Counterfeit Australian Society Recycles and Renames Researchers’ Images

A royal mess.

A royal mess.

A completely bogus scholarly society, the Australian Society for Commerce Industry & Engineering, uses numerous tricks to make itself look legitimate. This publisher lifts pictures of professors from the internet, gives them new names, and advertises them as editors-in-chief of its mediocre journals.

One example of a lifted image is the purported editor-in-chief of the “Society’s” International Journal of Agriculture and Plant Research, Prof. Charles T. Johns:

Professor Charles T. Johns

Lifted image, contrived name.

This is really a picture of Prof. Tim Hitchcock, a professor of digital history at the University of Sussex:

The authentic professor.

The authentic professor.

Although none of this publisher’s 36 journals has earned a legitimate impact factor, it provides misleading information claiming that some have. For example, for the journal mentioned above, the publisher says this:

Fake impact factors are everywhere now.

Fake impact factors are everywhere now.

“IC” probably refers to Index Copernicus, a questionable metric from Poland. The firm does not supply legitimate impact factors. Note also the prominent linguistic shortcomings of the website text shown in the image.

Looking at the editorial board members for the various journals, one suspects that more or all of the names and affiliations are contrived. Here are some examples:

Dr. Jonathon L. Medley
Univeristy of Berlin

Dr. Donald G. Nunn
University of Kyoto

Dr. Freda J. James
University of Sydney

Dr. Jamie B. Jackson
University of Adelaide

Dr. Kenneth S. Hill
Unverisity of Queensland

It’s clear that this is a sham operation. More predatory publishers are exploiting the good name of Australia. Please don’t let yourself be duped by this bogus society publisher.

Appendix: List of Australian Society for Commerce Industry & Engineering journals as of 2015-04-27:

  1. Australian Journal of Applied Mathematics
  2. Australian Journal of Asian Country Studies
  3. Australian Journal of Biology and Environment Research
  4. Australian Journal of Chemistry
  5. Australian Journal of Commerce Study
  6. Australian Journal of Computer and Communications
  7. Australian Journal of Culture and Art Studies
  8. Australian Journal of Education and Learning Research
  9. Australian Journal of Engineering Research
  10. Australian Journal of Industry Research
  11. Australian Journal of Information Technology
  12. Australian Journal of Management, Policy and Law
  13. Australian Journal of Medical Science
  14. Australian Journal of Modern Physics
  15. Australian Journal of Psychology
  16. Australian Journal of Public Health
  17. Australian Journal of Social Science Research
  18. Australian Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  19. Australian Journal of Water Research
  20. International Journal of Agriculture and Plant Research
  21. International Journal of Big Data Research
  22. International Journal of Bioscience and Technology
  23. International Journal of Clinical Medicine and Cancer Research
  24. International Journal of Commerce and Law
  25. International Journal of Developing Country Studies
  26. International Journal of Ecology and Earth Studies
  27. International Journal of Energy Technology Research
  28. International Journal of Finance and Economics
  29. International Journal of Globalisation Studies
  30. International Journal of Low Emission and Climate Change
  31. International Journal of Materials and Technology
  32. International Journal of Networking System
  33. International Journal of Political Science
  34. International Journal of Religion and Community Studies
  35. International Journal of Resources and Pollution Research
  36. International Journal of Sustainable Development

35 Responses to Counterfeit Australian Society Recycles and Renames Researchers’ Images

  1. Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen says:

    Always a bad sign when an academic organization can’t spell “university”

    • Nils says:

      All the more so when there is no “University of Berlin” (there are three of them, all with different names).

  2. What an odd thing to do (using scholars’ photos to create fake scholars) — is there a specific “scholar”-look that motivates this?

  3. Ajith says:

    Dear sir i want to publish my research paper in Journal of Applied Research and Technology.(JART). issn no:1665-6423. can you conform (Fake or not) about this journal.

    • MC says:

      Probably not fake (but the Elsevier page for information on the journal returns a 404). There’s got to be a better choice, however.

  4. Cecilia Boakye says:

    Is Aussie-Sino Studies a genuine journal? Director of Journal is Wilson Huliangcai

  5. Mark King says:

    This list includes at least one duplication of an existing journal’s name:. the Australian Journal of Psychology is the name of the official journal of the Australian Psychological Society which is published through Wiley and can be found at while the bogus journal is at

    • Derek Pyne says:

      The names of other journals are also copied. “International Journal of Finance and Economics” is also the name of a journal published by Wiley. More and more, I find it hard to look at a person’s publication list and make a judgement, given predatory journals sometimes have the same names as real journals I recognize.

  6. In the “International Journal of Agriculture and Plant Research”, this paper appears to be an exact duplicate of a paper already published in the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (this one.).

    It looks like it’s not just photos these predators are copying!

  7. herr doktor bimler says:

    The “awards” on the webpage are also scraped from commercial sites with no attempt to make them look convincing.
    The trophy for “2014 Academic Excellent Service”, for instance, is clearly labeled “Triple Crown 2010”, while the “2014 Best Publisher Award” is inscribed as “SAU Faculty Award presented to William Stafford 2011”.

    Call me a cynic, but this arouses some suspicion on my part.

  8. Peter Vamplew says:

    The introduction video on the ASCIE website is superb viewing – here’s Professor Ian (no surname?), their Chef Scientist:

    They also claim to have served as Australia’s national science agency, which is a blatant lie.

    I couldn’t find any details on the site about who Professor Ian is. Does anyone recognise him?

  9. There are some other suspect identities on the site.

    I did a google image search for “Charlene Taylor” from and got Jane Atherton (

    I did a google image search for “Tony Anderson” from and got Tyler Williams (

  10. The image of “Professor Robert B. Kunz” (who is editor in chief of several of the journals) is actually of Professor Peter C. B. Phillips (Yale) and is lifted from:

  11. Alex SL says:

    Somebody has clearly worked out a winning formula:

    Dr. [given name] [middle initial] [family name]
    University of [random city]

    Ye gods but the English is poor on that website. Not very convincingly Australian.

  12. herr doktor bimler says:

    Now I am intrigued as to whom has gone through the thread systematically downvoting every comment.

  13. tekija says:

    In your latest December blog on the breadth of the OMICS empire, you did not mention this imprimatur:

    A new one or a reincarnation? One does not find Open Access Journals on your list.

  14. skeptiverse says:

    Late to the party but i note that they say they are holding a conference in Sydney in September. I may just pop down to the venue and try to get some info.

    A reverse image search of a number of their “conference participants” photographs points back to other university pages including Caltech

  15. Mandeep Kaur says:

    i applied to publish my paper to scie australia and now website is not accessible. what should i do? please somebody help

  16. I have the same problem. What do i do.The website is just not opening.

  17. rodgers says:

    absolutely good….

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