Possible Paper Mill Company Has Proliferating Websites

Biblical Greek

This questionable company does a poor job of making up names.

Last December, I wrote a post about a possible paper mill, called Journal Publication. Now it appears the company behind Journal Publication is very nimble and has created several new brands, each represented by a new website offering the same “get published” services.

As shown above, this company has difficulty with personal names. It claims that one member of its “panel of PHD qualified experts” is “Biblical Greek [from] Standford [sic] University.” This blooper is from its International Journal of Modern Research & Development website, which is not really a journal at all, just another name for its possible paper mill services.

Exclusive offer for scholars in the middle east

It’s clear from this discount offer where they target their marketing.

Here is a list of all the scholarly publishing-related websites I found that appear to belong to the same company:

Possible Paper Mill Websites

Ace Publication Consultants

International Journal of Modern Research & Development (IJMRD)

International Union of Research Journal Publishing (IURJP)

Journal Publication

Prime Journal Consultants

Research Publication

Maria Jones, PhD Scholar

They use compelling images apparently lifted from other websites. Image from here: http://www.iurjp.com/about/

Through a Google search, I also found these websites advertising services that appear to be from the same company. Most are related to publishing and web design:

360 Custom Websites
App Maisters
Best Tutors Online
Brand Crux
Intelysis Art
International Book Publishing
Logo Jeez
PhD Research Consultants
XYZ Creative Group

This company shamelessly copies logos from legitimate companies onto its many websites. I do not know where it is based.

6 Responses to Possible Paper Mill Company Has Proliferating Websites

  1. Yc says:

    Interesting image and interesting language. I have to ask – “Maria Jones PhD Scholar available now” for what?

  2. herr doktor bimler says:

    What can one say? Scammers are going to scam.

  3. herr doktor bimler says:

    There may be some mistake here… your link is to “http://projectsexecutors.com/”, a *different* skeevy con-job website.

    Their “Contact” page has a map showing an address in Miami, while quoting an address in Saudi Arabia. The HTML code for the page shows that a lot of the image files are housed at “http://sysnatura.in” — yet another skeevy con-job, but at least we know it’s India-based.

  4. “Ironically, Dr. Biblical Greek is a professor in Classical Arabic and Koranic texts. It is Dr. Ancient Mayan who is Stanford University’s Professor of Biblical Greek.”

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