“Canadian” Open-Access Journal Doesn’t Look Very Canadian

Canadian Scientific Journall

Looks very scientific.

I recently learned about the Canadian Scientific Journal, a scholarly journal that is much more popular in Ukraine than in Canada, for some reason.

It appears that the journal has a fast peer review and publishes articles almost immediately. The journal says,

The acceptance of articles for the current issue of Canadian Scientific Journal is finished 5 days before its issuing.


It also has many pictures that appear to have been lifted from other websites. Here is its masthead:

Canadian Scientific Journal banner

I’m sure this means something.

The journal has published two issues so far, and I understand that researchers in the former Soviet Republics are being spammed for manuscript submissions.

Canadian Scientific Journal article

Many, if not most, of the authors are from Ukraine, and the journal’s fonts don’t display properly.

I was unable to tell from the journal’s website how much they charge for author fees. The journal claims to be not-for-profit.

Some researchers outside North America want to publish in journals based in North America, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, advertising that a journal is based in Canada when it is really based in Ukraine is misleading, and wrong.


Hat tip: Dr. Daniyar Sapargaliyev

7 Responses to “Canadian” Open-Access Journal Doesn’t Look Very Canadian

  1. tekija says:

    The Canadian connection seems to be the Deputy Editor-in-Chief whom I was unable to find with Google.

    The journal offers in house translation from Ukrainan or Russian to English and promises to run manuscripts through plagiarism detection software.

    The title seems to paraphrase Canadian Journal of Science which is published in Canada. On balance, Journal of Ukrainian Studies is also a Canadian journal.

  2. Ken Lanfear says:

    Wouldn’t a real Canadian journal have its website in English and French?

  3. siebers says:

    “Verba volant, scripta manent” is Latin for “Words fly, writing remains”

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  6. wimcrusio says:

    Seems fitting that the purported EIC is at a department of “Financial Communication”….

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