Watch Out for Publishers with “Nova” in Their Name

Nova Explore Publications

Corny name, corny publisher

Two unrelated publishers with the word “Nova” in their name have been bothering researchers with spam emails recently. One is an open-access publisher based in a dwelling in Ontario called Nova Explore Publications. The other one is an old book publisher called Nova Science Publishers, based in New York State. Researchers should avoid them both.

First, Nova Explore Publications.

This operation is a typical, small, one-man predatory publisher operation. It offers five broad journals, one of which, the Nova Journal of Sufism and Spirituality, covers a topic not normally treated by open-access publishers, so perhaps it’s a reflection of the owner’s background.

A spam email signed by “Dr. Rose Hill” (likely a fake name) lists the “advantages” for authors publishing with Nova Explore Publications:

Benefits to publish with NOVA:

1. Easy submission and fast evaluation process
2. Expert review who strive to give authors fair decisions and advice
3. The highest standards followed to improve accepted manuscripts

In other words, they will accept and publish just about anything, as long as the publishing fee is paid, which Nova Explore says is $75.

It lists its address as 67 Abitibi Avenue in Toronto. Here’s a picture of their headquarters, courtesy of Google Maps, and it’s really in North York:

67 Abitibi Avenue in North York

Scholarly Publisher Headquarters.

Second: Nova Science Publishers.

If you haven’t already, you may receive a spam email from the company’s president, Nadya Gotsiridze-Columbus.

Their spam will invite you to edit a book with chapters contributed by your friends and colleagues, or it will invite you to contribute a chapter to such a volume.

Nova Science Publishers is not a predatory publisher, but it is a bottom-tier one, in my opinion. The Wikipedia article about the publisher gives additional information about it, but the article has been somewhat sanitized by the publisher’s supporters.

If you’re an assistant professor, I strongly recommend you resist the temptation to write for this publisher; it could be damaging to your career.

In conclusion, both of these Nova publishers are “no-goes.”

Appendix: List of Nova Explore Publications journals as of 2015-04-18:

Nova Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences (NJMBS)
Nova Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (NJHS)
Nova Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (NJEAS)
Nova Journal of Arabic Studies (NJAS)
Nova Journal of Sufism and Spirituality (NJSS)

29 Responses to Watch Out for Publishers with “Nova” in Their Name

  1. Alossmi says:

    Very thanks for these usful information, usually I receive multi emails a day from various websites , Eastern Asian journals are the mine resource of that , they target financial aims asking to submit articles here and there .

  2. chike says:

    Dear Jeff
    What is the position of American-Eurasian journal of Toxicological Sciences.

    Please I am earnestly counting on your assistance. Most of us from the developing nations are ready preys in the hands of these hwarks.

  3. siebers says:

    You state that although Nova Science Publishers is not a predatory publisher, you strongly advice against publishing with them. Can you give a more explixit reason for that statement. I have previously published a book chapter with them and the whole process was handled professionally. It also has not damaged my career (currently Associate Professor).

  4. Derek Pyne says:

    I really appreciate the time you take updating this website as it is a very useful resource. However, I will just make a minor correction. You write “It lists its address as 67 Abitibi Avenue in Toronto. … and it’s really in North York”. Since 1998 North York has been part of the city of Toronto, so that part is technically honest.

  5. AlexH says:

    I would not do business with Nova Science Publishers but it may be worthy to state that the SENSE ranking (which we at Central Europe sometimes use as a non-official tool for checking an unknown publisher ) put them in category ‘C’ , together with Peter Lang (which have some quality book series as well as pure vanity publications) and L’Harmattan (which, on the other hand, is an established and highly reputed publisher in France and through continental Europe).

  6. Joaquin Perez says:

    Thank you for this information. I suspect of a journal named Review of Economics & Finance,with Publication fee: $400, published by Better Advances Press, and sponsored by Academic Research Centre of Canada (ARCC). I have received an invitation to publish on it, and this invitation is based on a paper I published, with two coauthors, in a social choice JCR journal (Mathematical Social Sciences). The field of social choice is not very close to Finance.

  7. Chris says:

    Nova Science Publishers publishes Journal of International Real Estate and Construction Studies (JIRECS). The review process was quite rigorous. I can’t remember paying any article processing charge, yet a paper back edition was produced and forwarded to the author. You have cited elsewhere that the publisher is not predatory but a bottom-tier one. Do you think you still retain Nova Science Publisher on your list?

    • It has never been on my list, actually. It’s not an open-access publisher, and I generally limit the lists to OA publishers/journals. Thanks.

    • I know of many prestigious academicians who work with Nova, you are right Nova is recognized by Web of Science, do you think ISI thompson will index a predatory journal? bullshit I do not why people write this type of derogatory articles without reasonable basis. I worked with Nova in the past, I wroked with Cambridge U press and Routledge in the past and I strongly recommend _Nova science pubs.

  8. Nicholas Maxwell says:

    Does anyone have any information about obtaining permission to republish extracts from a chapter one has written for a book published by Nova Science Publishers? Do they grant permission without charging, and without difficulty?

  9. SHB says:

    Thank you very much for the information especially on Nova Science Publisher! Saved me a lot of time.

  10. Claudius says:

    When I received an invitation from Nova Science Publishers to submit a chapter I asked if I will be paid for writing it. I received an answer: ‘The editor will be paid royalties based off of the sales of the book.’ What are your experiences regarding this issue?

  11. Urban permaculturist says:

    Many thanks for this. You save me a lot of time. Cheers. :)

  12. […] Cells. Such journal is published by Nova Science Publishers, a predatory publisher as reported by Scholarly Open Access. Add to it there is no Thomson-Reuters ISI impact factor listed raise the question is this journal […]

  13. ANE Historian says:

    I have no reason to doubt that these publishers are “no-goes,” but it certainly would be much more helpful if you could give more concrete reasons why this is true.

    Maybe some examples of experiences people had would be good. How could this spell the end for an assistant prof. in his/her field? Any examples of this that have occurred?

    At the heart of academics, we are trained to be critical thinkers. We need developed arguments to be persuaded of something. Or at least that’s what I have taught all of my students, wrong or right.

  14. Robert B. Heimann says:

    I feel you are a wee bit harsh in your judgement of the capabilities of Nova Science Publishers. In 2007, I contributed a review article to a multi-authored book on biomaterials. I also edited a book with 20 respectable authors on calcium phosphates published by Nova in 2012. In both cases, the editorial support and the execution of printing and distributing was done in an accetable professional manner. Hence, my experience was rather positive. The fact that Nadya distributes requests for taking over editorial chores is grounded in the business idee of the publisher, and is certainly not intended to lure unsuspecting researcher into any type of trap.

    Prof. em. Dr, Robert B. Heimann
    Goerlitz, Germany

  15. Nova is a prestigious and solid publisher, I do not why this librarian says the contrary, I found very important scholars publishing with Nova, likely the person who wrote this article works for Routledge or another publisher, this is a biased argument

  16. hiptype says:

    So, Novas are dangerous. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Lil Blume says:

    Nadya Gotsiridze-Columbus seems to have divorced “Gotsiridze” and is now Nady Columbus.

    She sent me an email, referring to me as “Dr.” which I am not, saying this: “We have learned of your research on public speaking. We would be delighted to work with you on a book or book series in this field.*

    I teach public speaking, but I have never done any research. I wonder what webcrawler brought her to me (and to an old email address at that). Thanks for the report on Nova publishers. Very informative.

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