New “Journal of Chest” Hopes to Steal Authors from the Real CHEST Journal

Journal of Chest

Journal of Rubbish

The Journal of Chest is a new medical journal published by the OMICS-Group-owned Insight Medical Publishing (ImedPub). The journal is competing in a sleazy way with the legitimate and respected medical journal CHEST, published since 1935 by the American College of Chest Physicians.

Officials from the authentic CHEST Journal are sending out emails warning authors and editorial board members of this new OMICS Groups journal and its predatory tactics. Here is a selection from one of the messages:

We are writing to you to make you aware that an independent, unaffiliated company called “iMedPub” is soliciting our editors, authors, and reviewers to join the editorial board of the “Journal of Chest” as well as to submit manuscripts to the “Journal of Chest.” It is causing a great deal of confusion because of the similarity between the names of our journal.

The “Journal of Chest” has no affiliation with or endorsement from CHEST. They are an independent commercial publishing company looking to start a new journal that is very similar in name to ours.

Note that the phrase Journal of Chest is not idiomatic in English. OMICS Group regularly launches new journals with titles similar to established and respected journals, hoping to trick authors into submitting manuscripts into their low-quality counterpart journals.

As stated earlier, the Journal of Chest is published by the OMICS-Group-owned Insight Medical Publishing (ImedPub). There is some evidence that OMICS Group acquired this imprint from a publisher called iMed.Pub (which uses the tag line “The international medical publisher”) last year.

Insight Medical Publishing (ImedPub)

This imprint is owned by the very dangerous publisher OMICS Group.

OMICS Group has been soliciting and buying many established journals over the past couple years, expanding its operations and buying journals included listed in respected databases and indexes in order to make its entire operation appear more legitimate.

iMed.Pub is also included on my list, and this publisher made the news recently because one of its journals, International Archives of Medicine, ran an article based on a fake study of the benefits of chocolate.

The Journal of Chest is a fake and predatory journal, and I recommend that all researchers not submit papers to it or the hundreds of other journals published by OMICS Group.

11 Responses to New “Journal of Chest” Hopes to Steal Authors from the Real CHEST Journal

  1. D Web says:

    “Journal of Chest” sounds like a poorly translated foreign video game quest item. Like “Staff of Punish” or “Shield of Protect”

  2. Keith Fraser says:

    Really, OMICS? Really? You can’t even be bothered making the journal TITLE grammatically correct?

  3. MC says:

    If I were an Omics advisor, I would have suggested going with “CHEST journal” where “journal” was in font size 2 and “CHEST was not only bolded, but also covering the word “journal”. That would really bring in the submissions.

  4. From Morocco says:

    An advice for this bogus publisher: Be professional predatory publisher and launch special issues every month as did MDPI and Hindawi. Suggestions for special issue: Chest Diseases, Diseases & Chest, Tuberculosis & Chest …

    It appear the whole editorial board in “Journal of Chest” is fake (e.g. Dr. Stephen L. Thompson, College of Professional Studies & Advancement, School of Business & Management, National Louis University, USA)

    Some statements from iMedPub ??!! :
    “Where are we? Nowhere. Everywhere. iMedPub is a pure online publisher. We do not have offices, all work is done online. The cloud is our home. Although we do not have offices we do have several postal addresses in UK, USA and Spain.”

    “We were born open and electronic, without legacy costs such as ……..” plagiarized from

    • Guido Berens says:

      I’m not sure that the editorial board is fake. The names do not sound contrived, and as strange it is to see a business school professor there, on his website Stephen L. Thompson states that his expertise is in the public policy of health care. So it’s not that far-fetched, it seems. It would be interesting to know whether all these people are aware that they are listed, though.

      • From Morocco says:

        It’s highly probable that all names cited are not part of editorial broad; a classical practice for these predatory publishers is to put their names without their consent. For more information concerning the editorial broad and OMICS group:

      • herr doktor bimler says:

        Stephen Thompson is a regular contributor to the legitimate “Chest” journal. So are Jeffrey Dichter and Mahadevappa Hunasikatti, these being the first two names I checked, before deciding that every name on the list of supposed editors of the “Journal of Chest” has simply been scraped from the legitimate version and listed without permission.

  5. muhammad says:

    Dr. Khurram Imran Khan
    Academic Research Publishing Group
    Punjab, Pakistan
    Phone: +92685874044

    He is honorary Director of Academic Research Publishing Group. He had worked more than two years in project and commissioning of Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited. In 2009, HEC awarded the scholarship to him for MS leading to PhD in Politecnico di Torino. Upon completion of PhD in 2014 he joined the GIK Institute. At present in GIK Institute, he has been actively involved in industrial and research projects. His research interests are primarily in the areas of CFD simulation of multiphase flows and reaction engineering. He is working with Academic Research Publishing Group on honorary basis.

    • herr doktor bimler says:

      He is honorary Director of Academic Research Publishing Group.
      In other words another grifting scumbag?

  6. herr doktor bimler says:

    Is it me, or does the dot on the ‘i’ of the iMedPub logo look strangely akin to a cheap knock-off of the Firefox logo?

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