general public the grand results of Scientific Work and Scientific Discovery; and to urge the claims of Science to a more general recognition in Education and in Daily Life;

    And, SECONDLY, to aid scientific men themselves, by giving early information of all advances made in any branch of scientific knowledge throughout the world, and by affording them an opportunity of discussing the various scientific questions which arise from time to time.”


  2. JToth says:

    They may trying to establish a reference to the Research Excellence Framework (used for assessing the research output of British higher education institutions).

  3. ckriesbeck says:

    Depending on which “Contact” section you look at, they’re either in Boston MA or Newcastle Delaware. Googling the Boston address gets credit union. Googling the Delaware address gets an office rental listing.

  4. bueller007 says:

    Another publisher for your consideration:

    1. Based in India.
    2. Does not seem to be a member of the OASPA. (Its Wikipedia page claimed that it was, but I have since removed that, since I see no evidence of it.)
    3. The MedKnow journal “Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals” accepted the bogus article in the “Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?” sting.
    3. Many of its journals claim improbably large editorial boards (e.g.,, and I would be surprised if all editors knew they were listed.
    4. Articles are available under the CC-BY license, but there is still a link available (on at least some articles) to “Get Permissions for commercial use”, which it says can cost hundreds of dollars per article just to post on a website for an unlimited period.

  5. ChingYingTikTau says:

    As they are recruiting reviewers and editors, someone please recommend I.P. Freely and Margaret Simpson. They are up-coming scientists who have just published a paper recently, and can certainly do their best to review and process papers in this journal.

  6. Adrian says:

    I think they chose the name following the Open Science Framework:

  7. People don’t say this enough, but you are a genuine hero, providing superb work that is actually making a difference around the world. As a lecturer who comes from a journalistic background, I really appreciate the work you do. On behalf of scholars everywhere, thank you

  8. Miguel van Bemmelen says: has been indeed registered through a “Domains by Proxy service” affiliated to that keeps the domains owners personal information safe from the public eye. The associated IP of the server is – 2 under which two other sites are hosted. The registration expires on April 2015.

  9. John Mashey says:

    “This new open-access publisher does not fill any need or gap”

    “These features fill much needed gaps”
    – Ken Thompson (UNIX originator) ~1974, of operating system features avoided

  10. Gilles Ferrand says:

    If you still had any doubts about their predatory nature: when you click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of their emails, instead of asking you for mere confirmation as all honest companies do, they force you to register with your full name and address… this is typical scam practice to collect private data.

  11. Spam seen here, so we listed them.

  12. Andrew Hall says:

    Here’s an unbeatable offer (for men only?) from Public Science Framework, received yesterday. It applies to all 42 of their journals:

    There is no submission fee. Publication fee for each accepted paper is $0.00 for author who submits his precious paper before April 10, 2015. Later the publication fee will restore to $200 (for authors based in developing countries) and $300 (for authors based in developed countries).

    • mlaiuppa says:

      It’s changed. Now it’s either free or $70 (depending on the “journal”) through July 11, then it goes back up to $300 for developed countries and $200 for undeveloped countries. There is a $20 surcharge for anyone stupid enough to use wire transfer. They accept Paypal which might be a way to shut them down. I’ve done that before with an air-nursery.

  13. Andrew Hall says:

    I have just checked the publisher’s web site which now lists 66 journals, not 42

  14. […] post is an expansion of a comment I left on Jeffrey Beall’s Scholarly Open Access […]

  15. […] strange new publisher has debuted with 42 new journals, reports Jeffrey Beall, and a commenter notes that the publisher’s site plagiarized from […]

  16. mlaiuppa says:

    I just received an unsolicited e-mail on our in-house list-serve from these clowns.

    They have it set up so that if we use our automatic junk e-mail block list it blocks our own list-serve, not their e-mail. I had to manually copy and paste it.

    Of course the original e-mail had no useable unsubscribe button or link. There may have been one but bad coding put it in the middle of text or graphics where it couldn’t be accessed.

    I reported these jokers to the internet crime board. We’ll see if anything happens. Perhaps if they get a lot of people complaining they’ll be shut down. (Only to grow more heads and rise again somewhere else.)

  17. Dr Santhosh says:

    There has been a proliferation of Fake Open access journals, most of them are based in India. The real reasons are
    1. Pressure on Indian academia to publish
    2. Mafia like approach of all western journals, where in order to publish you need to already have a connection with someone with the editorial including PLOSS
    3. Definite deficiency in language skills :English, is NOT our mother tongue.
    4. Fierce competition among scholars
    5. With most of the main research all ready accomplished, very little ground breaking can accomplished in a school or college lab, on limited funds.
    BTW, I was invited to be an editorial member of the same funny journal, as far I understand NO journal from America would ever bother inviting small time scholar like me….

  18. successisyou says:

    Thank you for providing this information. I couldn’t imagine why I (a most unscientific person) would have received an email offer to “become an Editorial Member.” Now I have clarification.

  19. Stefan Mochnacki says:

    We are being spammed in Canada right now by this outfit. It is obviously not legit by Western standards. The spam shows some avoidance of anti-spam software.

  20. […] Hola _____________. Hice una segunda búsqueda en PubMed bajo “glyphosate alzheimer’s” y encontré un solo artículo al respecto … cuya autora es Stephanie Seneff y compañía. El artículo es esencialmente el mismo publicado por Entropy, pero esta vez publicado por una revista llamada Surgical Neurology International. Esta revista es predadora y seriamente cuestionada, ya que parece ser más política y conspiratoria que una revista de artículos genuinamente científicos. Véase al respecto la sección de comentarios en esta página: […]

  21. […] The publisher Public Science Framework was flagged by Jeffrey Beall: The following might indicate self-plagiarism by the sole author Janecka: Figures 2a, 2b, 2d, 2e, […]

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