OA Publisher with a Long, Strange Name is Based in a Place with a Long, Strange Name

Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation

Strange name for a publisher.

The open-access publisher Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation (ICDTD) is based in — you guessed it — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

ICDTD is a bizarre and low-quality publisher with three broad-focused journals:

Journal of Applied Pharmacy
Journal of Applied Molecular Cell Biology
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences

 These journals represent academic fields already saturated with hundreds of meager open-access journals.

Like many open-access publishers, this one stands out for the prominent editing, idiomatic, and grammatical errors present on its website. We particularly liked this one:

But they're unreadable.

But they’re unreadable.

The headline probably should say, “Most read articles.” In fact, few of the articles from this publisher are readable. I suspect most were rejected elsewhere and are published here as a last resort.

Regarding this publisher’s Journal of Applied Pharmacy, I am concerned that the editorial board members may lack the experience and credentials required to serve on a scholarly journal editorial board. In fact, two of them are clerks at drug store chains in two western provinces, according to the publisher:

Part-time pharmacy clerks and scholarly journal editors.

Part-time pharmacy clerks and scholarly journal editors.

The web page for the publisher’s third journal, the Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences is branded differently and, like many Canadian open-access journals, is based in Pakistan.

Here is a screenshot of its main contact information:

Maybe Sargodha is in Saskatchewan?

Maybe Sargodha is in Saskatchewan?

I didn’t see any explanation of why this third journal is published on a different platform (it’s actually a blog platform) or why it’s based in Sargodha, Pakistan instead of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Hat tip: Tom S.


15 Responses to OA Publisher with a Long, Strange Name is Based in a Place with a Long, Strange Name

  1. Tedb says:

    The open access turns to be a profitable open business:

  2. EDoug says:

    Nobody puts the name of the institution after their name, I have never seen anyone do MSc (Coventry) on their postnomial. Unless this editor thinks having UK after his name makes him look more respectable.

    Although by UK standards, Bradford isn’t exactly a top university by a long shot

  3. EDoug says:

    Also noticed something.

    The contact details for the two store clerks, they have +1 numbers for their contacts, +1 is the US not Canada which is 011

  4. Katherine says:

    Thank you for sharing Jeffrey…I keep learning!! :)

  5. Jill M says:

    While the Journal appears to be of poor quality, the supposed editors are not “clerks at drugstore chains”. In the US, a Staff Pharmacist has to have a degree in Pharmacy, complete an internship, pass the Board exam, and keep their license thru continuing education credits. The degree is post-baccalaureate (Pharm. D), so that means 3 years (usually) after the B.S. They are quite capable of writing and reviewing research in their field, since that is usually a requirement for the Pharm. D. Canada has similar requirements.
    So, when you go to your neighborhood pharmacy, please realize that those overworked folks behind the glass know a huge amount about pharmacology and drug interactions. Here in California, you can request a consult about your script with the Pharmacist; I am not sure about other states. It’s too bad most customers only interact with the pharmacy tech that enters the order.

    • MC says:

      While it is an excellent point that Staff Pharmacists are particularly knowledgeable and well trained, I don’t necessarily think that they should be peer-reviewing articles. Does each Pharmacist have access to the subscription-based journals they would need in order to see what has/has not been done in the field so far, to critically evaluate the article they are reviewing? Who provides access to the literature? Are Pharmacists actively keeping up with journals reporting on primary research in the fields of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, etc.? I agree that these experts are technically proficient, but I don’t know that they are appropriate sources for academic peer review.

  6. RMS says:

    Nothing strange about the place. What’s strange is that their acronym is missing a D.

  7. herr doktor bimler says:

    Intellectual Consortium of Drug Discovery & Technology Development Incorporation (ICDTD Inc.)

    I’m pretty sure that “Incorporation” is the legal process; the resulting legal entity (the corporation) might attach “Incorporated” or Inc. to its name. No indication on their website of the articles of incorporation, so I begin so suspect that the “Inc” here is for cosmetic value rather than conveying any legal implications.

    The CANAJAS.COM domain is held by Dr Taha Nazir (tahanazir@yahoo.com) — Executive Editor of the J.App.Pharm, and Scientific Executive of ICDTD — with an address at a low-rise block of flats:
    34-115 V North Saskatoon SK Canada
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7L3E4

    Dr Taha Nazir was previously President of the Pakistan Pharmacist Federation, and associated with the University of Sargodha. Which at least explains the Canadian / Pakistan nature of the project.

  8. herr doktor bimler says:

    According to the website, the journals do not charge for publication. So we may make fun of the English-as-a-second-language skills of the editors but there is no evidence of malice or cupidity.

  9. Marcin says:

    Irrespective of this publisher, I protest against the phrase “Like many open-access publishers”: What about shams produced by Elsevier, including their establishment of purported journal so that a drug company could write papers on their products (http://tinyurl.com/pauhqcm, http://tinyurl.com/o9lwsaz/)? I believe this was totally uncalled for.

    The more, we got EXCELLENT service in several professional Open-Access venues thus far (yes, including PLOS), and this is an experience I do want to continue, instead of putting my works, paid for by public cash, behind a paywall.

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