Predatory Journal is Hijacked

International Journal of Review in Life Sciences

And it really does have a connection to Thomson Reuters.

The International Journal of Review in Life Sciences (IJRLS) has been hijacked. The victim journal is published by India-based Pharmascope, a publisher included on my list. So this is a case of a predatory journal being hijacked.

Original journal:
Hijacked journal:

Why on earth would anyone hijack a predatory or low quality journal? Why not hijack a higher-quality journal?

The masthead of the original journal is shown in the image above. Note that the journal uses a picture to proclaim its loose association with Thomson Reuters, the company that calculates the impact factor, even though this journal has no impact factor. It is, rather curiously, indexed in the Thomson Reuters database Zoological Record, as are many predatory journals.

The image also shows a warning from the original journal about its fake counterpart (See “Latest news,” left).

International Journal of Review in Life Sciences

The hijacked version of the journal.

One email correspondent reported to me that the hijacked journal accepted his paper for publication three hours after he submitted it. He emailed me suspecting that something wasn’t right.

The title used by both journals is ungrammatical and unidiomatic in English. Both journals use the same ISSN, 2231-2935, and this is what makes it a hijacking. It is not uncommon for new predatory journals to launch with duplicate titles.

I recommend that researchers avoid submitting papers to all journals published by Pharmascope, including both their original and hijacked versions.

24 Responses to Predatory Journal is Hijacked

  1. Biressaw Serda says:

    Hello, If you can send me list of genuine journals?

    • I cannot. I do not have such a list.

    • Henry says:

      Mr Beall has collected nearly 800 OA publishers and I believe the remaining OA publishers are fewer than your fingers. The idea is to stay away from OA publishers and submit your work on well-known publishers, only.

      • John says:

        Well known predatory publishers like Elsvier and Springer Henry?

      • Haven Allahar says:

        This comment on OA is rejecting the future of publishing for authors. Publishing in print journals takes from 6-12 months and nobody reads the articles unless they have a subscription or access to a journal library. OA makes literature available to all and sundry. It is the author/researcher’s duty to thoroughly screen any journal for validity.
        Haven A

      • J.J. says:

        Henry is right. Don’t compromise your career by following the hype, publish in respected, subscription-based journals from reputable publishers like Elsevier, WK, Karger, Springer, etc. You can make your work freely accessible by uploading pre-prints on your institution’s website, or sending it to people who ask by email.

  2. wkdawson says:

    sharks eating other sharks.

  3. Shaharyar Ahmad says:

    I’m wondering why you haven’t added Health and Medical Publishing Group: HMPG ( to your list?

    • Marco says:

      At the very least because it is not an Open Access Publisher. It is also associated to a professional organization, so it is unlikely to be predatory (which does not mean it is high quality, of course).

  4. hasruddin lubis says:

    Dear Jeffrey,Please give me a list of names of international journals in the field of education and biology education that does not include predators, thank you.Best Regards,Hasruddin.

  5. harry hab says:

    Could hijacking of another low-quality journal be more attractive because the victim has fewer legal resources to defend itself, or might be less likely to care? To a predator, any given title is just one scam in an operation of hundreds.

  6. Keith Fraser says:

    Yo dawg, we heard you like predatory journals, so here’s a predatory journal preying on a predatory journal so you can prey while you prey.

  7. Bill says:

    Here is my prediction

    I believe the original and the hijacked websites, both, belong to one person. He tries to pretend his journal is legitimate and maintains a high quality and the second party wants to abuse it. In the mean time, Mr Beall is informed and he writes something about these two journals. Thousands of people watch both sites and they get famous. I guess his trick actually works and Mr beall is played this time.

  8. herr doktor bimler says:

    World Academic Publishing — on your list — came up with the clever idea of posing as a member of the Frontiers stable, and have been spamming everyone with invitations to contribute to their “Frontiers in Psychological and Behavioral Science (FPBS)”. Though the original Frontiers publishers manage to stay on the non-predatory side of the line, so it is not quite a comparable case.

    Then there is the hijacked version of “Social Behavior and Personality” from back in April (I think the hijackers have been shut down now). Again, SBP borders on predatory status — they are indefatigable in their spamming for submissions, but they do have peer review.

  9. Henry says:


    Whether your assumption holds true or not, his both websites will become blacklisted in many countries so that young researchers would not get trapped. I think the owner of the website will not benefit from this reputation

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  11. John Mashey says:

    3 hour acceptance is pretty amazing, but I’d guess somebody could do better. The Journal of Scientific Exploration includes many papers on PSI … so perhaps, at some point, they can send you a note accepting your paper before you write it. :-)

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