Another Conference Organizer to Avoid: Global Academic Network

Global Academic Network

Warning: Another low-quality, profit-seeking conference organizer.

Here’s another mysterious, academic conference organizing company that I think everyone should avoid: Global Academic Network. It appears to be a for-profit company that exploits the need of researchers to present their work at conferences and exploits the need to take university-funded vacations.

The company lists offices in London and New York, but I doubt these are its real business locations. Its domain name registration may point to Cyprus or Poland:

Name: Michal Pleban
Organisation: Michau Enterprises, Limited
Language: en
Phone: +357.22761649
Fax: +357.22767543

Global Academic Network-Future conferences

Upcoming conferences to avoid.

They organize conferences in major cities, usually paying a university to let them hold the conference on their campus, then suggesting that the university may be a co-sponsor of the conference.

Indeed, the website has a scrolling bar with university logos, under the headline, “Our Global Partners”:

Global Academic Network-Our partners

But do they know they are your partners?

The firm also displays a “logo farm” of emblems from many organizations. They include some legitimate companies, but they also include some fake impact factor companies:

Global Academic Network-Logo farm

Some good … some bad.

Registration for the congresses is $500, but there is a discount for early registration. The proceedings and abstracts are published on the website. The submission deadlines are routinely extended, and I have evidence that no real peer review is done on the submissions.

Global Academic Network is not really a network. It is a profit-seeking company that holds bottom-tier conferences in major world cities.

I recommend that researchers prefer conferences organized by legitimate scholarly societies. Global Academic Network is not transparent. It is a mystery company that appears to only want to make easy money from researchers.

48 Responses to Another Conference Organizer to Avoid: Global Academic Network

  1. Kishore K says:

    Jeffrey: Don’t forget one of the topics for paper presentation they suggest is Business Ethics!!! Lol.

    • David Torrey says:

      I totally agree. Global Academic Network conferences are really bad, bad, and bad. They just want to make money, but never care about academic quality. I attended a conference organized by them in Los Angeles, and some of my friends also attended their conferences by accident (found on internet). And all of the conferences were badly-organized. When we try to give suggestion, then they got angry, and said “we can accept suggestion from professors, not students” that was so impolite, inappropriate. Please never, never attend their conference

  2. Sayanti Kundu says:

    Sir, can you please tell me the impact factor of the journal’Intrenational Journal of plant science’

  3. Naka says:

    I will be in Seoul in September. I will register and visit their venue to get the real picture and people behind it.

  4. Reblogged this on Librarian Enumerations and commented:
    Here’s a useful article by Jeffrey Beall, author of Scholarly Open Access, and expert on predatory journals.

  5. Zealot says:

    I live in Poland and I work in academia here.
    I received their mailing to my academic address, it was written in really bad Polish, signed by the individual mentioned in this blog entry… hence I am not sure if – whoever is behind this – is from Poland.. nor why these shady patrons chose to ragtag Poland with their questionable agendas :-(

    • Marco says:

      Michal Pleban is Polish, but not necessarily the one who started this Global Academic Network. He owns one of the largest Polish websites that sells domain names (if I understand this correctly) – which is apparently owned by a company in Cyprus (likely a shell company to reduce taxes).

  6. Murat Tumay says:

    I think there is unjust ceitism of Global Academic Network Conferences here. I have participated two of the Conferencess in Tokyo/Japan and Los Angeles/USA in 2014 with my colleagues. It was a very thought stimulating and academically productive platform for us.

  7. Mehmet Akkurt says:

    My attendance to GAN conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil was a memorable experience. I think the event was well organized and the cultural trip made it even more exciting. GAN conference gave me the opportunity to meet scholars from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Gergioa, Turkey, and so on. The quality of the presentations was definitely high, and the follow up discussions opened new revenues in my research agenda. I appreciated that I was provided with a certification of attendance as well as receipt of payment with a seal and wet signature, which was required for reimbursement purposes. The only thing I could complain about was the attendance at the sessions, but it was understandable as it it was during the Rio Carnaval and the weather was amazing.

    • Piotr Romanowski says:

      Dear Bloggers! I have decided to drop a line here as well. My name is Piotr Romanowski and I work as a university professor. Moreover, I am hired by GAN from time to time to check the conference venue and help with the organization of the event once it has started. The association is registered in the UK and it is open to any scholars interested in cooperation. It’s true the website was designed in Poland. This was mainly due to the fact that such services are much cheaper there. I think that some people here try to depreciate our work. We have a list of devoted members published on the webpage who review submitted proposals. Our conferences are organized all over the world, which is possible thanks to the links we have made before. We NEVER EVER send emails in Polish. We always use English to communicate as this is the lingua franca of 21st century. We have a staff of dedicated officers in our headquarters in London, UK. Finally, we DO take money as all the conferences need some kind of budget and most of our participants pay 300$ or 400$. I have myself been to similar conferences where registration fees were much higher.

      • Zealot says:

        Funny, that all the other (all the serious) conference organizers DO NOT EVER EVER send ANY UNSOLICITED e-mails with invitations using e-mail addresses scooped from the internet.

        … but perhaps I am unfair/unjust indeed, after all, why should I complaind upon receiving some spam from time to time

    • Zealot says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am delighted and relieved to hear that your participation in a GAN event was a valuable experience for you. I wish you all the luck in your future research and your academic career.

    • David John says:

      Are you real, or you are a hired by GAN? Their conferences are not academic at all. Their purpose is to MAKE MONEY!

      • Mehmet Akkurt says:

        Dear Mr. David John, to start with, I would like to kindly ask you to utilize a language that is academically appropriate and respectful. I will not let someone attack me in an online platform and leave myself defenseless against such disrespectful act. To start with, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I do not have to justify as to why i have enjoyed attending the conference in Rio de Janeiro. You have stated your opinion and i respect that, but just because your experience was bad does not mean that should be the norm for the rest of the attendees. Additionally, I have already stated that the conference I attended had low number of attendees, however people who presented were very professional and had interesting topics. Also, I was happy with the way the organization was taken care of.

        As I have stated in previous comments, you are free to check my full name and you will have access to my full CV on Academia or linkedin. I am not writing to defend GAN conferences anymore, but I personally feel attacked by individuals who are unable to adhere to professionalism simply due to this conversations being held in an online environment. I cannot imagine asking an academic “Are you real?” in an actual face-to-face meeting.

        I will have to also mention that, you commented that the conference in Tokyo was badly organized and then said you attended the conference in Los Angeles( the only reason I read all 5 comments of yours is because i was surprised to see 5 notifications in my mailbox after a long time of this discussion being quite). I wonder why would someone attend two conferences organized by the same institution if their experiences were bad.

        I was not going to respond again but as I mentioned before, I felt attacked personally, and I could not let that happen as I am one person in online an offline world, meaning I follow professionals manners of arguing in all contexts.

        I wish you success in your studies.

        P.S. I agree with you on the matter that students opinions and feedback also matters and should be taken into consideration.

  8. Buket Tosun says:

    I have been to Global Academic Network Conference in Tokyo in April 2014. The conference was real and was full of people. I had enjoyed also the tour to Mount Fuji :). The organisation of both of the conference and tour was very well and I am happy to attend and share my work with colleagues from different parts of the world by GAN.

  9. M. Yusuf EREN says:

    I participated to the GAN conference with my colleague at Los Angeles few months ago. It was a great academic experience for us. I am still in contact with the lecturers which I met there. I think you’re a little unfair.

  10. Theeranat Suwanaruang says:

    I had a good memory at GAN conference in Tokyo. I had new friends from many countries, they are very nice! ^_^” . Many thanks for happy trip at Mount Fuji. _/\_

  11. Zealot says:

    Hmm, just a general remark to Mr Jeffrey Beall – perhaps you are indeed unfair on the GAN endeavour – please do look at all the crowd, whose research careers seem to flourish after participating in those conferences……………………………………………………………….

    • Mehmet Akkurt says:

      I would prefer to be called an academic or an academician rather than a crowd. I think we all deserve at least that much respect to be addressed as such, Peace Mr/Mrs.Zealot.

      I also hope you will have the opportunity to attend one of GAN conferences to be able to justly criticise these events. It is unfortunate that people can raise their opinion regarding everything regardless of being familiar with the subject being criticised.

      • Zealot says:

        1/ “crowd = a group or set of persons with something in common” , could be a theatre crowd or academic crowd, or any other crowd without any offensive meaning, hence no harm to academic respect done nor intended… can be confirmed in any decent English dictionary
        2/ as for these events – thanks, I’ll stick to other “opportunities”, I’ve been in academia long enough, but that is solely my choice
        3/ its Mrs btw

  12. J. Szőke says:

    I am an assistant lecturer at a Hungarian university and I have been to GAN Conference in Los Angeles in March 2015. I can assure you that the conference was real and full of people. It was a great experience to meet scholars and researchers from other parts of the world. I have been in touch with a Polish and a Japanese researcher and also one from the Philippines since then. Therefore it makes me angry that some people who have never attended to this conference suggest without any real experience that this conference is fake. Moreover as far as I know registration fee is a must in case of conferences. So I think negative comments are a bit unfair.

  13. sirinthorn says:

    At once, I attended to Global Academic Network Conference in Tokyo in April 2014. I met many scholars from many countries. I was enjoying an activity at Conference because I had new friends and share new knowledge academic network.

    • David John says:

      Because you come to travel, you dont care much about academic quality. Right? The conference in Tokyo was really badly-organized

  14. Derek says:

    I find it interesting that for a week after the blog post, no one who had attended the conferences happened to see the blog post and made a reply. Then all of a sudden, between 4:07 PM on July 6 and 1:31 AM on July 7, several people who happened to attend the conferences happened to independently see the blog post and decided to post responses. Assuming the Poison distribution would govern when such people would happen to see the blog, one could work out the probability of such timing. Hmm….

    • Keith Fraser says:

      A lot of them use similar words and phrases, including spelling/grammar errors. Sockpuppetry? Astroturfing by crowdsourcing past guests and getting them to copy/paste standard support messages?

      • Mehmet Akkurt says:

        Hello Keith Fraser, I am glad you at least accepted the fact that these conferences exist, because the initial ceitism (Critism) was started around these conferences being fake. In my case, I did not even know this blog existed and was contacted by someone from the organization team and was made aware of it. However, I, as a independent and conscious human being, and a academician decided to raise my voice with my own will. It would be disrespectful to believe that academics who attended these conferences will be commenting out of their free will.

        Also, i see the following patterns in the comments coming from people who are on the opposite side of the discussion:
        1. These individuals have not attended any GAN conferences,
        2. These individuals keep talking about solicitation via email
        3. These individuals have nothing to say about the conference as they have not attended, and keep focusing on the comments made by attendees.
        4. These people tend to be rude to the point where they mock attendees.

        and so on.

        If i were to take someone’s opinion regarding anything, I would want them to be acquainted with the subject matter. Therefore, comments from the individuals who have not attended the conferences has no validity for me.

      • Keith Fraser says:

        Mehmet Akkurt – I don’t think the original post implied the conferences don’t exist. Furthermore, Jeffrey’s criticisms centred not around the experience of the conferences themselves, but about the quality of the proceedings (or lack thereof), the lack of transparency, the use of fake impact factors etc.

  15. Kasia Rukszto says:

    I am a faculty at Sheridan College in Canada and presented at a GAN conference in LA this past March. The conference span 2 days, was well organized, and all of the participants were invited to a lunch paid for by GAN. I got useful feedback on my paper, and met interesting scholars across disciplines. I’m not sure what the basisis for questioning the legitimacy of this particular organization.

    • MC says:

      “The firm also displays a “logo farm” of emblems from many organizations. They include some legitimate companies, but they also include some fake impact factor companies”

      or how about

      “The submission deadlines are routinely extended, and I have evidence that no real peer review is done on the submissions.”

      Is that not enough to question the legitimacy of an organization?

  16. NASSER says:

    I do believe there is unfair ceitism of GAN Conferences here. I have participated in 3 of the Conferencess in Ottawa 2014/Rio andTokyo 2015 with 3 of my colleagues. It was a great and memorable experience for us. We met new friends and share new knowledge academic network.

    • Keith Fraser says:

      This appears to be a near-copy of Murat Tumay’s post above, down to the use of “ceitism”, which I assume is a misspelling of “criticism”. Similarly, it mentions making/having “new friends” just like Theeranat Suwanaruang and sirinthorn. I’m inclined to suspect sockpuppetry and/or astroturfing.

      • Mehmet Akkurt says:

        I am thinking that the same thing is going on with people who are trying to make people believe GAN conferences do not exist. Also, grammar mistakes might be simply due to commenters being international and English being their second language. Particularly in my case, you are free to check my LinkedIn or Academia account to see GAN conference being listed in my CV, and I even got reimbursed for it. :) Btw, Keith Fraser, i appreciate you using your name rather than a nickname, because It is hard for me to not be suspicious of people commenting on here with the fear of revealing their real name.

      • MC says:

        Loving the reply (below) to your comment, Keith.

        “It is hard for me to not be suspicious of people commenting on here with the fear of revealing their real name.”

        Really calling the kettle black here. All the “pro-GAN” posts are done in exactly this way and obviously I fabricated.

        I’m not ‘inclined’ or ‘suspecting’; it’s obvious.

      • Mehmet Akkurt says:

        Well, Ms/Mr. MC, I do not know why you would take my comment one sided as it does sound pretty neutral to me. In my humble opinion, the validity of any anonymous comments is questionable whether it is (in you words) pro-GAN or not.

  17. I have participated at Hong-Kong conference this year! Everything is real and with very high academic level!

    • MC says:

      V. Chairaia, would you say the academic level way “high”, “very high” or “extremely high”? This would help us gauge how perfect this conference is for all academics.

  18. Alexander says:

    Contrary to the OP, I have had a very good experience with GAN. I attended their conference in Sydney 2014 and found it to be of high quality. There was quite alot of people attending including many professors from organizations all over the world and they seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

  19. mariuccia says:

    Well, I attended the 2014 conference in Dubai and I found it interesting. The level of the speeches was good and, most of all, these events are an opportunity to get to know people you’r supposed to share experiences with. So why not?

    • MC says:

      The illegitimate business practices of the organizers? The fact that these “conferences” clearly do not attract the top people in their field?

      Not good enough reasons?

  20. skeptiverse says:

    just realised i left this on the wrong post:

    Late to the party but i note that they say they are holding a conference in Sydney in September. I may just pop down to the venue and try to get some info.

    A reverse image search of a number of their “conference participants” photographs points back to other university pages including Caltech

  21. Unhappy Victim says:

    They just canceled the Seoul conference, which was due to take place later this month. The ‘reason’ given was that many delegates canceled, fearing a North Korean invasion. Hmmmm …

    I knew that GAN wasn’t exactly a top tier organization, but I hadn’t realized how dodgy they really are. And yes, much earlier this year I stupidly registered to present in Seoul. No sign of my fee being reimbursed yet, and somehow I doubt if I will ever see it.

    Interesting article about GAN in The Australian newspaper yesterday. It’s behind a paywall, but well worth reading if you can.

    If anyone from the GAN organization is reading this: REFUND SEOUL DELEGATES NOW!

    • Unhappy Victim says:

      The Australian article is really worth reading. To avoid the paywall, enter this as a Google search term:

      ‘the australian global academic network’

      and the link to the article will be at the top, or near the top, of the search results.

      I’d be interested to hear if anyone has ever been successful in getting their GAN fee refunded.

  22. David John says:

    A lot of thanks to Mr. Beall for this post. I totally agree that GAN conferences are made just for MONEY purpose. I and my friends have experienced attending their conferences. They were very badly-organized, and not academic at all. PLEASE AVOID GLOBAL ACADEMIC NETWORK CONFERENCES

  23. Julio says:

    This is all so very worrying…

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