Evidence of Paper Mills Seeking to Collaborate with Legitimate Journals?

International Bauhaus Science Press

A front for a paper mill?

Paper mills are companies that write scholarly articles and then sell the authorship to researchers needing extra publications. They then arrange to have the articles published in prestigious journals. I have evidence that a possible paper mill is looking for journals in North America that will collaborate with it and publish its brokered articles in exchange for money.

Paper mills are in the business of selling authorship on articles to authors needing publications. A paper mill may have someone on its staff actually write the articles, or they may contract this function out. The articles may have four or five authors, and these authorship spots are sold to their customers.

Some paper mills will submit articles individually, the way it’s normally done, acting on the corresponding author’s behalf.

But I am now seeing the possibility of larger, more wholesale operations taking shape. Journal editors have forwarded to me solicitation emails from possible paper mills seeking to publish papers in impact factor journals from North America. Here is an example:

From: 李丽 <ll@bhsedu.com>
Subject: Inquiry for information about time of reviewing and charges for publication. 
Date: April 16, 2015 at 10:13:00 PM PDT
To: peggy.chinn

Dear respected editor,

I am the director of foreign trade of International Bauhaus Science Press. I heard that your Journal(ADVANCES IN NURSING

SCIENCE) is very famous and is also popular in readers. Now our Press has received many articles of relevant field. When searching your website we found that some of the articles meet the requirements for publication in your esteemed Journal so we want to contribute to you. Could you please inform us the time of reviewing and the charges? Looking forward to your early reply.

Best regard.

Alice Li

The publisher mentioned in the letter is International Bauhaus Science Press, and this may be a front for a paper mill. I added it to my list of questionable publishers in November, 2014. Its website was skeletal, with little content, and it is now blank. It was located here, but this link is dead. A Google search for the press retrieves this site, but it isn’t really a publisher’s website. [The Wayback Machine’s version of the original Bauhaus site is here.]

The journal they solicited, Advances in Nursing Science, is a respected journal with an impact factor — just what paper mill customers want.

I would advise journal editors to be on the lookout for such solicitations. I think these are not legitimate and should be rejected, as the editor of Advances in Nursing Science wisely did.

9 Responses to Evidence of Paper Mills Seeking to Collaborate with Legitimate Journals?

  1. ZisaBusolo says:

    Thank you for the inforamtion

  2. Harvey Kane says:

    AS a former publisher if I had received an e mail like this it would have gone straight to the spam file!

  3. Keith Fraser says:

    That spam letter appears to have been made using much the same template as the infamous Nigerian 419 scams, Engrish and all.

  4. herr doktor bimler says:

    A Google search for the press retrieves this site, but it isn’t really a publisher’s website.

    It seems to be a website offering *everything* — “visa application, immigration processing, college application”.

    Google also directs us to the site http://www.bauhauscg.com, the “Bauhaus Creative Group”, which offers “cultural planning; education and training; patent agent; trademark registration; industrial product design; creative design; indoor and outdoor equipment repair” — evidently they never saw a scam that they didn’t want to join. With the ‘Science press” as one particular activity —

    That page links to the ‘bhssci’ website, which as you say is now defunct, but Google Cache gives us this —

    — so they did dabble with a few predatory journals, before perhaps finding it insufficiently lucrative.

  5. Kudos to the editors for spotting this scam. However, all universities that count publications toward tenure should notify faculty of this criminal invitation to plagiarism. And all academic researchers should forward such unethical appeals to the university officials so the offensive emails can be blocked.

  6. Ken Lanfear says:

    A key to me is the use of “esteemed” in the solicitation. Has anyone seen “esteemed” used in a legitimate invite?

  7. Bonanza & Omics PG says:

    Hoss Cartwright (Western TV series Bonanza) has been listed in the editorial board of “Journal of Primatology” of Omics Group; for more details please see (http://www.laborjournal.de/blog/) in German, but the email-picture in English.

  8. griddy24 says:

    I received this one today from “zhang__vip@hotmail.com” (a hotmail address, really?!)

    “Good day!
    I am looking for some medical specialists and would like to invite them to be the jury of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC CONFERENCE in November, which will be hold in Ningbo,Zhejiang,China.

    Pls kindly let me know if you are interested in it so that we can make further discussion about the relevant cost we’ll surely bear.

    International Bauhaus Science Press Company
    Website: http://www.bhssci.com http://www.bauhauscg.com
    Postal Address: Room 20A,KiuFu Commercial Building,300 Lockhert Road,Wanchai,HongKong.
    Tel : +85256427031″

    The website http://www.bhssci.com was working when I checked today , but again very barebones and the abstracts look like utter nonsense (although it could maybe be a terrible translation I guess).

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